I Wore Womens Clothes For An ENTIRE Week! *very cool*

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haha yes cool social experiment mangoose!!!hope u guys and girls enjoyed, dont b scared to wear women's clothesBig thank you to Hope Stockholm and Eytys for some of the clothes!xoxo

entire wee... i wore womens clothes i wore womens clothes every day for an entire magnus magnus ronning men wearing womens clothes ronning womens clothes

420th like
I was prepared to roast you but you look lowkey beautiful
A fading no one.
Where did you buy your jewellery from?
That 1st outfit is honestly 🔥
Aaron Schanz
Wait why’d u just upload a week long vlog of your regular life
Adam Gettinby
nothing new then
Alexa Rexach
I liked the video but my only note is to just chill out and vlog and not be so up tight. Like you’re way to worried about getting ur point across.
Alice Linehan
I! love! this!
Amirah Mayat
First time watching you, suddenly you’re my favorite person
Andrei Aberin
Isn’t this normal though?
Andrew Cox
Yeah and you also pussied out of the mosh pit at the slowthai concert last night. I saw you walk out not even breaking a sweat. Unbelievable. Unsubscribed reported blocked
Andric Chia
Hmm......... I was expecting something even more extreme like dresses, skirts or crop tops... All these looks are wearable for men and I would wear them on a daily basis.. Not impress...
Axel Kvaran
Hands down the best video you have done. You do you!:)
When the meme goes too far
Buster Lykken
Hello Magnus im still here
Casper Frank
The lesbian jokes will be hard on this video, I already can tell lmao
Christian Stenderup
Respect the bravery. Fashion doesn't need to be specific to a gender. Bruh imma wear woman's clothes for street style
We live in a society
Claudio Antonio
Cx fook it dood
wtf? why did you cosplay my grandma on day 4?
Women’s clothes are men’s clothes, if they can wear our clothes we can wear theirs or there’s idk which one mate ✌🏻 notification team mate 👊🏻
Dominic Krass
some of your best fits lately imo
Eric Carnivele
4/5 were perfecto
Ah man Mangoose turned into Lil Uzi
Ezi Ndionyenma
Magnus!! You’re best video in 6 months , keep this same energy .
Firthy boy
The lesbian jokes are overdone and none of you are funny
George Bell
You put the L in LGBT
George Fielder
Don't you do that every week anyway
Good stuff lesbian
Gregor Chandler
PAQ and Magnus uploading on 1 day. Wow.
\u003ehe fell for the meme
Very cool Magnus 👌🏾
I Don't Know Elisa
wat IS UP u GUUuys
Really love your videos and your personality even if I don't understand everything when you talk rapidly :) But keep going the notification when you post a video put a smile on my face
proper school... nice one avoiding the demonetization
Wait what you’re so attractive and the outfits all look great, bravo.
J Grimes
Avocado on toast, womenswear and sunrise yoga you’re officially a hippie
I didn’t get a notification:(
James Steel
Magnus is gonna be a twitch thot 😂, jks he respects wamen
Janet Ly
Next video bikinis and dresses reviews pleaseeee. I loved this video actually. The more vlog footage the nicer
finally a coming out video
Magnus is a *PIMP*
proud lesbian
Ich bin ein late morning, well ich auch
Lasse Rahbek
This, was actually pretty nice
Lorenz F.
middleclass brunch?! yeah sure, that's what the middle class eats. lol
Luke Jack
quality is back \u003c3 mans delivered
Magnus Ronning
im scared to read the comments on this one...
Mike Hunt
no this ain’t a purse it’s a satchel
Mike Sousa
Best video you have ever made. God bless you bro.
Nate fletcher
Buuuut this legit the best magus has looked... Keep on it
Nicki Aabank
That's a weird way to announce your're transitioning
*very cool*
Octavious Joe
Love your channel 🖤
Passive Aggressive
Who the frick keeps liking these comments smh
Paul E.
why didn't you call it \
Pfannericedout 01
ithe potheidon
Phillip Kausch
Ur girl pretty 👀
Robin N
Best lesbian
Rory & Nathan
Pull a young thug and rock skirts
Rosie Allan
confirmed: lesbian
Sam Marie
You’re literally so cute I feel like I must have been blind this whole time I’ve been subscribed to you. Like wow! you’re gorgeous! \nBut besides that sudden realization, you really pulled off these clothes
Sicarius Bladehart
First outfit was legit. I didn't expect them to look cool.
Stewie 5.6k
Puts in a clip of him picking up his girl in order to avoid hate comments.
Suuper Sprawa
WOW MAGNUS filming video in kitchen talking about wearing woman clothes are you sugestiing something??? I as a white male feel ofended by this!!
The Anomity
So fashion week is basically a day u can wear anything, thts sooo cool, wish my place has em
LGBT \nlet's get this bread
Titus Groot
we didn't see your kitchen after you said you were going to clean it...🤔 i don't think you have cleaned any at all
Gender reveal* you misspelled the title
Tommy Huang
I swear, these are some of the best outfits you put together.
Tony Nguyen
9:50 \
This could be men's fashion outfit as well, bc you're lookin fire af
Havent you been doin this challenge your whole life?
Sick outfits. Proud of you for pushing your comfort zones. Side note: your merch would be so much better if the damn logo was smaller.
i don't know if anyone's ever made this joke but wHY ARE YOU RONNING WHY ARE YOU RONNING
cars and sneakers
Thought your crazy ass was gonna wear a dress
chloe erica lee
I got TNS\n*THE ULTIMATE ESHAY*\nI lost it
dante jason
Even if he’s faking the tone in his voice I like it.
e usana
Your girl looks like a young britney spears
you look like the swedish ytber 'sigge'
erik reeves
damn that's a nice kitchen
harry brown
Second biggest nonce to Jamie oliver
hey ho
social expierment gone lesbian
ight cool
look 3 private school boy who plays lacrosse and who’s dad will sue
Magnoose\u003eIcypoop dont @ me
*not a lesbian joke* much love my guy keep it up
this isn’t really very cool
maddy leandro
gender roles??? never heard of em
I knew he was gay 😍
steven cruz
can someone give me tips on how to style black syindicate hoodie?:/
thank you kanye *very cool*
Ok but I can't afford Eytys and Hope u expensive lesbian
v a l
is that @kickiyangz at 7:18 omg
yeet meister
Cool toes
ɪ'm ɴot wearɪɴg aɴy paɴtɪes
Magnus \