Basket Case - Green Day - Drum Cover

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I've watched this cover so many times and still get amazed every time.
Whoa, you have more muscle than me! That says a lot about me =(
Alex Duck
Plz be my teacher
Alexey Grikov
Бля, какая же ты офигительная, как умеешь ровный ритм стучать, все джазовые барабанщики у твоих ног!)))
Angel Figueroa
I love you , you are the perfect women will you marry me!?!? Jkjk but In all non creepy seriousness you kickass!! Keep rockin!!!!!
Barry B Benson
Those muscles tho. Great cover! How long have you been playing?
Beefy TV
Ben Zumalt
It is supposed to be the rack tom once and floor tom once on the intro not on the rack tom twice. just sayin not tryna be a dick i just noticed it but who cares right it was a great video.
Beth Staley
She is beautiful, but the point of this video and all her videos is her amazing drumming!
Bobby Hill
You’re beautiful
Brandi Hewitt
I enjoy listening and watching you play so much. Amazing job, keep it up!
Bruce Twarze
Einfach nur weil sie 'n geilen Körper hat. Und spielen kann.
Bruno Coriolano
Chasista feat. Dj SAnD
Dark light + Fluor tape/paint in drumstick ends... Would be a nice experiment. If works, showing lines, crazy!!
Chitoner Hdz
This is the girl of my Life💚😍😍
Holy shit, this is awesome!
Clown in Disguise
What's up with the dislikes? She's doing a phenomenal job!
Cristian Velazquez
This was awesome, you should cover something by the Arctic Monkeys.
Danie D
겁나 잘친다 ㅋㅋㅋ 오진다!^^
Dixon J
That snare is tuned exceptionally well. Nice job
Don Lanthier
Wow Kristina. You have proven ( not like you had to ) what a killer drummer you are!! This was a great song for you to cover and you looked very happy doing it! I know I have said it a hundred times before, but you are fantastic and this was a monster cover!! Loved it!!!
EricaMae Custodio
What A Blast😍😘 Iloveyou So Much😘💋💖 One Of My Favorite Song 😍
Evelin García
F2F Tech
Awesome job. You should try some Further seems forever. Very good drummer
Fabrizio Roggeri
bella brava
Fagt R
oooooooooooooohhhh fantastic !!!!!!
Those shoulder and tricep muscles. 😲
Best Basket Case drum cover online!
Geovany Canuto Pereira
Guilherme Braga
É sempre muito bom ver Mulheres tocando...
HRF_Nascar Gadl
Jaimie Hex
Everyone talking about the arms, what about them abs!!
Jesse Rapkin
great drumming and....the recording and mix of your drums was awesome. That bass drum sound is freakin' perfect
José Lima
Kristina Schiano
I finally gave in and listened to all of your requests for this song haha! Hope you enjoy it! Btw, there won't be a Beyond The Cover for this one. Sorry guys!
Как прекрасно ТТ
Lauro esteban
Please do a drum cover of oi oi oi by cockney rejects pleeaaaaaasssseee😢
Les Vegetables
I love the look and sound of that kit!
Luna Wolf
I think I just found a better female drummer than me! I am very surprised at your skill and talent playing the drums. This world needs more woman to ignore all the people who say woman can't play drums and actually play drums and prove them all wrong. Kristina you are a perfect example of someone who would be my idle.
Lura Vavra
Metallica?? BTW, this is true talent and skill. Very envious 😄!! I would like to try the drums but I think that it's easier just to listen to other people play them.
Mad Hatter
Nice muscles. 😍
Markos Kaiser
The perfect girl doesn't exi..... *Takes off sunglasses* mother of God!!!!!!!!
Yes she looks good but this is a drum cover and most of the comments are about how she looks, i don't know how she feels but if it were me i would rather people comment about how amazing she is at drums. I'm NOT saying she does not look good, everyone is beautiful but this is a drum cover.
Matskie Beavertron
Slightly out here and there but pretty tight on the whole, good job!!
Matt McGuire
One of the top female drummers in the world hands down.
Mauro Van Cutsem
Can’t i just marry you?🔥😍
Melissa Rodriguez
Michael K.
I need this in my life.
Natasha Nascimento
Não sei pq ainda tem deslike ela toca muuuuito
Octavio Linhares
Ela toca muito!!!! #soufa
i love watching this at 2x speed and pretending she's on like 80 mg of adderall
Oscar TV
Panthère Noire
Sorry gotta say it\n\n\n\n\n\nDEM arms doe
you're hot... and a cutie... nice to see! :)
i'm gay for her
Rômulo Np
she's awesome!
Them drum skills are THICK
It's like people don't expect her to have muscles because she's female. You don't get far as a drummer without muscular endurance.
Servidor TEKPSTI
You amazing!!!!😍
Seth B.
Shiva Rana
Luv u . .
total mad lad !!!
SlingSlayer Gaming
Who's tre cool
I right 🤘
Thomas Nappo
Good job girl
Thought Frankly
too bad money and fame corrupted green day
Damn, she got muscle
Vladymyr Andryushchenko
Very cool! BRAVO!!!
Wea Cosmica ;3;
Altas pajas te hace esa
White Ninja
It is ALWAYS fun to watch a chick beat the [email protected] out of something! :)
Wilmer Reyes
Greetings from Venezuela beautiful you impressed me with this video lights and you do spectacular I congratulate you!
Hi Kristina, I'm new to your channel... you are CRUSHING these covers! Q: The audio in your current vids is so much better than earlier vids. What did you change? Also, I know you get a lot of suggested songs to cover. The ones that you do are all in the same (mostly) rock genre... don't stop! However, I'd love to see what you do with some earlier rock as well as some more fusion. You have great syncopation and I think you have a natural gift for varied time signatures. I'd love to see what you do with something a little different. Now I'm not talking about a Whiplash cover (though that would be cool too). No, some earlier classic rock for example... anything Zeppelin - Bonzo's kick drum work and drumming to a different time sig than the rest of the band (some songs.. ex: When the Levi Breaks) sounds tricky.. something I think you'd be good with. Other tough fusion works authored by original drummers like Alan White in Yes or Carl Palmer, etc. A little more jazz influence but they too CRUSH it.. sounds more technical. Then finally, how about a little reggae-ish-nes al la Stewart Copeland and the Police. Again, technical. Don't get me wrong, you've already covered some tough pieces. And Finally finally, I was in the car and was listening to some love ballads by Rage Against the Machine. Perhaps you'd like to torture test those shiny Zildjians with a rendition of Sleep Now in the Fire :) Others have covered it but.... Kristina, how them how its REALLY done! Keep up the great work. Super entertaining!
Yohanes Lorens Oktavianus
Good job's
Zio simo
[Rock] [Star]
Ну так не хуёво долбит! 🔥
andrea105 beautygirl
She must have got that arms just by beating drums
aripgusti triwiguna
1000 like kristina schiano :)
bluecorn bread
*top 10 most powerful anime characters*
In the words of Peter Griffin \
Class musician
hairul fatah
Classically trained male percussionist video = 5,000 views\n\nCute girl in a tight little crop top = 6,000,000+ views
Superb wow awesome keep
just someone
Hot damn them arms 💪 💦
so cool
mahmoud hemada
ممتازه بنت اعجبني
michael bechard
She's beautiful
occupation: the family disappointment
I swear she is the coolest...
rhebie siano
Sup relative! Oopppsss joke 😁
rodrigo hernandez aviles
Te amo
tori m
You’re ripped
Omg like you and Matt got to do a duo together
Имя Фамилия
Ты гений)))
Сергей Киржаков
Епт,че у нее со шнобелем:))))