The Mamas And The Papas - California Dreamin Inglés

The Mamas And The Papas - California Dreamin' - Subtitulado Español & Inglés

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My how times have changed. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, but now I dream of leaving California on such a winter's day.
Alpha Team Outdoors
They nailed this one.
Angela Gatenby
Takes me back to good music
Antonio Santos
Amazing music for a beautiful band ,they are aflower power sons and they music is for ever in hour soul ,peace and love forever .
Arron P.
RIP mama....they don't make music like this now
Barry Anderson
C Cato
The little blonde was very do-able. 😎
Carl Loud
I was a junior in high school when this song was released so if you do the math you'll know \
Christian Wind
I'm 25 years old but I think my mind is at least 60 years old. I love this music. Don't give a F about today's music.
En esa epoca se hacia buena Music...seguirá sonando bien aunque pase el tiempo.
Dave Rogers
I know it was the sumer of love , and everythink is surpost be relaxed and cool, but Mama Cass, I mean realy imagine waking up next her 😨
David Gustavsson
I Missed the Hippie days ,to young , then the Rave scene ,thank God
Deborah Manning-Galarza
Thanks for posting this with decent audio. I'll enjoy it again and again.
Don Avan
All things aside on how great this song is, Michelle Phillips is a knockout here.
Edwin Vernon
Michelle Phillips was hot
Enrique dominguez Iglesias
Los mejores del Universo bendiciones para ellos y sus musicos y compositores,8:32PM,8/7/2018/,Raleigh,NC.
Fabio Fatigati
Faze JayZ Z
2019 anyone?
Felipe Silva
Adoro Mamas a the Papas
Felix Velez
The Mamas and The Papas, definitely had some Amazing Harmonies in their voices! Great Song
Fernando Galan
Linda musica de los 70 epoca dorada
Francesc Bover
I'm 16 yrs old and I like so much in 2019
George Vreeland Hill
We were all California Dreamin' in those days of great music and better times.
Georges Sebani
Superbe, musique et de vraie artistes, merci.
Hannu Kitinoja
Im 68 now,nearly 69,so wery good music ,so tell me about this music,what is the meaning ,of all this,t.hannu
Harrison Ford
America you were such beautiful at those time .........
I Know Everything
I will always love this song
J Garth Jr
Always California dreamin' ..on such a winter's day
their harmony was heavenly!
JR Mathes
This is the one I love the most.
Jackie Bayliss
Still Listening in 2019
Jesus Zuñiga
Like 2019 😎😎😎😎
John Dodorico
Timeless classic from the 60s. Mamas & papas may have had their critics but their harmonies were perfect. The sort of music that drew you in & kept you there
John Mutch
This song so influenced my teenage years loved it I am now 67 years old but it still makes me feel like a teenager when I listen to it xxx
Karl Reimers
What a great song! But California is lost y'all
Leonora Johnson
🇧🇷 muito bom 👍
Música boa não é esquecida...
I love their singing.
Mac Jack
I'm 170yrs old. This is one of my favorite songs of the last 80 yrs.
Manuel León López
I don´t get tired of listening to this song
Marco Antonio Oliveira Soares
Um clássico q jamais será esquecido.
Marcos Eduardo Lopes Soares Eduardo
Que música linda,de uma geração que sabiam viver.
Mathias Ringle
i never get tired of looking at Michelle Phillips in this video
Max Marshall
My mother loved them especially Mama...💖
Mei MayTube
Love this Song ❤🎧
Michael Stone
Love this song!! They just dont write beautiful music like this today. Sad!
Mike Field
We remember you Cass. R.I. P. :)
Nico Michiels
Amazing music thanks, 💕💕💕🎸🎤🔝💯💞👍🌹😺🇧🇪
Oldclimber Amb
I am old enough to have seen them during their performances ... and I could never take my eyes off of Michelle Phillips. She was the finest looking songstress of the era, though it was Cass who had the voice to carry them. Michelle is now old, that freshness of look faded, with a strained look for the camera where a calm, assured-of-her-beauty manner once was. Hey ... it happens to us all, if we are lucky.
Osmar Machado
Patrizia Ravani
Che emozione......
Raija Laitinen
One of my songs....
