Once Upon A Time In The West (Finale)---Ennio Morricone

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Claudia Cardinale Ennio Morricone Finale Once Upon A Time In The West

I can not explain or express what this tune/song does to me, it's an out of body experience, it is all my regrets of the past, it is all my hopes for the future all rolled into one, it is all my hurts and heartbreaks...i have to turn away when i listen to it.....it makes me sad it makes me happy..
The magnificent voice of Ms. Edda Dell 'Orso helped to make this theme the greatest in all of cinema. Ennio Morricone created a masterpiece that will live on forever. Priceless!
I love Morricones work...and this is just one of his masterpieces...
Anthony Drpic
Henry Fonda, said it was his most satisfying role of any film he made. Only Sergio Leone could turn Fonda into one of Cinemas greatest villains. A masterpiece.
Bob Guessfor
* Dedicated To The \
Ennio Morricone does not get enough credit for his heart wrenching/beautiful music in this or any other Sergio Leone's movies... This movie (as well as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) would not be the same without Ennio's hauntingly beautiful music! Ennio, you are simply the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Lucas
In my opinion this film has got to be the best ever, and Ennio Morricone the best theme music ever.
Ennio morricone realize the spirit and gave body to this !
Cathleen Mallett
This music fills my Soul in the places that are missing. As for the film I love how the men continue to drive train spikes into the track even as the train bears down on them as it enters SweetWater. I also am quite partial to all the beautiful, exotic, Spanish horses (Andalusians) throughout the film. A fantastic cast converges with visually stunning costumes (Mrs. McBain) & landscapes of the time frame. I often wonder if dubbing the dialog ever so slightly out of sync was intentional. Imperfect yet perfect, people are imperfect as well. For me it highlights the script even more so, and causes you to hang on every word. It should be remembered as a musically iconic film for the ages. It has such glorious music that thrills and inspires beauty. A Spaghetti Western Masterpiece.
Cesare Randino
Grande maestro italiano! Anche in questo caso siamo grandi!
Chris Montignani
Possibly one of the best movies and soundtracks of all time absolutely superb.
Crank shaft
she is simply breathtaking ....what a beauty...
Danny Effendi
Every character in this movie is\nperfecly played\nby its actor. there isn't such\nunnecessary ac ting, every part is beautifuly played as it meant tobe.\nJust like in 'real\nlife'. Every little piece is connec\nting to one ano\nther to make a biggest piece in the history of film/movie.\neverything in this movie is a beauty. even the dialogue , simply beautiful\nbut strongly connected to the storyline of\nthe movie.\njust take alook again when She/jill (claudia cardinale) says,\n'I hope you'll come back some day'..\nand that harmo nica guy (char les bronson) re-\nplied.'someday\n.....'\nIt's just a simple dialogue that we find in every day life. \nbut when u look at her facial ex pression,and u\nknow the story line of the mo vie from start to\nfinish...\nYou're not gon\nna just sit there and keep watching with out imagining 'something'\nsomething beautiful or \nperhaps some\nthing ' sexy'\nthe sexiest ever tha u can ima gine between a man and a wo man, supposed he decided not to leave ...\nThe fact that he looks rough while she looks so smoothly beautiful makes the imagination even better.\nI'm not used to imagining something after watching a mo vie, speciall to days movie where u can see people/actor do\nsome miracle staff which is simply couldn't be happened in\nreal life.\nbut I had to con fess that this is\nthe only movie that made me do that. \nThat's one of many things that set this mo\nvie apart from\ntodays movies.\n\nthanks 4 reading
Dave Hansen
One of the most beautiful songs ever written, sung by one of the greatest sopranos of all time – and connected to one of the greatest Westerns ever filmed. What an incredible combination it is !
Dejan Markovic
what a soundtrack...thanks Ennio Morriccone
Derekgough Gough
Beautiful music, makes you feel diffrent to those around me who cant or wont let there feeling go .
