Most Iconic Classical Music Masterpieces Everyone Knows in One Single Video

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More than 3,5 hours of the most famous and recognizable classical music recordings.The best of classical music for studying, reading, relaxing and (most of all) enjoying! Tracklist: J.S.Bach – Prelude in C majorEvery composition from this video exists as a public domain or creative common content.The fragment of Debussy's "Suite bergamasque" performed by Laurens Goedhart.Liszt's "Liebesträume" performed by Martha Goldstein.Grieg's Notturno performed by Mark Gasser.Piano versions of Mozart's "Requiem in D minor" and Piano "Concerto no.21 in C major" performed by Markus Staab.Satie's "Gnossiennes" performed by La Pianista.Richard Wagner's "Also Sprach Zarathustra" performed by Kevin MacLeod.The fragments of Vivaldi's "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn" performed by John Harrison.More public domain and creative commons music you can find on Musopen website.To follow me and my playlists on Spotify enter: spotify:user:1190084485 into your searchbar!

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Thank you for the amazing compilation of amazing music. I have been looking for this for a long time and you did an amazing job. Thank you
Aaron Gould
okay, this is epic.
Aaron Sallis
Thank you so much for this vid!! Been looking for one exactly like it for a good while!
Abderrahmane Karfa
When you listen to these pieces and you realize they were created more than 100 years ago you will know they are phenomena and genius using their imagination what a wonderful sensation.\nThank you so much
Adonay Rocha
These are the classics of classical music. Good job!
Ahmed Salem
very good choice but he leave many fantastic pieces like concerto no 2 rahmaninof and rodrigo concierto de aranjuez\nand he is obsessed by chopin ,but it is really good performance and very nice selections many thanks
Alan Hall
Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a wonderful playlist of timeless music!
Alex Star
This is too much awesomeness for me to handle at once
Alice Baskerville
This playlist is truly wonderful! Thanks for your effort! 😎
Ar Vivo
My sister said\
CJ Beaven
There were some additional sound effects in the Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.1 track where there was pages turning and an alarm going on a watch as well.
Chaya Miller
36:29 Jahannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance no.5 in F-sharp minor (fragment)\r -\n- 37:06 W.A Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major)\n'My equivalent of a beat drop.'XD
Clive Pearsall
Good, and a not too obvious selection, mostly. A pity,, though about the cuts and fades in the music, done, I think to highlight the 'big tunes'. The music has been identified elsewhere, but not 'on screen' (with the music itself), only a picture of it's Composer. Some recordings are dubious, to say the least, and should not have been included (the Barber of Seville Overture & the extract from Dvorak's 9th Symphony, for example). It would be unfair to go on with my list of complaints.In short, I think a good first try, but your second (improved) version will be much better.
DD Angel
2:58:05 WOO! WOO! WOO! \nLike if u get it. 😃😀😄
Dana Manolescu
Thank you for uploading it!I am having a good time listening in background and improving my English.
These songs outclass anything made these days.
David Aquino
Thanks for uploading! Bravo!
David Magallanes
Escuchando de principio a fin me ha hecho avanzar mucho en el trabajo y ha hecho de mi día, un muy buen día, gracias por compartir esta fina y dedicada selección de mejores piezas clásicas.
David Truong
Awesome collection of the top classics....was listening on loop all day!
Didgs Another
Yo, thanks for this, puts a lot of composers and titles to music I've heard countless times!
18:33 the best!! i love this
Eddie Hutchence
Who else agrees that classical music is and always will be the best music on planet Earth? Music nowadays is rubbish, lets be real.
EggsAreHuge _ RllyHuge
18:33 yall can say anything buT HOLY SHIT WHY AM I SCARED OF THAT-
El loco
remix at 1:30:18
Emma McAllister
You spelled Johannes wrong, haha
Esteban Burguete
This video is the most outstanding piece of classical music education for the layman (like me). I have enjoyed every second of it. Thank you very much.
1:49:19 Music from Chocolat ^_^
FL Cat Lady
Just curious as to how long did it take you to compile this list, and make the video? I would like to compliment you on an outstanding job! This is my go to video for winding down for the night. Thanks much!!
Fahad Alshehri
thank you uploader. great work. so much appreciated.
Faith Cruz
Thank you for uploading this ❤😘
Forget My Face
This is what I listen to when I’m done of the shit they sing today
Foxy Lady
just perfect for my wounded soul.
Fuzzy Bunny Slippers
The Barber / RABBIT of Seville! I'm listening to that score and seeing Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd chasing each other with war impliments . Elmer Fudd with dafodills in his hair. Hilarious!
Gorilla Manilla
I've just sat and listened to this entire thing as I wrote and edited my final paper. This was exactly what I needed to help me get through it.
Guilherme Coelho
Thank you so much for this video. I already knew almost all of these musics, but I did not know the name or who made it.
Hans Dreiser
Obviously nobody paid attention to the comments underneath the listet pieces. Also Sprach Zarathustra is not from Richard Wagner \nBut from Richard Strauss
Have Halkow
What a start of the compilation
Inti Paz L
Excelent selection boy! Very, very well done! :D
Have a nice listening! \rIf you want to listen to even more relaxing classical music, check out my latest music selection for long winter evenings ;)
Islam Alkasah
01:21:46\nbless you :P
Thank you so much for this
Ivan Arturo Del Río González
The most wonderful music of the world!!!
