God in Disguise

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Dynamo (Steven Frayne) from 'Magician Impossible'Audio is Two steps from Hell - Heart of CourageIntro sequence is Christian Bale from 'The Prestige'Mid and end clips taken from Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey

Criss Angel Dynamo (magician) Jim Carrey Magic Magic (illusion) Morgan Fr... Revealed Steven Frayne Two steps from hell Walking on water Water matrix

Wat bgm is this? can i get the bgm??
Ajay bhai
Nice video
Alain Santos
Good Dynamo
Anderson Santos Neri
Me manda esse truck. 71 986406162
Andile Lionel
This is not God in disguise, but Satan in disguise!! People don't be deceived!! Satan loves performing miracles to win your hearts and trust, and fear!!!
Andrew Corbett
Read the comments on here saying he's a satanist! U morons he's a great illusionist nothing more it's a trick dears
AndyOn TheBeat
This is demonic as it can get. Jesus Christ is the only human who has such heavenly powers. Don't let demons misdirect you from the true son of God name Jesus from Nazareth. God sent his only son to die on the cross to save us from our sins John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Augustine AK
Powerless satan..
Barky poptart
I love being atheist
Poposturious! What a laughriot, a mere man posing as something he's totally not. Go on Dynamo, keep on mocking Jesus, you'll find out who the real messiah is and then you will be sorry. God will not be mocked.
Bishnu Bauri
I love dynamo magic
Bojan Stosic
Dinamo ispusio si ga.... Sve je provaljeno
Calvary Crusader
The popes have also fooled millions by their blasphemy.
Charles Conroy
Ahahahahahahahaha ! It's hilarious the expressions and the stunned look on those poor people's faces. They didn't know what the hell to think. What a fun trick LOL.
Chidi 2001
He is a sorcerer
Christopher Danao
Jesus says through prayers you can move mountains & throw it into the sea! Satan dont pray, he can never walk on water!
2:29 when your the only one that passed the test in your class
Damon Alexander
God in Disguise??????🤔 Is Pushing it a bit much My Titleist Friend.🤷🏽\u200d♂️ 👊🏽
To those Biblical freaks\nThe Bible is a book written from men for men \nThey despises women, they abuse children and the weak.
Dilma Rousseff
*O Lula faz isso direto kkkkkkk*
El Caballo Hermoso
All is fake
Eoghan Hennessy
dude do you even believe the moon is real? it's a projection maynnnnnnnnn!
12.5 mil views and only 52k likes WTF
\n\nwalking on water: Biblical: Dynamo caused a stir in 2011 with a mind-blowing stunt that launched his TV series. He was picked up by a 'police boat' halfway across the river\nHOW HE DOES IT: Close-up screen-grabs suggest that Dynamo wasn’t so much walking ‘on’ the murky Thames as across an invisible platform just below its surface.\nIndeed, two flat-bottomed canoes, which passed between the magician and the shore mid-way through the trick, appeared to accidentally strike just such a hidden object.\nThe police dinghy is, meanwhile, believed to have been a fake, filled with actors.\n\n\nRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2347697/How-DOES-Dynamo-Illusionist-Steven-Frayne-novel-way-catching-bus.html#ixzz2wrZDMtKQ \nFollow us:@MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
First Last
He will never be God in Disguise. If God will show up, he will make sure that everyone would see it. TSK. the title will never be right.
Fluffy Empire
Nothing more than Lies, Deceit, Illusions and tricks. Magic does not exist.
Goldy Kumar
Hari Ayiravalli
He is walking on glass sheet
Harshit Rayal Gv
Finally he got arrested for his crime 🤣🤣
Huascar Roa
Quiero que kike Buste invetiger eso para eso es un troco
Isiah Sims
You not god so stop
JFR Leader
The is fake guys
Jair Vargas
My question is how does he get such a big crowd to watch him walk on water
It's a glass plat form placed there the night before that's why when he stepped on to the water he took a large step on to the platform the police were in on it as well to make it seem like he was stopped from going further.
Kanaky etaynu
Ya que Dieu qui peut marcher sur l'eau Dieu 😇🙏👼 lui seul
King khan
Is it real
The power of Devil(illuminati)..
Lamin Sillah
illusion and fake. \nhe was not working on water, but on. piece of glass
Lovely Wolf 曾
Is that a movie the music sonud like movie XD
MH Hamim
It is all an illusion....The whole point of magic is to convince you it is real...don't believe the lie. He has no 'special' powers except convincing idiots what he is doing is real...
It's not real! That is fake
Mahd kased
For the record he is just a magician a lot of other Youtubers did these tricks if u think its the devil or Satan and stuff like that ur scaring urselfs for no reason
Its Mesiass 😢
for real I saw this guy levitate admist the crowd at Rio(Brazil). the guy just got strange powers. good or bad dat I can't ascertain...
Marie Bells
Dumb people: devils help them\nNormal people: it's a trick
Michael Skaggs
