Criss Angel - Walking on Water And Flying (REVEALED)

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Two of Criss Angels most popular tricks Revealed! Leave a comment and give the video a "Thumbs up"Thanks!¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸...¸.¤*¨¨*¤.\¸.¤ N0neShallPa55 .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤...\☻/.▌/ \

Breaking the magician's code Criss angel Flying Revealed Val Valentino Walking on water Revealed flying magic trick revealed walking on water

Abdullh Alshamree
But the problem that criss angel disapperd in mid air
Ahnaf Rahman
He looks like Jason voorhees
Aide Vaszqu
what the *******
Andy Rojo
this is a self explanatory trick lol I figured it out as soon as I saw in on Bruce almighty
That doesn't explain how Criss Angel did it...
Ariel Solis
This is fake this is not criss angel this is VALENTINO!!!!!!!!!!!
Azim Thassim
Whatever criss performs, all are fake.. One person fools everyone and all the idiots hang out their tongue and wonder!!! Criss is a human n he dosnt hav any supernatural or devil power
BandMan Kevo
False what that man saying
Up until now, 173 blind followers of the Bible saw this video - lol\n(Thumbs up if you caught the joke :P)
Brandon Hajder
That's how Jesus did it! Tricking us since 1 A.D.
Brianna Lewis
That ruined magic for me
Caleb Lewis
Chris Yau
Love this guy who continues to reveal the secrets of magical illusions.
Clara McGraw
criss angel levated at night once so criss angel is real
Dazzen Seabiscuit
Is the chick at 4:00 topless?
Deeanna RR
Now its hard to believe
Derpy HQ
Like if you agree with me
Donald Pump
FAKE he can actually levitate!!!
Dustin Kirkpatrick
Hes not the devil or an alien or even super human. Does anyone truly know the potential of the human mind? There's a huge portion of our brains that we don't use. What if we can all do the things that Criss Angel does by using our minds to bend the laws of reality making something impossible, real. Not to say that everything he does is 100% real, hes just an illusionist, using the human mind to bend reality  
Don't care it looks cool
Ebomb Gaming
It's not criss angel \n
Elijah Taylor
All these dumbest 11 year olds are the only one that thinks magic is real. It's as real as Jehovah.
Erica Zavala
Is this true help me I am lost
Errorfixxer91 ROBLOX & More
devil mask wow
Exotic Cole
Thats not Criss Angel! That was a show!
Forrest T
Don't make fun of jesus
Frappuccino Caramel
Chris angel is amateur compare to cyril takayama
I almost skeeted watching that bikini chick...anyone else?
Criss angel show all angles cam this guy dont do that this is some guy it wants to be the same e cant do it.. It say fake. Idiot.
Gun Good Gaming
I heard that Chris Angel is a Christian and that his strong faith through Jesus Christ helps him pull off his \
Isaiah Robinson
Jade Muccuff
These are all lies! Criss Angel was using his power of mind. In the actual video of him walking on water he shook his shoes off in front of him and they SANK! then he himself walked where his shoes fell through!
James Richard Wiley
I believe the plexiglass table legs would show up underwater unless they were erased in post production. The Lake Mead walk on the water would be interesting to hear explained.
Jharu Nalaunan
Jesus is not fake to walk a sea
Jhonny Jordan
I knew it I knew it I KNEW IT!!!!!!
Jimmi Whitebody
Idk how he use a glass when a woman went in front of criss and drop his shoes from where he stand
Jinxx Playzz
That's not Chris angle
Jodie T
Ive seen criss walk on water in a lake too. Thats a lot of plexi glass.
John Drama
help,background music is???
John Ramsey
Well, this is obviously what Jesus used, then. But the fact that he had clear plexiglass 2,000 years ago still qualifies as a miracle, so I remain impressed.
Jonathan Castellanos
So how did Chris Angel take his shoes off while walking yet this guy did not?
Josh Ly
What's that background music called? THX in advance
Kaizer Reyes
cris angel magaling pa
Kamila Castro
Ummm i think magic is real so that means Criss Angel is real and he is alsome so...... Yea!.
Kaneki Ken
I'm the 260 comment how remarkable but further more this is all just a fake plot and it is revealed surely
i think this is fake video,why would a magician be so retarded to fake this so easy? I mean,for the crane part, you can see the crane and assume something have to do with it,Bout the pool part no 1 from audience tries to see if there is really anything he's walking on? possible?