Dieter Quittek
Sergio Leone hat als erster Regisseur die vollen Gesichter in einer grandiosen Art gezeigt. Ein wunderschöner Western. Doch den Film hat die Filmmusik von Ennio Morricone richtig groß gemacht. Ohne seine Musik wäre es möglicherweise ein Flopp geworden. Ennio Morricone ist der Größte. Habe sein Konzert 2015 in der Königspils-Arena in Oberhausen genossen. Die schönste Musik der Welt. Wunderbar. Herzlichen Dank an Ennio Morricone.
Dominique Cvek
this is the most beautiful score ever written!
Dustoff Win
The elegant and haunting female vocalist is Edda Dell'Orso. The power of music is overwhelming when compared to the other arts.
This scene is so beautiful and heartbreaking. It's so clear that she loved Harmonica and that he loved her but the harsh reality of their conflicting lives kept them forever distant. And also the part with Cheyenne is sad too. His death had me in tears. This movie really is an emotional roller coaster ride....wonderful\u003c3
Ezio Borella
lunga vita ad ennio morricone . le tue colonne sonore dureranno per l'eternità!
Francesco Ciardiello
proud of being Italian..
Funny how the best western movies were directed by an italian and shot in Spain.
George Marko
Sergio Leone once sad that Bronson was the best actor he ever worked with! And btw Claudia I love you!
Gilles 51
INDIMENTICABILE!!! Questo capolavoro di Sergio Leone con le musiche del maestro Ennio Morricone è conosciuto in tutto il mondo, possibile che non ci siano commenti Italiani?
Great, great western, great music, fantastic cast, loved every minute...
James Dalessandro
I just clicked back on to see this remarkable scene and hear this music:  I'm thrilled to see how many people agree with me that this is the best western ever.  Go to the FINAL SCENE in this film and is listed on the same page here.  It's about 9 minutes long: the greatest movie ending ever.  It's remarkable how powerful it is, paying off the long mystery of who Harmonica is, and how the instrument and music are part of the plot and story.   Sergio Leone is a genius:  he made the finest Western ever, and the greatest gangster movie with Once Upon A Time in America.   It's hard to say someone made the best film in any genre, yet Leone may well own two of them.  A true cinematic genius,
Johan Lebbing
The movie is a masterpiece, also the music from Morricone is stunning.\nBronson, Cardinale, Fonda, and Robards are magnificent.\nOnly Leone could direct this movie, and make this a wonderful piece of art.
Jorge Enrique Bernal Medina
Beautiful too, Clauda Cardinale
Jose franco
brillanteeeeeee solo el maestro de maestros ennioooooo!!!
Jovial Faltisco
There's something special about the melody of this piece that is so supremely emotionally moving for me. Literally makes me cry almost every time I listen. Like the composer discovered it rather than making it up and like God's talking to us (me) when I listen. It's best to hear that melody on her human vouce rather than instrumentally, makes it like the Divine Mother is nourishing my soul.
Kat9293 Gmk
1:07- those eyes...
Kawase rate
What a magnificent western opera!!!
Know Very Little
the greatest film ever made?
Claudia Cardinale :)
Lee Johnston
Hands down my favourite western. It's sad that Charles Bronson is dead, loved his acting style and was a real world war 2 soldier.
Absolutely magical music...Like i travel in the past :X
Luna Nazarian
Marc Bizdikian
des films comme l'ont en fait plus .....RESPECT
Mark Cain
Makes me cry looking at this movie .. so much memories .. GREAT actors ..
Mark Harper
As long as im alive this is the best western and music ever x
Martello Films
Wonderful music, a work of pure genius. Plus the genius of Sergio Leone. What a shame Paramount, during the process of shortening the film for its original release, cut off the final section of the Finale and added Cheyenne's Theme to finish the film. It ruined Leone's and Morricone's concept of the film as a Western fairy tale. When reconstructing the film Paramount failed to correct the end music, and overall failed to match the film with Leone's original edit of the film. Watch the whole scene from when the camera rises from Bronson's close up to the train in long shot after Cheyenne has died, turn the volume right down and play the whole of the Finale and it gives the ending Leone and Morricone wanted.
