Framed 1947 Glenn Ford film noir

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Framed is a 1947 American black-and-white film noir directed by Richard Wallace and featuring Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan and Edgar Buchanan. The B movie is generally praised by critics as an effective crime thriller despite its low budget.Plot:Mike Lambert takes to driving a truck when he falls on hard times. When his rig brakes stop working in a small town he meets Paula Craig (Janis Carter) at the La Paloma Cafe and is quickly drawn into a criminal plot devised by the seductive femme fatale.Like us on facebook at:

I usually seen Glenn Ford in parts which he played a 'good guy' not a thuggy typealso, it was unusual to see BARRY SULLIVAN so young!
Antonio Coppola
Nice film. Glenn Ford was a real star. Black and white is my favourite cinema.
Art Johnson
When a movie is good I don't even notice it's black and white. He should have taken the reward.
Arthur H. Tafero
Great film; just thought the poison next to the salt and pepper was pretty convenient for the plot thought lol
Benderbal Rachid
excellent film ça me rappelle le bon vieux temps du cinéma
BlackPin Ups
Film noir at its best! I love Glenn Ford, he's awesome!
Brad Klaatu
Interesting how a really good movie could be made without special affects, CGI's or nudity. No point lamenting the good old days, it's a different audience now.
Chris Bowen
This is definitely Janis (Dish) Carter's best role. She was very seductive, here. Almost oddly beautiful, with just a tinge of the sinister. She carried it off quite well, given that she had a penchant for nerves in spotlight situations in carving out her own career. Of course, in the movies they can edit the hell out of the film, etc. And kudos to her for doing it!
Christine Dunn
It's a good B film noir, and Glenn Ford makes it even better. I just didn't buy the, \
Tremendous movie!
Cordelia Brown
I'm trying to figure out what was so seductive about Glenn Ford throughout the latter part of the 1940s (and throughout the early to mid 1950s).  Firstly his voice - slow and deep like molasses; then those dark eyes and eyebrows and that dark, thick wavy hair.  He was very male and virile, but in a quiet way.  He didn't impose his masculinity onto women.  He was subtle.
Wonderful film noir... Glenn Ford was superb - he sizzled! And Janis Carter was not bad at all! Enjoyed seeing Edgar Buchanan, too!
Cynthia Lyman
How do you take your coffee, Glenn? Cream, sugar...poison?
D. M. Bell
Janis Carter just isn't a strong enough actress to carry the plot, which is pretty lame to begin with. The bathrobe gimmick with her name on it in two-inch high letters is worth a laugh.
Daniel Bradford
Mike's life is a lot like mine, except his is better. Much much much better. It's not even close.
David K. Basta
one of glenn fords best with supporting avtors
Dawn Williams
Wonderful movie!
Dee BRown
If this movie is a B movie, then it must be a B++++++.  It is far more worthy of one's time than almost any movie made in these days (2016).  Glenn Ford, Janis Carter,  Barry Sullivan and Edgar Buchanan made their parts very believable. Thankfully, I've been able to keep my emotions tamped down lately when watching thrillers or I probably would have been biting my nails, at least a little bit. We appreciate ScienceFraction for their contribution to classic-film noir- b/w movies for movie watchers who have discriminating taste about what they watch these days.
Dennis Davis
It goes to show you, you just can't trust a female
Holy jumpin' shitballs!!!  could the writer make up his mind??? One scene Glen Ford isa hard boiled ,hard drinking tough guy and then he is this friendly engineer just looking for a job.Why is he always rude to the blonde and then we find out he loves her. Come on!
morality can be both disappointing and terribly disturbing too but it is still divine by all means ,and its what 40s cinema is all about ----utterly divine !
Ed Dancer1
This is the first time I watched a fantastic movie staring Glenn Ford.\nThanks for the upload Science Fraction.\nEd
what kind of security does that bank have? she takes the safe deposit box to an alcove and Glen Ford can walk right in there without being stopped?
Frank O
Thanks for the upload.
When she sent the car over the cliff , she should have left both of them in it .
They were great movies thanks for sharing !
