Ar1sE- vs gh vs inYourdreaM - Who is your favourite Magnus Player? Dota 2 EPIC Gameplay

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Iyd на видео больше показал
Aaron Cruz
1:51 sync 😂
Arise best magnus omegalul
Adam Ananda
im the best
Adib Hakimi
Iyd is dream i dont have faith on him
Solid Arise
Andrianto Lv
where is iceiceice?
Angel Praramadhani
Based on video.. IYD \u003e Arise \u003e gh
Anime & Game
Gg 👍
Antonio Irdinus
No S4 ? What a joke !!
The gh clip is literally just any player playing Magnus
Arditiyanto Sutrisno
Ari Saputra
ArippM 吗安仁 8BP
Ar1se idol basil
Arsi Akira
Sad :( ,. No scene Iyd play magnus on fnatic vs tigers. I've been waiting for that., so epic I think,. when you watch it
arise top 1
Azrul Ikhwan
How the hell is iyd been listed here.. Arise s4 and gh are the real contestant
Batuhan kabil
where is s4?
Brian Becaldo
its clear that GH is the best player amongst those 3, it is primarily because aside from GH, those 2 player are not very known in Professional scene. It is clear and unanimous.
Can We get 1,000 subs For no reason?
101% AR1se is the best Magnus player! \nIYD is trash
Chepri Andrian
Ar1se the best magnus in the world \u003c3
Cjohn T
For me Ar1se is the best Magnus player in the Earth 😊😁😁
Coffe Beans
still arise for me..
Crown Clown
Ar1se is probably best magnus in the word his highlighs are so awesome
IYd Nu 1
Daniel Andersson
S4 offcourse!
Do'a ibu
I think IYD more better than any others
Dracule Mihawk
Is this even a question??? arise was,is and will ALWAYS be THE GOD of magnus
El Niño Valencia
Anyway Arise🤔
Fachrul Rezya
Farid Ardiansyah
Im big fans of iyd, but ar1se still 1st magnus i think,.
Felipe Alves
Magnus do Ar1se é o melhor..
Firdaus Zaidi
Iyd its a joke
FofongLiey MotoVlog
GaNgSteRs MaFiA
InYourdreaM Facorite 😘
Gemson 247
No need to talk its Arise but in this video its IYD :)
Gilang Virgiawan
Indog pride
Gita Novianty s4 exist..
Guricax Gurinonk
IYD is my fav magnus player, but Ar1sE is a legend
Hary KurokyOnichan
Best Magnus In The World *Ar1se*
Hendra Prasetya
Gh rarely uses magnus nowadays. He used to be magnus god.
I hate my fucking country !!
IYD wakanda pride
Ivandy Hawk
Iyd 👍
Jamal hasbi
im indonesian, and for magnus we all know that arise is the best
Jasper Gaming
Jerry Gilbert
Ar1se the best
Jessie Gumban
Kyxy magnus ti3 orange
John Senders
Ar1sE insane
Keita Marislo
People should realize that gh plays against the best of the best, just from that clip you can name atleast 3 pro players rajjix/matu/forev etc. while Arise, as good as he may be, is a pubstar, same goes for inyourdream.
Kim DaHyun
Nice try at 3:16 almost 3 man rp but nope, 1 man rp only 😂
Kongnetbill Kongnet
inyourdream my favourite
Levi II Millare
M Nur Aditya
1:29 magnus said \
Magic In The Air
Arise is number 1
Martin Smatana
well arise has the most games played for this hero and is his signature, but all are great :)
Mocha Chino
U cant compare that. Arise is the best but iyd have more hero pool
Mr Zulens
Mustofha Fadhlan
Wow inyourdream 1 of the best magnus in the world now.iyd sama our pride
Muzaffer Demir
inYourdream instead of s4 ? LUL
Myouren Hijiri
Ar1se is my idol, the reason why i play Magnus is him...
Prakoso Aditomo
Iyd is my favorit, but arise still the best magnus in the world
Pramudya Widi
wp iyd
Raa Hades
arise = offlaner magnus gh = pos 4 magnus iyd = mid magnus
Rafli Pratama
i love my magnus play xD
RanJes Di
gh play like 2k
Ratini Ratini
Iyd faforite me
Raul tola
Ar1se the best magnus \u003c3
Renesmee Cullen
inyourdream , gh are both of perfect players but... Ar1se at another level Ar1se #1
IyD is decent but you still can't compare him with Son of Magnus and Magnus himself. Ar1sE
Rivandi Rachmad
Ar1se magnus = attacker kunka. He is the best.
Rosyid Nur
indo pride
TOPSON the best
Scum Lord
Ar1se- Best Magnus in Dota2s History.
Dondo onlyy
Singgih Handika
IYD the best
Sloth bro
90% of the comment section is indon, and 100% of them comment iyd iyd iyd... lul
Stevens T
S4 magnus? IYD is trash, you don't need to include here.
Taufiq Asharwan
YouTube Account
I really like dendi magnus but still ar1se is the best
axl al bach
i choose IYD on this video but arise still the best n legend of magnus
feri agung kurniawan
mode:TOPSON (IYD) best ea asu
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hello spike
Son like father
iqbal nusa
100% arise, and u not even feature arise best magnus play here
jaklord alistre
ibcan do better
kira rocky
I love magnus too
kurishey _95
of course the legend ar1se
madone 05
There is no compare. Ar1sE is the best.
milkcoh velasco
Ar1se The best
newin dhany
IYD is better
roozbeh Nematzadeh
Đại Học Đỗ
Dendi best