Bone Tomahawk Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson Movie HD

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A directorial debut of a western starring Kurt Russel, Matthew Fox and Patrick Wilson setting out to save captives from a group of cannibalistic natives? Yep sign me up, even if the trailer was a bit 'iffy'. \n\nLooks like westerns are making a comeback and Kurt Russel is at the forefront.
Some hills of eyes shit. Kinda reminded me of that.
one of the best movies i have seen!
Abdul Khan
Going to watch this but desperately waiting for The hateful eight.
Looks like nobody's gonna have a good time during the course of this story.
Ahmed Ghazwan
Matthew Fox ... Where the hell have you been !!!
Still can't believe i watched that guy from \
Alan Bond
This film is a knockout!! Kurt Russell is tremendous in it in one of the best roles he has had for ages.\n\nI only came across this film recently. I had never heard of it, but saw a bit on Youtube, but I wanted to\nview it in better quality. As luck would have it, I was able to get the Blue Ray within a couple of days.\n\nThis is a very laid back, slow, low key western but it's also a horror film with definite \
Another trailer which shows too much, gosh, what is happening these days... Still! I'm watching this mutha, even if I'm not much into westerns. A good movie's a good movie, no?
I loved this movie but... I can't get rid of that one scene in my head..... ah... It was horror for me... you know what I mean if you seen this movie..
One day very soon, they won't be giving us 3rd act scenes in movie trailers. I have faith.
Saw this movie today. Highly recommended! Richard Jenkins should get a Best Supporting Actor nod.
Benjamin Short
Just watched this movie today. will never sleep again.
Brad Młodystach
Great movie, this one flew under the radar.
Charles Lambdin
This movie was so, so, so, so amazingly, phenomenally good. It should win awards, but it won't.
Christo Roppolo
This film is a testament to the power of true independent horror / genre films that if blessed with a budget and worthy actors will keep giving us diamonds in the rough like this amazing film that silenced me and gave me chills as I watched it to everyone involved with this instant cult classic \
Connor McCartney
Something's you can't unsee bro.
Donald Brechin
watch this movie if you want to see perhaps the most unpleasant way to be murdered i've ever seen. ouchie!
Dylan G.
Matthew Fox!!!!!
Elizabeth Christopher
that unbearable screaming gives me nightmares eeeeeeek
Enoch Ching
this movie was insane. Straight up one of the most violent films ever
Ewa Gwardys
awesome movie...the dialogue is as great as crank movies...but very different and original.if you know english, you will enjoy this
F dL
I thought the cannibals were going to rape Deputy Nick first before eating him.
Gambit The Exiled
Kurt Russell is one of the most underrated actors.
Did I just watch a trailer that showed every character death... ok
Gustavo Rifan
Well, Snake is not looking very good at the end of the trailer there.
Hannibal Lecter
Bone Tomahawk is Bone Chilling.
Houston from houston
can we all agree that this was matthew fox's best role yet
I Am Clough
watched it last weak with my friend,one of the best movie in the last 5 years!!!
I'm NotHere
is this a romantic comedy
Jack Whittaker
Matthew Fox, good to see him acting again
Jay J
Return to form for Matthew Fox? It just might be.
Jenaflow V.I.D.S
when I watch Kurt play in any movie... I always think of the movie big trouble in little China ;)
Jesse Davis
How have I not heard of this film until now? Gonna have to watch this now.
Looks like a cowboy movie from the Dark Side...I'll give it a shot. (I just hope it isn't ruined by a sunny ending.)
I'm loving all these new modern westerns coming out. Slow West was good. Still wanting to see The Salvation with Mads Mikkelsen.
Kurt Russell does a good western.
Leland Booher
Discount Chris Pratt
Logan Garrison
amazing movie
Luke M
Awesome. I'm glad to see Snake / Wyatt Earp back in action.
Maria Ljungström
Its the DAD from my fav horror movie Insidious .....he rocks :)
Mark Bonikowsky
Dat execution scene doe....
Matt Wood
Great movie. Saw it last night at the West Coast premiere. Funny and extremely violent. It's being released unrated. Always a good sign.
Mohamed Adam
Jack! Glad he's getting more roles, really loved him in Lost and Speed Racer
Morphic c
I'm guessing from the title this is a sci if right? 😛
AWESOME movie!!