Jacob Brown
Excellent list, love it! One minor negative comment: the quality of the version of \
Jonathan Torres
Man, thank you so much for uploading this video, I have always loved most of these masterpieces but I didn't know the name of each one, now I finally know and it allowed me to get all of them on my smartphone so I can enjoy it anytime. Classic music is MUSIC, more people should know this.
Juan Carlos Martinez Gomez
First of all, thanks for taking the time to collect all that music.\r\nSecond, I congratulate you because you did a great job.\r\nThird, I hope you excuse my English, I write to you from El Salvador Central America.
Some really great music here. Kind of a classical music all-time \
Kristian Nissen
LOVE IT!!!... I still get the same imaginary movies on my mind as when I was a kid. Swear there is one for every piece \u003c3 Great job Isiajno!!!!
Lars S.
nice compilation. thanks!
Lauren Crofford
Whenever I hear someone cough or clear their throat on the track it makes me wanna hunt them down and kick their ass!
Lazy Gamer
Tom and jerry, bugs bunny, and other cartoons are classical lol
Linton Naik
Lisa Schuttler
Love the portraiture - museum quality. Thank you.
oh started playing and it immediately set me at ease....
Lurann Harmon
Listen for the paper rustling sounds in the background during Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.1. Someone definitely recorded this the \
Thank you, you did great work
Maria Hilton
All I can say is Wow. So beautiful. ☺☺👌👌
Marius Breabăn
This is a phenomenal compilation and I am really thankful to you for putting this together. I am missing however Ravel - Bolero, Shostakovich - Waltz no. 2 as well as JS Bach - Prelude for Cello Suite no. 1 in G major just to name some pieces off the top of my head.
The true white music :)
Michael Lacy
I love this kind of music, which I think is unorthodox cause I also like heavy metal. I'm not a \
where's Händel?
Neil Kilpatrick
great compilation... thank you
Nelly Asgini
Υπέροχα κλασσικά κομμάτια που σε ταξιδεύουν σε άλλες εποχές! Και σου φτιάχνουν τη μέρα🌹😘 Καλημέρα σε όλους.
Nianzeu vom Nde
40 idiots dislike this video. Unfortunately, it takes everything to make a world 😩
Nox.INk# Records ❶
Cest' magnifique
Ocean 108
This is absolutely phenomenal compilation, Thank You!✨👏❤️
Pancake Batter
Music for intellectuals 😏
Phemelo Khetho
If it's classical music, don't think too much - just press \
In the hall of the mountain king always scares me
Rutuja Sasankar
Doing my math hw listening to this
Sarah Fonaas
This is genius. But aw. No Shostakovich Waltz No. 2. Also, missing Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, which I just love. Oh! And the Winter movement from Vivaldi. LOVE the Winter movement. Would be cool to add those!
Schokobienen TV
I love how you can hear from the style of music which composer wrote which piece. Like I immediatly recognized that \
Skyflyx [GD]
where's Dmitri Shostakovich? Second Waltz or Symphony no. 5
I like this list just said my favorite classical piece was not on the list. O~Fortuna By Carl Orff. The way the piece was made just reminds me on many emotions someone can feel just before a large scale event in their life is about to happen. This is even without the lyrical component of the song. Nice list! :)
Suzanne A. Wells
Thank you for making this. I enjoy it so much!
The Fast And The Bulbous
Now That's What I Call Classical Music
Theodoros PETRIDIS
add canon, my friend
Thibaud Rancoeur
Great Job, but wha's the f*** with the Gnossienne n°1? this version is terrible....
Surely I’m not the only young person here who enjoys listening to this type of stuff?...right?
77 people would rather listen to spice girls
V Renda
I listened to all of it. Great job and great compilation.
Vaylon Kenadell
My man! Opening with Swan Lake. Excellent choice.
Vivek K
Thank you for the great work.... Ultimate
Why I like this music. 1. It allows the listener to imagine so many stories for each one. You could create anything to match these song. 2. It has a sort of reassuring yet threatening vibe. Sometimes the songs make you relax and want to enjoy the beauty of life and nature, yet others remind you of war and the horrors some endure. 3. These songs are meant to stand the test of time. When you listen to it anyone can enjoy it. There's no single language or ideal or undertones of sinister and sex and hate. Classical music may have been written during a time where not everyone was equal, but I believe that it can be equally enjoyed by all; black or white. Gay or Straight. Male or Female. Young or old.
How is It that I've heard all of these songs already? I'm only just trying to get into classical music but turns out I've heard it all already 😂
carl perkins
those composers should be billionaires by this time for copyrights
catherine gamaroff
Lovely, thank you! Wish you could have named each piece as it came up
dee marr
amazing! thank you.
dulearizona arizona
last hour
waw i hear all familiar melody but didnt know title & the composer, and now try my best to remember at least the title
mica ventura
Such beatiful, honey for my ears
I truly enjoyed this list of my all-time favorite masters. Thank you and wishing you a fantastic, healthy and happy Christmas/Hanukkah and New Year. Grateful!
Unbedingt schön! Das 19. Jahrhundert war zweifellos die goldene Epoche der klassischen Musik Europas. Solch eine wunderbare Zeit könnte nie im 21. Jahrhundert wiederholt werden. Danke für die mühsame Arbeit!
rush rana
Thank you for this great compilation. Definitely a work of love.Merci Beaucoup.
great playlist, great pictures, well done on a great video that plays homage to the greats!
thi nguyen
Wonderful music with the songwriter photos. 😍💐💝👍👏
Great! Thank you for this wonderful compilation.
great mixup!
Clair de lune (2:20), de tout beauté.