Basket Case - Green Day - Drum Cover

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Aji Prasetyo
your stick plays is amazing
Alex Duck
Plz be my teacher
Alexander Gribov
Бля, какая же ты офигительная, как умеешь ровный ритм стучать, все джазовые барабанщики у твоих ног!)))
Angel Figueroa
I love you , you are the perfect women will you marry me!?!? Jkjk but In all non creepy seriousness you kickass!! Keep rockin!!!!!
Audrey McMace
im in SOOOOO much love right now😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Barry B Benson
Those muscles tho. Great cover! How long have you been playing?
i also play the drums and not gonna lie, you gain serious muscle if you do this and you love it. coming from personal experience
Beefy TV
Beth Staley
She is beautiful, but the point of this video and all her videos is her amazing drumming!
Bruce Twarze
Einfach nur weil sie 'n geilen Körper hat. Und spielen kann.
I don’t like Green Day (whom I consider pop rock) but this song and ‘When I Come Around’ are the exception!\nFantastic lyrics to which I can deeply relate!\n\nBtw, AMAZING COVER!!\n-greetings from good ol’ Texas😄
Dark light + Fluor tape/paint in drumstick ends... Would be a nice experiment. If works, showing lines, crazy!!
Claudio Castro
Brutal ....impresionante!!! Idola total !!! Mis felicitaciones desde Argentina !!!!
Clown in Disguise
What's up with the dislikes? She's doing a phenomenal job!
Daniel Gamón
She has best arms than me :(
David Monroy
I had an erection
David Salazar Vega
amigaaa me exita tu cuerpo kisiera follarte
Diego Xavier
I love Kristina 🌷🌷🌷🌷, Diego from Brazil ok, big kiss 👊
Dixon J
That snare is tuned exceptionally well. Nice job
Don Lanthier
Wow Kristina. You have proven ( not like you had to ) what a killer drummer you are!! This was a great song for you to cover and you looked very happy doing it! I know I have said it a hundred times before, but you are fantastic and this was a monster cover!! Loved it!!!
Erik Sokolowski
That! Was! Amazing!
F2F Tech
Awesome job. You should try some Further seems forever. Very good drummer
Fabrizio Roggeri
bella brava
Felix 777
Soson in nalh a sa lu muah+ a chy vee
Those shoulder and tricep muscles. 😲
Best Basket Case drum cover online!
Fireguy 57
Freddy Vivas
married meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Gustavo Hernandes
so marretada!!!!!!
Damn those biceps
She must have got that arms just by beating drums
Jaimie Hex
Everyone talking about the arms, what about them abs!!
Jayce Mac Millan
0:36 holy cow... so impressive
Jesse Rapkin
great drumming and....the recording and mix of your drums was awesome. That bass drum sound is freakin' perfect
Joshua Schlunegger
drumming is excercise
Key Daven
Kristina Schiano
I finally gave in and listened to all of your requests for this song haha! Hope you enjoy it! Btw, there won't be a Beyond The Cover for this one. Sorry guys!
Как прекрасно ТТ
Lan Morgan
You got some muscles.....! Looks tight 😎😎😎
Lauro esteban
Please do a drum cover of oi oi oi by cockney rejects pleeaaaaaasssseee😢
Les Vegtables
I love the look and sound of that kit!
Lil Nightsand
Luiz Fernando
Toca muito!!! 👏
Lura Vavra
Metallica?? BTW, this is true talent and skill. Very envious 😄!! I would like to try the drums but I think that it's easier just to listen to other people play them.
Markos Kaiser
The perfect girl doesn't exi..... *Takes off sunglasses* mother of God!!!!!!!!
Yes she looks good but this is a drum cover and most of the comments are about how she looks, i don't know how she feels but if it were me i would rather people comment about how amazing she is at drums. I'm NOT saying she does not look good, everyone is beautiful but this is a drum cover.
Matt McGuire
One of the top female drummers in the world hands down.
Mauro Van Cutsem
Can’t i just marry you?🔥😍
Michael K.
I need this in my life.
NOVO EG 2019
Parabéns -congratulations
NaGyeong ee
Look at her muscles
Natasha Nascimento
Não sei pq ainda tem deslike ela toca muuuuito
Niimi Kenji
where is she from? and how old is she? she’s quite beautiful. does anyone know that??
i love watching this at 2x speed and pretending she's on like 80 mg of adderall
Panthère Noire
Sorry gotta say it\n\n\n\n\n\nDEM arms doe
Paolo Pagulayan
Sugar were going down pls
you're hot... and a cutie... nice to see! :)
The arms....
You’re beautiful
i'm gay for her
Sammy Lane
You can tell she does a lot of cardio because you can't play that intense without some cardio to help you heart get strong enough to play like this , huh ?? She sounds and is crisp and one point too .
These skiiiiiiilz. And you can see how she loves what she's doin'. That's great!
It's like people don't expect her to have muscles because she's female. You don't get far as a drummer without muscular endurance.
Seth B.
total mad lad !!!
Stac Stevenson
Nailed It👍😎
S’cuse me could you please leave?
Congratulations! You got more views than that cocky drummer Cooperdrummer! I’m sooo proud!!🙂🙂🙃
T j
Omg I love Green Day so much thank you for doing this
I right 🤘
Thought Frankly
too bad money and fame corrupted green day
Damn, she got muscle
очень кайфово
I _love_ the bright like hissing sound of your cymbals
Victoria Machado
You’re ripped
Vladimir Mihalka
Good job, but as I\n see, lesbians have meeting here...
Vladymyr Andryushchenko
Very cool! BRAVO!!!
Wally master
Con esos brazos no sales vivo de un puñetazo
Wea Cosmica ;3;
Altas pajas te hace esa
Weliton jose
SHOW! Ela toca demais isso pra quem diz que bateria não é coisa de garota!
[Rock] [Star]
Ну так не хуёво долбит! 🔥
adrian lopez
no son musculos es la tecnica de las muñecas gente....
amaan ulla
She has got good biceps..👍
chandrakant sahu
Nailed it....Do some more covers from Green Day👍
Whoa, you have more muscle than me! That says a lot about me =(
In the words of Peter Griffin \
Class musician
Classically trained male percussionist video = 5,000 views\n\nCute girl in a tight little crop top = 6,000,000+ views
israel polo
buen talento
Superb wow awesome keep
josr marefo
q linda piba...q bien toca la bateria
just someone
Hot damn them arms 💪 💦
so cool
occupation: the family disappointment
I swear she is the coolest...
rhebie siano
Sup relative! Oopppsss joke 😁