Kyle B.
this is the masked magician not criss angel. criss angel does stuff for real
Kyle Gerjan
oh and that person looks like jason and bane combined
Lil' tae
Umm hello?!?what cross angel did is different when he is walking on water.
Luly O.
It is Criss Angel,he sometimes wears that with his mask.
Madeline Logsdon
that is not an... crest angel
Marilyn Sarona
this is the mass migisen show
Markus Mahadeo
whoever thinks criss Angels tricks are real are idiots
Matt Beilewech
Angel 4 lyfe
Mika Airax
This isn't criss angel. He wouldn't wear a mask. Also people would have seen the crane and the strings.
Mxolisi Gqamane
Mário Ramalho
but then how did the other magician do it on the hudson river in london?
I really would like to be a magician since it's one of the easiest jobs in the world,but at the same time it's fun,you become famous easily knowing few tricks and it's really good in the financial side.These tricks are so easy,all tricks are easy,as you see the tricks that people think the hardest are actualy easiest to do,just walking on damn special tables nothing else!Some other tricks that are done live are harder and needs a hand in really good condition,but still being a magician would be my dream,become famous as hell walking on tables and be rich.
I've watched criss angel on the television and after one trick,they would show what's behind but they removed it from television so that no one would know the tricks I saw him on the water of course in television but he was standing on a transparent glass looking like water so he kinda tricked a lot people :) kewl
Ossama El Ghazzali
non, à propos du vol c'est la PSY-BALL qui fait battre la 9, chose a la deuxième et la march sur le mur!!! pouvoir mentale
Paulina Natoniewicz
jak nazywa się ta muzyka grozy? chodzi mi o ten podkład, to są chyba skrzypce jakoś tak leci \
Ralphoid Kunuksha
hahaha now i know how do do these tricks
Rollar Stars
What about the walking stuffed animals and the people cut in half and switched bodies😕
SPR Productions
apparently, roof is pronounced as \
666 likes, lets keep it like that
Stary Night
that's not criss angle
Stephen Seals Jr
this may be real for movies but not him hes legit
SubscribeTo Pewdiepie
I knew this guy was fake!!!!!!
Swag University
thats a lie, chris angel did walk on water when people swam under bubbles went up and pops above the surface
Taniyah Gabriel
TheAdvancedGamers 22
It's not criss angel it's David Blaine
this is'nt criss angel
Thomas Neal
That is not criss angel, that is a guy named val
Tub TxawjLaim
What if the \
Valeria Escalante
This is not criss angel
You ruin the fun out of magic. \nthanks SCIENCE!
Whitney & Keleigh
Criss Angel is of the Devil. I do not take interest in his work nor condone anything he does. If you follow him, he'll lead you straight to hell. God bless.
This Aint Chirss Angel
This one was obvious. I still want to know how Criss Angel floats in the air when he's on the ground and inside though. There's no crane there, that's for sure. David Blaine does the same thing and there's no crane or anything attached to him.
I dont believe this one. Criss Angel is using a real magic. A MAGIC SPIRIT
adi buluci
it isn't true.Criss Angel has PARANORMAL POWERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus just got busted
christian plays
why does he wear a mask
frances gaia
Misinformation, if there was a crane and wires, the people on the \nground would have seen it, as they \nwatched spellbound and hoping that he doesn't fall.\nCriss Angel is an ET, according to \nsome, and he knows how to \nLevitate.
¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸...¸.¤*¨¨*¤.\n\\¸.¤ N0neShallPa55 \n.\\¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤.\n..\\\n☻/\n.▌\n/ \\
I bet he couldn’t explain David Blaine \n\n\n\nHehe like that Rhyme
he's the masked magician (val valentino) he reveal how to pass windows 2
joel viera
thats real fake stuff find something else to do budy
kortney babin
whats the name of the song playing?
the prestige
nikos korobos
how stupid are some of you one actor is who reveals the tric of criss angel
ryan cameron
this makes me puke it's not fair to magicians
what about that big round hook circling above the magicians head
thaks allah i am a muslim
boner 2:39
ᖇYᗩᑎ ωσlfιє
This guy is a fraud! We was walking on glass!! This is not magic!!! WAKE UP!!!!