Mattia Collodel
What a beatiful woman Claudia Cardinale. Italian women are the best in the world
Merry Collins
Just been to see ennio morricone at the 02, hearing theses classics live was just incredible, goose bumps upon goose bumps. The man is a total genius.
Michael Bellinger
She never looked so beautiful as this, it's incredible....
Michael Colicino
The music brings me tears of joy!! WoW! Ennio is the Motzart of our time! Such range!!
Nick Scroat
For me the greatest film partnership in film history, Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. It doesn't get any better than that, not by a country mile....
Norman Wood
The music, story, actors, and the scenery absolutely fantastic. Claudia Cardinale wow! wow!
Omar Gonzalez
This is, with all due respect to John Ford and Wayne, the greatest western ever made.Period. End of discusion!!!!!
i havnt watched a film since that evokes such emotion, you cant recreate a rehmbrant, da vinci, micheangelo. the film and sound track stand on there own and hopefully they will be to the future generation timeless as past artists are to us.
Best Western  Best Music  Best Actors and Actress\n
Morricone is a modern day Mozart. Pure genius.
Robert E
This entire movie is like a classic painting, or a Mathew Brady photograph, captured in time, in sepia tone shades. The ending is indeed sad, and tragic. But this is what makes this a classic opera transposed onto a film for the ages. Sad, yet beautiful and and a true piece of the film makers art. This film will never be surpassed, in these areas.
Robert Graziano
this movie like wisdom and understanding takes time ,I,like you first saw it when I was young .Then I saw it again decades later .I sat quietly,alone , watched and listened  the movie is intended to be slow It  slowly draws the character of each person and their importance into the story. the music adds to the slowness,you feel the weight of time and space. Leone is working his charm on you .The greatness of a great movie is that after a while you no longer see the actors ,you only see the characters . 
The music is like a bird flying freely through the sky.
Ron Shears
Superb music but watch Bronson's face as he looks out the door then back at Claudia, That has to be the best profile ever of this great actor., or any actor for hat matter, an underrated actor.
Ronald McReynolds
When you get this many views of the last minutes of a movie, you know it's a great movie.  And though their time lives have passed, we remember these great actors.
Ruby King
Claudia,.. sometimes men say no! 
Rudolf Trost
Best spaghetti western ever. Everything in this movie is epic.Those faces , the scenery, the music (especially the music), the storyline, EVERYTHING!
QUelle émotion !
Salvatore Bruno
e quello che mi fa più rabbia...sapete cose...guardando qui tutti i commenti...vedo che sono tutti stranieri....che sanno apprezzare la buona musica....vedessi qualche italiano...mah....grande maestro sei famoso in tutto il mondo....!!!
Simon Coleman
Bronson, a mans man and Claudia,womens women; classic movie of all time.\nStands the test of time even today.
Holy shit. I just watched this and it's probably the best movie I have ever saw. I don't usually watch westerns, but this is something else. Allot of effort went into this film and it's easy to see. You just don't get films like this nower days. What a masterpiece.
The best soprano I have ever heard in my life
Sophie Nathaniel
my gosh, so beautiful
The Bacons
Ennio Morricone. John Williams. No particular order. The two greatest of all time.
After watching this finale I forgot how much I loved Charles Bronson. He wasn't the most handsome actor, but there was something about him that was so captivating to me.
This is moi
I find it depressing that no one will ever make a film like this again. This and The Deer Hunter are two examples of a time when filmmaking was a craft few could make. One of my favourite films, everytime I see it with my wife we can help but break. It is so beautiful, so human and impressive.
Walter cook
Is it just me, or is Claudia Cardenalle one of the most gorgeous females of all time?
Will Alexander
The very best western movie ever made! Excellent real actors no phonies here. Most were WW2 vets that allowed us to stay free. Claudia was so beautiful!!! Absolutely very best most beautiful music ever!!!! May God Bless every one of their souls...