Everybody should see this movie. Especially the last 45 minutes is very good. The gore scenes are so realistic.
Myles Coyne
If only Jack (from LOST) had handled every situation in LOST the way he does in this trailer.
Nik Murphy
I actually really love when movies use extreme violence as a sort of art form. Sort of like the scene in Drive where the driver stomps the guys face in.
Nikola Erceg
I was once a cowboy like you then i took tomahawk in the knee
No Hope In The Pope
i didnt know there was a sequel to tombstone :)
How do you spell Troglodyte? It's for the telegram..
Patrick Todd
Jack Shepard looks like a badass in this movie
Phoenix van der Weyden
It would be so good if Westerns made a comeback , this is a genre almost forgotten today .
Great movie... It's rare to see good acting in horror now-a-days. Please, more of this, and less of all the other horror crap that is released daily.
Its ok, Kurt Russell managed to grab a flamethrower and burn the thing at the end.
Ralph Mouth
Damn....that looked fantastic! Great cast! Kurt Russell is my favorite it had me at him. But then, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox.....yep, I'm watching this!
Rapp Scallion
Just watched and really liked it. Like movies who take their time building up suspense.
Raymond XL
What is Ed Warren doing back in the old west? :D
Reinaldo Moya
I'm simple man. I see Matthew Fox, I click like. 'Cause he's pure awesomeness.
The trailer is fine, y'all. It actually doesn't show the most gruesome moments and doesn't show which characters ultimately survive. Go watch the movie.
More Western films please!
S.C. Jones
This movie messed me up so good. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
Sam Sutton
this movie was brutal at the end
Santiago Cam
Amazing movie!
Sean B
this movie is very underrated, damn good western
Shannon Wilson
Came here after watching mathew fox on jimmy kimmel. Looking forward to this movie.
The Anthropologist _Forensic
this movie is incredible. I hate almost every new film made, and fell in love with this. The acting is so good... from EVERYONE, that it is one of the rare times I actually forgot I was watching a film.
Tiffany McLane
AWESOME movie!!! Lost my mind!!! So good. Matthew Fox doesn't get enough credit for what a great actor he is.
Tobey Muguire
Am I glad I watched the movie before the trailer. Trailers give away too much these days!
Tobey Starburst
Movie was awesome.
Tony Lawliet
Patrick Wilson is in this\n\n\nshould i expect some Demons to be in this ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ° )
Triston S
I really want Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out
Universal Kombat
The (((media))) is trying to give this movie bad ratings, but here on public discussion we can see the majority of people have very good things to say about it.
Great movie, but it felt like it was two minutes long....
Very Nice
The indian and lou solverson reunited!
Weed Talk
Shit in here you can't unsee!
Looks like Kurt Russell is getting some extra mileage out of his Hateful 8 moustache.
Wyatt Earp- \
Is this a western or a horror movie?\nYes.
Trailer strait up steals Interstellar's main theme in the first half
Just watched this movie on dish demand \nMy wife and I liked it
dragon joe
And Kurt still has that tombstone mustache!
Wow! What a deepthroath at the end!
This movie is AWESOME!....never seen a movie like this before.
javier negron
Amazing movie and a great performance of Kurt Russell and Matthew Fox.
jim jimjim
Matthew Fox was brilliant in this. I wish there was a stand-alone movie about his character.
kevin loyd
Dont watch this movie if you cant stand blood and gore ;)
krono terria
Very impressive movie. I never seen something like it, the sound design made it very special. Frightening to say the least.
Awesome movie. Just saw it. Highly, highly recommend
This movie was freakin brutal man.
Looks like Kurt Russell was running from one studio to another in the same clothes...
I've just watched this film and I am (almost) lost for words. The dialogue, the acting, the plot, all of it 5 stars easy, in my book. Well done. Highly recommend this film.\n\n**Edit - not for the squeamish though !
Kurt Russell pretty much disappears for 15 years, and now he's doing two movies this year? Hell yeah.
Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens
thedon bran
Hey Sweden. They're not Swedish Mac, they're Norwegian.
Saw this last night and woke up thinking about it. Be warned its not a trip for the feint of heart. If you can't handle extreme gore don't watch. Amazing they filmed the whole thing in 21 days