Gilda Marlowe
Why the looooooooong face Janis? Glen is gorgeous and ready for the big time. Janice I guess faded out.
Graham Carter
do they do everything at night?
Hal McAdams
Pens and inkwells, sixty dollar gold watches, bar hooch a nickle a shot, and a beautiful bleach blond. What else do you need for a hard boiled crime mystery?
Hans-Eberhard Peters
Great film!
Harr Lee
the Femme   Fatale  film Noir   phenomenon apparently   developped after the US service  men   came BACK\n\n\nAnd   realised  women werent ChaTTels   anymore\nbut   had   usurped the Workplace\n\nHence    THEN  all male fears were chanelled into   thinking   Women were Dangerous\n\n  
Isabella Balkert
There is a period in Film Noir, when women were cast as evil, and their cunning and beauty was used to ensnare men into marriage, or getting them jewels or money. At the same time, women were also portraid as twisted or mentally sick, in need of men to fix them or understand their twisted minds. Psychological portraits of women out of control were portrait by Hedy Lamar, Bette Davis and most of the blond beauties over a long period, and this movie is no different. \nThe woman is stunningly beautiful and out to get one man or another and a lot of money, no matter who pays the price.\n\nMarnie is perhaps the most known of these films, and even when men were psycopats or out of control, it is because of the mother.\n\nI hate the whole idea, and the hectoring of women behind these films, and funnily enough these films came at a time, when women were just getting personal rights they had not had before.\nGirls went to school and women had jobs. Beautiful well dressed women where not just wives, the emancipation had just begun.\n\nThe attack on these women, and especially the beautiful ones. are cruel and unjust, because they did cast all beautiful women as potentially dangerous and with no morals at all.\nIt is time to look at this as unjust treatment of women, who were in fact mostly under the thumb of men for a very long time.\nNo women ever owned a film company at the time, and there were no women directors, so the trend kept on for a very long time.
Jack Morris
an awesome noir!
Jason Stack
Film Noir Rules.....Black & White you know thats right it was Acting no crappy C.G.I.
Jeffrey Jones
Top notch. Thank you.
Jim Vines Presents...
That's my mom (Lillian Wells) in the coffee shop scene at 1:03:17. Cool--thanks for posting!
John Galvin
I can see why my Dad liked Glen Ford as an actor. His morals were very high, just like the characters Mr Ford played through his career.  Did Glen ever play a bad guy? I've seen a few of his movies & I've never found one as yet. Thanks for sharing.
Jon J
Solid film
Some nice moments, but you never get a sense of any real connection between the Glen Ford character and Janis Carter's femme fatale. So the ending is miles away from anything like the \
Kev G
Thanks, good movie.Kevin
Kevin O'Neall
I lost count of how many cigarettes he'd smoked.  Every cig cost a week of life?
Kevin Thompson
When I first noticed this movie was on YouTube I added it as a favourite to watch later. This was 3 months ago and at the time I saw it had 82 votes on IMBd. I just finished watching it and went again onto IMBd and just noticed it had 1036 votes. So from 2001 to 3 months ago 82 people voted for this movie but in the last 3 months nearly 1000 people voted for it. I suspect it was because of the person who downloaded the film. Thank you.
Lee Coffman
Excellent movie, certainly not a B film, good story and 1st class acting, thank you for downloading.
Lingua tONICA
normal ending for yesterday's ethic, today Mike's decency and honesty would by many be considered an idiocy Good upload, better movie than expected
Lorenzo Gomez
Good ol' G.Ford, we grew up with his movies on TV in Morocco and Spain, and then one day I saw him in the street in Casablanca old city..impressive for a teenager !I didn't dare go and talk to him, he was resting in a limousine between takes...
Mac a'Bhaird
Matt A
That's 'Uncle Joe' from Petticoat Junction.
Mike should of had done the dirty with her before turning her in etc
Nanny B
Always liked Glen Ford, liked the film
Otravez 39
Very nice movie. Thanks for the upload.
Overcomer Ministry
RF Johns
Women like that would have killed both men in car accident and moved on to any other man who she fancied.\nGood movie.
Rob Sinclaire
a Strangely Excellent Film, thank you!