Random Stuff In Oregon
I wish this song was a bit longer.
Ray Shuler
Summer of '66 -- I was in Columbia, S.C. , working at Palmetto Container, making & printing cardboard boxes, and listening to this song, on someone's tiny radio there - I think the pay was $ .85 an hour -- I was young & dumb -- making mistakes in my life - like a kid will. Still yet, looking back, those were good days - America seemed to be doing well, and the future looked kind of bright -- I'm 70 yrs. old now, and I'm Saved and look forward to going to Heaven, and being with GOD There. It's going to be wonderful. Thank GOD for JESUS. As an old preacher once told me, years ago : \
Red Tale
The sixties and seventies weren't perfect but the music made up for it.
Rev. J. Roger Allen
They don't make music like this anymore.
Ricardo Jesus Limon Prieto
2019? 😀
Richard Low
One of those classics that just refuses to age!
Robert Baker
Dedicated to my dad that I miss from cancer that took his life miss u u DaD
Ron Wylie
Amazing, still after all this time it doesn't age like most of the music from this era, just imagine what classics Cass would have done by now.
Rose White
Absolutely amazing band best of the sixties
California in 2018, is a 3rd world shithole...demanded by demon-crats...of the blue church....Time for a Cleansing...
Sergi Kirov
Muchas. Yueno, nosotros hombre ahora, So, LIKE, Buenos Vidania Vato!!!!
Steve Harris
I'm deaf in my left ear so with with headphones I can hear the ladies and men's voices separately.
Бросает в тоску....(((
THE Joker
I wish commiefornia was California again.
Terry TT
Someone build me a time machine so I can relive those great days!
From France (Europe), never forget this Great music\nLove for ever!!!!!
Trance_World_Artists 2014
Thank god it wasn't in Spanish, it would ruin it!
Mamas and Papas,\nHell waits for you unless you repent.\nSorry to be so strait forward but the truth is hell is a horrible place and it is forever and ever and ever.\nRanger
William Dixon
anyone here 2018 live this song im 13 and im glad my grandpa showed me this
Zeus Twen
Before First Wave of \
Michelle Phillips, goddess of the sixties.
alexis ortiz
Me gusta
becky edwards
Well, I'm 50 yrs old now, and this song sure puts me back during the time my parents were still alive and strong. Just looking up at my beautiful mother's face while singing this song, and her long Brown hair and her soft face . I don't know if I'm sad or happy reminiscing to the song? Either way, Memories never die. Only our body does. Miss you both mom & dad. ❤
crimp creep
Happiness cannot be experienced, only remembered.....
Great music, dated lyrics (sad but true)
estuardo guerra
Forrest Gump
ferny julius
When I was a boy I fAll in love to a girl where my dad used to take me every Sunday for church, there I meet a girl the most beautiful in the whole world, sometimes I would pray I would be back to see her I was only 12 and she was the most beautiful girl I ever seen ... then I meet many girls but it wasn’t the same they were ez to apreacite but not love... till now I wished I haven’t been soo young to tell her I love her I was 12 now I am 38 and I know she is happy I know so us how hard love is I will still look for u even if u are in the distance..
fuego, trueno y tempestad :)
Soñar ,soñar soñar, que ritmo hippy pero me gusta
g P
So much songs you cant hear after a time but this you can hear everytime
gabriel Mansilla benayas
This. \nIs music
james goodwin
Back when california was a dream
james smith
Im just a Californian dreaming
mk lkj
Michelle is hot and Mama's beautiful...
philip tucci
Magnificent Masterpiece
amazing times, beautiful songs....
steven brahma
I love this song
the king
Beautiful music
tim kat
For that special Californian in your life...
zee sujinx
december 2018
Бывалый Иванушка
хит на все времена
Олег Васильев
огонь класс
Пол Смит
I live in Russia and I hate it, for gangsters, for corruption, for slave labor, for the fact that there is no way out of this and only one thought in my head saves\
Сергей Воин
Современные пепси-ослы даже и не помнят этой группы
руслан юхневич
Какие времена были 😥
Thank-you very much to your dreamy and nostalgic song from effulgent Tokyo in profound Japan 🍎\n2019年1月13日\n平成31年\n(the name of an era of Japanese Emperor )