Nice try...its anything BUT God giving him that ability. Research Alistair Crowley and  the occult use of black magick. A Christian did not make this video.
Mouhaned Nehad
ممكن يعلمني
Its written in bible if u have faith in me (Jesus) u can be as great as me evem greater than me like if u agree to bible
Nehres Nikdy
💖💟💟💟💟💟 it's magic from the devil
Official James Parker
Great. Quoting 2000 year-old mythology again. The 'magic trick' involves a 'transparent solid water float' in the water, and then walking on top of it. The float is attached to a wall frame and lye's just below the water waves making it only visible in transparent water (this water is dirty and isn't transparent). ... Stop assuming everything is about your religion; there are 4,673 religions who do this and its getting dull; it's a trick designed to make people smile, and now it's ruined for everyone because of you. You need a lesson in logic. Thanks for meeting your own stereotype... AGAIN.
Cool music
One Dake Vlog
Love You Dynamo
That is fake its just clear tables stacked together in the water
You wanna be careful when your god's wearing baggy pants.
Pranali Shelar
I love you dynamo 😘😘😘
He's walking on pillars. It's not a new trick
Qistina Khu
God never show off like that
RJ Jyoti
Mind blowing \n#rjjyoti
RaunA RocK
he using jin power.. later he will become jin slave
Ravi Choudhary
Dynamo is really super man and God bless man.
Recycle Bin
It's Not Fake He Is A God
Renji Mani
Jesus is the son of heavenly\nfather Jehova,our savior,healer,provider,merciful,compassionate a true friend\nin all our needs and deliver from evil spirits.Jesus shed his precious blood on\na cross in Kalvary to cleanse our sins.He resurrected on third day and will be\ncoming soon to give rewards to everybody according the deeds.Knee down,repent\nand live in holy with Jesus Christ.Nobody will be saved from hell unless repent\nand accept Jesus.”But cowards,traitors,perverts,murderers,the immoral,those who\npractice magic,those who worship idols and all liars –the place for them is the\nlake burning with fire and sulpher,which is the second death”.Holy bible Revelation\n21:8,22:15.
Rico Pintuan
wow magic
Rodney Ramdeen
Tbe work of satan
Ryche W
Something is very wrong when these magicians are imitating Christ.  Illusion?  I have a hard time believing this is only an illusion.  This is more than just and illusion.
Sander Oppeel
i love how tis guy gets worshipped like a god, while all he is is just a smart illusionist. A lot of his 'awed spectators' are actors
Satriya Budi Utama
Seddi Siagian
I know that you are in fellowship with the devil, with your Soul reward. you mislead many people with your magic
Selena Grace
The music maked it much more intense to be honest xD
You mean transparent plastic
Sheila Dey
Dynamo is the second greatest magician in the world after houduni.
Shining Knight
He is an amazing illusionist.\nBut it's not djinn or demons helping him.\nMost of these tricks have already been explained and done by other illusionists.\nI'm Muslim by the way and I do believe djinn exist.\nBut, these Dynamo tricks are just clever illusions.\nVery entertaining.
Totally supported beneath made people fool fkng
Silly A
Dynamo where r you we r waiting for new vedios
Simon Peter Ogwal
Demons carry him pretty much the same way we carry kids. Just look how he positions his arms
Sister's Media
This trick is very easy to do with all this modern technology. Well he is walking on glass👀. Well done
Smail El Yousfi
The devil helps him every time again and again. Magicans are foloweRs off devil.
Sonu Das
Dynamo is the real god...
Sourav Mondal
Dynamo can be a worshiper of Satan, Anti-christ, Dajjal, Demon to get all this power to fool peoples. But for sure he is not GOD. GOD is one and ALMIGHTY.
Ssaprolassaprolas Saprolassaprolas
Dainamo my fevret magasian
Sumit Joon
He is using plexi glass below shoes what makes density equal. Thank me later........
Tim Horton
his is not God all he do is black magic through demons, why the hell people calling him god shame on you all for making human a god
Vijay Dsouza
Who and all saying its fake, can you just explain me how?
One Love
action Merci
magnific dynamo
antoine ATTA
Respects à toi grand magicien.mes parents dans les villages veulent te voir.en COTE D'IVOIRE. Merci. Att
i spit on muhammad
clash of royal infinity games and fun
dynamo u r great i m your fan 😍😍😍😍😍
david melton
He is an alien
gabriel estella
whos that guy???
kesam sansam
Nice... i see and short... video who shows this.. thanks.. you.. \
oruss de orion
Yo siempre he dicho que dinamo .....o es extraterrestre o tiene pacto con el diablo....Sus actos de magia son una locura....esto no lo hace una persona normal......
pynskhem shadap
See from the name dynamo dimonic
surya Theja
He just pud steps below the water (that is why the rescue came in baloon boat because the boat would hit the steps
Подводное ,радиоуправляемое средство и он по этому предмету идет и стоит на нем ....
احمد علي
هذا يستعين بالجن. لا قوى خارقة ولا بطيخ. الله خلق الانسان بالتساوي لم يجعل واحدا افضل من الثاني.
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