Dunno about the plot, but I would not mind being Janis Carter for a day or 2? She is GORJUS!
Robert Henry
Nice movie, but the part about him turning down a reward doesn't make sense. Couldn't he have used that money to finance the operation at the mine?
Rodolfo Lopez
good film
Didn't care for the ending
Steve Wagner
Now I understand why Glenn Ford is still talked about. Great actor. A cut above the actors of his era.
Steven Torrey
They tell a good story in one hour and twenty-two minutes. Well constructed, believable.
glenn looks prettier than janis
Walter Wheeler
A very good film displaying Janis Carter's acting talents in a dramatic role; with a low key performance from Glen Ford, along with Barry Sullivan and Edgar Buchanan.  More entertaining than I originally thought it would be based on some of the comments below from a few people.  The other reviewers who thought this was a worthwhile film to view were right on.
Warren W
i enjoyed it quite a bit.
Zach Barnhart
Man, Glenn Ford is a sensation in this film.  I don't think I've ever seen a performance quite like it.  I'm really glad I found this one.
cornbreadthedog blonde ruthlessly double-crosses her partner, turns soft over the new pair of pants, and then she gets a one way ticket to the \
debbie wilson
Is this merely a \
A bottle labeled \
That's when cinema was great. Not today's junk. Thank you
gordon mathew
I always keep a bottle of poison on a kitchen shelf for just such emergencies.
Quite a decent movie. I didn't like the end either. I would have liked to see the look on Edgar Buchanan's face when he was released.
holoholo haole no ka oi
Janis Carter is so beautiful
jds hempfarm
loose mouths sink ships
A Fine movie
jim dandy
What a great movie with lots of suspense- typical Glenn Ford, etc,quality.\nLove this era movies !!!!
This movie deserves a HD upload, for the sake of cinematography.
lewis brooks
Thanks for the memory
martin miller
Just played once again this movie : to me, an unforgettable masterpiece . Thx. for loading .
mike jones
What a cute, classy lady!  Hope she gets a good lawyer! Like the way she says MY name too!
good one!
mohammad davoudian
This is what I call a good film.
Excuse me Glen Ford/s miserable character must be nuts. She saves his life, she/s beautiful and $250,000. Get away then confess from afar telling where to find the wrench. Hope there was/nt much silver in the mine.
The classically beautiful '41 Cadillac series 62 sedan.
perry lewis
class acting makes movies not color and special effects and this was a classic movie
r wolfson
I've watched more old films than I care to mention, particularly noir. Not sure how I missed this or never heard of it. Good pacing with enough touches to keep it interesting. It's no Double Indemnity, but better than most. Thanks for uploading it!
Glenn Ford has to be one of the top actors of all time!
Just watch the first five minutes, and imagine your life like this.\nHilarious, and of course, great.
Women.  Nothin' but trouble.
shizuo kanemoto
very good movie for the standard of '40s. I enjoyed.
Solid script, decent acting and efficiently directed.   Not the best of it's class but an excellent example of the structure of the genre.  Definitely worth watching.
sonia silliker
Who doesn't love Glen Ford!
Pretty damn good little movie. Glad I ran into it by accident. Maybe I'm overrating it, but I give it an A minus. Loved it. She may have been a wicked woman, but she had a conscience. Two times she changed her mind about killing him. Not sure why Mike rejected the reward money though. He needed the cash I thought.
A man is a fool for telling a strange woman about his business.
Very enjoyable! Glenn Ford was great in, calm, yet interestingly emotional when he discovered the robe. I think he really did start to have feelings for her and want to believe her....yet no matter how hard he tried, he found out the hard truth about her. Loved the ending in the bank when she stepped out of the safety deposit room. She deserved every bit of justice coming her way. Thanks :)
Spoiler alert: Blimey she's a right troublemaker in't she? What a ratbag.
I did not like Ford being an idiot, drinking like a wino when he is too smart to know there must be something bad going on, beside, when he drinks he blacks out,but still does it? It makes me angry when writing is stupid. All adds up for him to get out...but this smart guy they make an idiot for 20 minutes. B.S....BUT, great ending!