7 Fascinating Facts About The Old West

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The way you present the story, it appears that you are saying that the Gunfight at the OK Corral happened in Dodge. Wrong. That gunfight happened in Tombstone.
I'd like to hear an American prove any of this wrong. Start with the education of people back in those days if you do not mind. \n\nAnd please stay away from the Custer story that I'm sure you love from Hollywood. Many of his troops were immigrants. It's a sad story of how he wasted himself and his men.\n\nDon't read the Alamo story either; It is not Hollywood enough for you starting with J Bowie\n\n--\nI'll help on the camels angle, something I had not heard of till right here, right now:\n\nThe United States Camel Corps was a mid-19th century experiment by the United States Army in using camels as pack animals in the Southwestern United States. While the camels proved to be hardy and well suited to travel through the region, the Army declined to adopt them for military use. The Civil War interfered with the experiment and it was eventually abandoned; the animals were sold at auction.\n\n\n--\nJust to show, I know this crowd, here is a video you will like:\n\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXGFeZGE0MM
Y’all this guy is a Clinton supporter . I remember watching one oh his videos hating on Trump the whole time . This YouTube video is #FakeNews
Andreas 13
This is full O'shite. I have been to Tombstone AZ and in boot hill cemetery there are more than half a dozen graves for men killed in gunfights in 1881 alone. You would not beleive how many hangings and lynchings.
Brad Morgan
I was going to call bullshit on this video but so many others already did. Glad people weren't fooled by this lame piece of crap video
Brad Smalley
The OK Corral shootout wasnt in Dodge City. Your facts are not Elite. Your lack of research however is legendary.
Brave Heart
Bret Moore
Another anti-constitutionalist, revisionist, politically-correct pile of bullstuff.'
C. Johnson
Virgil Earp was trying to control the no guns law in Tombstone. Wyatt held no peace officer badge, having lost the race for sheriff to Johnny Behan. Virgil deputized him and Morgan, and Doc Holliday tagged along with no legal status.
White bashing much ?
Chuck Pope
Bullshit ran deep in the old west, but not nearly as deep as it did in this video. Do some real research next time.
Clarence Aaron Jones
Gun control in the old west and today do not compare. Sheriffs required citizens to check their guns in while in town, which can compare to banning guns on planes. But when we talk about gun control today, we're not talking about turning guns in temporarily while in town. We're talking about federal politicians determining what we can or cannot own and city mayors banning the ownership of guns altogether. And what do you think would become of the 2nd amendment if we had Hillary for president instead of Trump?
Corey Jordan
A very large portion of the \
Coy Turner
More liberal BS... What a surprise
Hahahaha -- European immigrants hating the truth about 'their country'.
Dick White
I see hating on white folk is still mainstream....
Doctor Octagon
Country was %87.9 white during reconstruction.\nMeaning the USA was more than twice as white as it is now during the old west. \nNext time,\nPlease stick to the facts
Must cowboys were black
Fly By Night
Fake news! 😒
Fred J3
Gary Banning
Unbelievably inaccurate. This is shameful. Very poor attempt to rewrite history to accomplish some lame agenda.
7 Most useless and pointless facts on this entire video platform. It almost seemed like he was trying to say what actually happened was wrong.
Henry Benson
The dude narrating is broke back🤣
Ira Borton
The \
Yep, they weren't all white: There were also Slovakians, Finns, Norwegians, Germans, and Swedes.\n\nWhat idiot writes this stuff?
Jason Meinhart
You sport mostly half-truths and opinion and portray them as facts. A fitting grade for this is from a F+ to no more than a D-; the Internet is full of balderdash...
Jason Parham
~You might have thought it was a bunch of white dudes, but there were Irish, Slovakians, Finns, Norwegians, Germans, Swedes....~ HAHAHA. When you have to try this hard to rewrite history, you might wanna get a different gig.
