Ethical Meat Eating? Fuck Yeah! Veganism Is NOT The Goal!

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Chris Cross
When this is picked up by the McDonalds of this world it will change everything.
mock meats taste delicious, I don't know why people just can't eat that.
Jesús García
I'm very excited about this! This will help non-human animals in a way we've never seen before. We always have to support the things that will have a strong positive effect to the victims who are suffering. Not only the ones that we feel comfortable with. This is for the animals, not for us.
Jordon Grubic
Sam Harris addresses this in an episode of his \
I would totally eat lab grown meat, right now I just cut down on my consumption of animal products (namely diary because it makes me feel icky) but I make sure whatever meat I do consume wasn't caged in a factory farm.
You may have answered this and I missed it (honestly I did skip a few parts of the video) but what about dairy, cheese, and eggs? for people who dont want to stop eating those things? could they possibly create real cheese from real dairy in a lab? and eggs? I feel like you would still need animals to produce those things, for all the people in the world who don't want to stop eating those things.
Rachelle Dinkleberry
Hey Henya
Lab meat is just too weird. I won't eat meat, real or lab grown no thank you
Santo Cavallaro
what is being suppressed in the religion called science is the real evidence that the stem cell process of \
Shir Friedman
Thanks Henya for using your channel as a platform for this important message!
Even if socity would say that henyas teeth is fucked up, i think they are very cute, and actually make up some of her personality!
The InfluenSer - Mauro Miceli Consigli / MauM
Veg meats instead FTW. Like the one from Impossible Foods
fuzzy face
I would never eat meat, lab grown or not.
I wonder what is the risk of animal grown meat getting passed off as lab grown meat is if this technology becomes avaliable? I think the Cheatin products are good as a meat substitute.
tina backe
Bite Size Vegan has a video on lab grown meat. I`m sure there are several issues, the need for artificial insemination being one of them. Even if some people do eat lab meat I feel like there`s an issue with a potential growing demand for (lab) meat. Getting people off meat and raising vegan kids seems like a better solution: If you are raised vegan you eat the most natural food for you, and you won`t miss anything.
zxy atiywariii
Thanks for posting this! I must admit that this whole idea seemed rather odd at first, but the more I have been researching it, the more excited I am for this to succeed. 👍🏼
יוליה וייסמן
Interesting! Thank you!