Bella música del maestro Ennio Morricone que junto a la super-producción del realizador don Sergio Leone, no imaginaron ser los artífices del film más grande de la historia.\nArmónica se despide de Jill, y después Cheyenne. Ambos le dejan seguridad que de aquella tierra indómita, ella tiene que hacerse cargo.
alessandro di pietro
il cinemascope per i primi piani degli occhi è la più grande invenzione di Sergio Leone, la magnificenza del grande schermo per sottolineare l'espressione di uno sguardo giocndo con la musica, un emozione che passa
alfred arroyo
Good god....... This movie, this woman.......Those eyes on that woman.  I do not know why, but every time  I hear this song, the tears just start flowing. And Claudia Cardinale........Oh my god, there has not and never will be a woman as beautiful as this amazing creature, other than my dearly departed mother. Claudia is a walking poetry......Just oozes beauty, innocence and sexuality.... My dream, before I die, Is to meet this goddess.
christopher fothergill
But for Morricone's music scores the spaghetti western would not have had the same impact. The man is pure genius.
craig terry
No words are needed when you got an epic soundtrack ...beautiful eyes and bags of talent. Films like these are more than just films I grew up with, they are memories of my  mum and dad watching and the soundtrack to my childhood.
Claudia Cardinale one of the most beutiful woman of all time!!
dédé schweppes tonik
claudia cardinale...mamamia!
This is not a meal in a fast food restaurant (if you want that, go to a McDonald's), it is a four-course meal with plenty of appetizer and dessert to boot at the end. Do not forget: Harmonica waits for decades (!) to take revenge on his brother's death thus he doesn't need to rush things now that he's found track of Frank. Saying the the film is dull is missing the point.\n\nfirst off, the movie starts at the right time - Harmonica arrives in town - and this is the latest possible moment to set the stage for the upcoming dual. It can't have started earlier or later for that matter.\n\nSecond; just like you carefully lay the table waiting for an important guest you have invited for dinner the director does so when slowing down the pace of the film. He wants you to chew every bite of the meal he has served for you and he wants you to take your time. He doesn't serve you a hamburger with oily French fries; he offers you an unforgettable feast. what's the rush then? Just enjoy the meal.\n\n(Again, if you want action and gunfight every ten minute or so, go to a Mc for a quick snack; that's your meal.)
foshou citron
Moricone = genius; Leone = genius; leone+moricone = perfection on this earth.
fantastque film , Charles Bronson (rip) et Claudia Cardinale et Henry Fonda (rip)sur une très belle musique de film , c'est pour moi un classique mais mon préféré des films de western ;)
giuseppe sidoti
bellissima claudia cardinale
harry dee
Bronson riding out with Robards on the horse and then going back to bury him. Classic!
Great film, great music and so beautiful claudia cardinale.
Those eyes.......beautiful does not say enough...
kevin Quinn
Claudia Cardinale. How beautiful can you get.
klodian hoxha
What a woman hey the beautiful and great CLAUDIA CARDINALE
They just don't make movies like this anymore. Beautiful.
I used to think the ending in Casablanca was perfect. Then I watched Once Upon a Time in the West. Now that's the perfect ending. But how any man can say no to Claudia Cardinale escapes me. I still choke up when she says \
loid lucas
musica linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndissima, e o filme tambem
louis Siana
This final scene is of breathtaking beauty as very rarely seen in a movie ! Ennio and Sergio, you're geniuses!
michael granger
I can never listen to this superb music enough. I read that Time magazine listed this movie as one of the 100 best ever made, deservedly so. The singer Edda Dell'Orso who is now in her 80s is amazingly still working. This movie was one of Fonda's best roles, and Bronson's too. Why can't they make them like this any more?
One of my all time favorite films! The score is magnificent.
paperino patitucci
patrick lamshear
One of the best westerns of all times.\npatjohn
Ennio Morricone's music just twist into my heart every time I listen to this tune...
sigalit menashe
how can anyone walk away from claudia? but on the other hand ONLY BRONSON CAN MAKE IT LOOK GOOD!!
Claudia Cardinale is the most beautiful woman in the history of cinema. All the leading men in Once Upon a Time were Hollywood legends and were in awe of her.