Jason Rocco
You know, \
Jerome Lacuesta
Red dead redemption brought me here! wondering how america looks like in 18th century
John Elston
As a historian of the American West, who lives in Arizona, and has been to Tombstone, AZ dozens of times, as well as Deadwood, SD., Virginia City, NV, Prescott, AZ., and so many other historical places and sites and have physically touched the grounds of history, seen and read the actual artifacts and documents of what happened in those places, and have extensive knowledge of the 1860-1900 time period, I feel that this Youtuber should be ashamed of himself for posting such extreme BS and distortion of historical truth. I invite this Youtuber to take this video crap down, take a trip to Tombstone, AZ, Dodge City, Deadwood, Virginia City, and other well known “Wild West” towns and actually do some research! See the TRUTH for yourself. Learn some actual FACTS! Then, go put together a significantly revised version of this video that accurately portrays how that time period really was back then! Don’t seek a “left” or “right” agenda, seek the TRUTH and accuracy! When you’re in these towns, you’ll find people who are the direct descendants of those who were actually there. They are great sources and happy to tell their story. But you got to do the work!
Jolujo 58
LOL...way to twist history into nonsensical mush.\n🙊💩
Julie Small
Another tiresome video where poor research of and revisionist history pretends to be factual. Many mistruths .
Kelly Knott
Yep, whimpering anti-white revisionism.
Kelly Martin
Buck and the Preacher and Dual at Diablo to name two movies where blacks were the protagonists. Also, it was mostly white people in those movies because the U.S was mostly white. Also, most movie goers were young white males. So, if a studio is smart, they would cater to their target audience. Things have changed today and whites no longer dominate as strongly as back in the day, therefore we are seeing more diversity in movies these days...and rightfully so! And even though 1M Indians is a large number it pales in comparison as to the size of the U.S., so it pretty much was a open canvas. And I’d like to see your source regarding your description and labeling of the “Cowboy.” I do believe you are attempting to rewrite much of the history you claim to know.
Knut-Hinrichq Walter
The Old West of Hollywood never existed !
Linda Christensen
A bunch of hooie.
Lisa Bluefeather
There were not many blacks who immigrated into the Western States after the Civil War...the west did not see an influx until after the 1880s....
Mac Millan
What lefty-liberal, SJW, Marxist , Politically Correct CRAP! Towards the end, I was really expecting to hear about the Transgender rustlers roaming the plains holding hands with the local rainbow-coloured flag waving blacksmiths, all using non-binary pronouns!
Michael Allport
It is hard to determine which is worse: the silly, preening superficial informationally challenged narrator, or the cretinous, virtually illiterate white male 'commentary' below.
Michael Butler
Mr MessyEH
1993s Posse is s predominately black cast. \n\nMorgan Freeman is also incredible in \
Old School
Multicultural BS. Conflating European and Asian immigration with current African subculture is just a disguised lie. Shame!
Otto D'Leo
There may have been varied races there, but the CULTURE was that of the American West.
...we're all corrupted by Hollywood...! ;-)
Paul Bradshaw
You said that the native Americans may have numbered as much as 100 million before the Pilgrims arrived but after \
Paul Hill
Fake News , why has this not been taken down ... such political bias ...
Pitudo Gaming
Clickbait = 8k dislikes
Pussy Eater
If you're gonna put video's like this on YouTube, please make them factual instead of a figment of your imagination
I think most Europeans are some sort of White?
Raven Blakk
This is nothing but SJW revisionist history. Of course there where many different ethnicities and races of people that populated, worked, lived and died during those days and no one was left out ...be it good nor bad. Cowboys and \
Ray Turner
There were more settlers killed by their own guns than died from First Nation arrows. Only those who carried guns on their hips were in danger of being shot. Gunfights as depicted in Hollywood movies never happened, if you saw a guy likely to shoot you first you would not hesitate to draw first. The idea FN tribes were romantics is nonsense, they lived harsh lives, did not practice conservation policies, but moved on once they had decimated the game in their area.
Rix Pix
Horseshit click bait!!!
Robbie Anderson
This youtuber is obviously a liberal..
Robert Mycroft
What I find fascinating is this author's use of the word, \
Rod Royal
The west wasn't wild because people carried guns, people carried guns because the west was wild.
There’s a fair amount of BS in this account of the Old West
Shlomo Yosef Shekelbergzuckerowiczgoldmannsteinberg
*more white hatered and antiwhite racism please.*
This video should be named, \
Skip Mars
false history
Steve Harrison
what is wrong with the old west being white.
Terence Rucker
Replacing foggy wild west stories with absolute crap. Nice job, click-bait. Elston is right. Do some actual research.
The Batman
The dollars trilogy has most of the main protagonist with Clint Eastwood as Mexicans or some Hispanic origin BOOM
Tim Tuthill
OK another one for all of you! This crap is being taught in our schools? Or nothing of the truth of our history! The schools were taken over by the so called progressives in the 50'S! Bad stuff!
Tom Tom
The social justice warriors deny that there were black cowboys because they beleive that blacks are slaves by their very nature and every black person belongs to them.
Tony Romano
The implied ignorance of the video is insulting.
Red Dead Redemption 2 brought me here.
Tubmaster 5000
The camel picture at 1:56 is not in the American west. It was taken in British Columbia, then a British colony (now a Canadian province) during the gold rush era (1860's?). These camels were bactrians from asia, not dromedaries, and were not introduced by the government, but by a man named Frank Laumeister, who thought they'd make good pack animals. Unfortunately, they didn't fare well in the rocky environment of British Columbia so were ultimately released into the wild. Wild camels were seen in British Columbia as late as the 1930's.
Vickie Babcock
Why did I just waste my time on this crap? This is a perfect example of the saying, \
Vince Gilbert
Where did this guy get his info? He hasn't a clue about real history
William Cosner
Narrator says, \
William Drews
Clickbait BS.
William Hutchins
Who is the moron that put this together?
William Lofthouse
Could this narrator possibly be any more condescending? I guess if your target audience is nothing but a bunch of illiterate millenials you need to speak down to them so that they'll be able to understand.
William Still
I’ve never commented or disliked a video until just now. This video is bs.
Yeager Ritter
the left re writing history again to suit their needs...\nliars
Your Mind
it's sad that you can not unclick a video
Left wing crap. Oh, and by the way, one million natives in a country the size of the USA is virtually an empty country.
Wouldn't this channel be better named \
Remember, everyone, that \
j b
Whats with the hardcore regressive left leaning sjw narrative? After a few minutes of listening to this person speak, I was done and I'm not even a white guy.
jim n. wei
political correctness by an elitist 👎
Sticking to the ''Old West'' theme. This video is nothing more than bovine scatology.
So that's what the Elitist Left think of our past! Sorry fellows but there are many publications that disagree with your \
I call BS on this ...
max man
sad liberal
As a historian this has got to be one of the worst displays of revisionist history with an obvious agenda based on the indoctrinating terminology and complete lack of context! If you happen to be a student, please move on. If here for amusement/entertainment enjoy. But, this is an example of \
I don’t think anyone has every been told there was no one here before Columbus got here
nk nk
nice pile of BS
Rawhide has the first reoccurring black actor on TV western
Only at 35 seconds and I already hope the people who run this channel are skinned alive
phil freeman
This guy is so full of himself. Most cowboys were \
scott filbey
That music is beyond annoying. Jesus christ
Man doesn't seem to understand the term 'multiculturalism'.
soyon manlai
The first Cowboys were Mexicans.
From 1850-1900 the average % of America that was black was around 13%. Out of that the majority were located in states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. States like Az, Nm, and Ca had numbers like 0.3%, 0.2%, and 2.1% respectively. So his comment that the west had a large number of African americans is pure fictional rhetoric.
Yep... the wild west was a misspelling.. it was the mild west. Lol
stephan daoust
Wow had to throw the jewish views in there anti white hooked nose hunch back