Greatest Hits Of The 70's - 70s Music Hits - Best Songs of The 70s - Oldies But Goodies

Greatest Hits Of The 70's - 70s Music Hits - Best Songs of The 70s - Oldies But GoodiesGreatest Hits Of The 70's - 70s Music Hits - Best Songs of The 70s - Oldies But GoodiesGreatest Hits Of The 70's - 70s Music Hits - Best Songs of The 70s - Oldies But GoodiesLink:

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The 70s is the best era of music because it was a music for everybody.
All the comments are like \
Abel Lopez Soto Lopez
Muy Buena MusicaDe Los70 Abel SanJoseCostaRica
Adenildo Freire
Tempo iguais esse só nova geração quando voltarmos nunca vou me esquecer
Alexy Alvarez
Has visto alguna vez caer la lluvia?
America 81
My sons friends hopefuly see them soon in with out Problem soon coming at home . History knows you best don't be afraid love me tender , i love you like i like myself finger licken good ah . Me of course ain'ta right you mean to me . Within time chooses life style can be your time . Hold on folks maybe you know me commentary youtube is my name .
Ana Rosa Campos hatherly
Amei nota dezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Bangbang Williams
Amazing in one,my parents loved these type of songs and now I'm listening to and loving them as well 😍😍. Thank you for sharing them🤗.
Brent Bonheur
I missed out on the adds, but enjoyed the music. Thanks mate.
Bryan Uredi
What a great era. Everything was so wonderful and beautiful
Bungert Torsten
Carmen Peters
Not worth listening to with the songs getting interrupted. Awful. Good for millennials. They don't have a feel for music.
Carole Bennett
yes music was much better in those days ,real classic rock and wonderful musicians
Cristiniano batista santos
Os. Kim. Mok.ok
David Cambra
Roberta Flack killing me softly with his son. Barry White my first my last my everything. Two great songs and two great artist.
Deli Moreno
Demaury Maxwell
The best songs every.
Dipan Patel
grate songs collection
Einreb Uspen
Very nice brings me back to good old days. Thanks MB.
Elizabeth Davidson
This Best of the 70's has almost all of my favorites on it. Thank you for caring.
Ernest H
74 here - these will never go away - greatest generation for music ever!
G. Reeb
macht mich ein wenig traurig...die heutige mucke is nich verkehrt, aber die musik von damals hatte einfach mehr zu bieten... und das in jegliche richtung !!!!!
Gilberto Negron
The 70's. In 1969 I was a freshman in college at the University of Dayton in Dayton Ohio.\nFrom 1965 - 1968 we had a group called The Germs and from 1968 - 1969.\nBeatles, Rolling Stones, Clearance Clearwater, The Ventures, The Mamas & the Papas, The Animals, Santana, etc.\nDayton and the boarding school I attended to were from the same religious order and it happens that 5 of us were together in boarding school 2 were musicians one an ex Germ. \nSo much for that. Today at 67 I look back.\nWoodstock, the Washington anti war demonstration.\nWe hitchhiked from Dayton to Washington DC. We stayed in Georgetown with friends that were also ex boarding school buddies.\nThe 60's. The daring. The liberty. Never again.\nCheers!
Gladyseta McBride
Great tunes! Thank for sharing! 👌
Guillermo Berrazueta
The best music
Günter Vaupel
Very good this Songs is wonderful.
Hector Larios
I remember my high school age, great musicians
Helen Heidel
reminds me of my high school days
Hicham Choukoukou
Très belle musique \nMerci👍👍
Irrational Geographic
What this upload needed was more ads because the ads that played every 10 minutes and cut off songs just wasn't enough for me.
0:00:01 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain\n0:02:38 - Neil Young - Heart of Gold \n0:05:46 - Leo Sayer - More than I can say \n0:09:28 - The Carpenters - Top of the world\n0:12:30 - The Beatles - Let It Be\n0:16:20 - The Bee Gees - How Deep is Your Love\n0:20:23 - Eagles - Hotel California \n0:26:53 - Kansas - Dust in the wind\n0:30:22 - Lynyrd Skynyrd - If I leave here tomorrow\n0:39:32 - Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing\n0:45:20 - Gloria Gaynor - I will survive\n0:48:36 - Donna Summer - Hot Stuff\n0:52:25 - Boney M - Daddy Cool\n0:55:55 - Earth Wind & Fire - September (Do you remember)\n0:59:30 - Tony Orlando -Tie a yellow ribbon 'round ol' Oak tree\n1:02:57 - Abba - Dancing Queen\n1:06:48 - Toto - Hold the line\n1:10:44 - Blondie - Heart of Glass\n1:14:33 - Air Supply - Can't live without you\n1:17:53 - Roberta Flack - Killing me softly\n1:22:40 - Barry White - You're my everything\n1:26:05 - The Carpenters - Close to you\n1:30:38 - Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine\n1:32:42 - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody\n1:38:40 - Lobo - I'd love you to want me\n1:42:44 - Carly Simon - You're so vain\n1:51:41 - The Bee Gees - How deep is your love\n1:55:40 - The Four Seasons - December, 1963\n1:58:55 - Fleetwood Mac - Don't stop
Joao Alarico Rodrigues
Awesome Collection!!
Kaycee & Rachel
Oldies But Goodies
Kim Young
you have a great taste in music
Lana Seal
Good songs ☺
Lyndon Richards
The seventies, some of the best years of my life, when times were so much easier, and happier, how quickly life passes you by, but never forget where you,ve come from. And never forget your memories. 🌞🎵🎶🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc77\udb40\udc6c\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc7f If we all had one wish, what would it be ?
Manuel de jesus Maldonado
Super Bowl love cute and sombrilla a un comentario
Maria Zelia
Marieaigleblanche Trudel
A marco beauchamp
Mario Avendaño
belleza total!!!!!!
Marion Moore
Reminds me of\nMy Uncle who\nAlways carried his\nHarmonica, was always\nPlaying \nLovely sound\n❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋
Mark Dolan
Michael Compton
Simply love it
My My
1:14:33 is Without You by Harry Nilsson 1972
Naima jazouli
0:00:01 have you ever seen the rain, 0:02:38 Neil Young, 0:05:46 Leo Sayer, 0:12:30 Let it Be, 0:20:23 Hotel California…….and so
Narong 1965 chueamsombat
Nguyễn Sơn
ze ze ok ok
Patrick Ryan
70s music the best miss those years
Petra Batke
Dancing through the house!!! While cleaning..... I'm young again!!!! (59y)
браво, круто
Redhair Rose
I was 16 then, I love that music and I was happy to hear, sing and dance with her \u003c3
Roberta Elder
I love all these song's my favourite singers are on it thank you so very much for the memorys well done I will enjoy them from roberta
Rose DeLuia
Thanks for the upload. Paul McCartney is a true legend in time. 😄 Love all these great songs! 👌
Rosetta Goagoseb
Oldies all the way beautiful songs
Saul Castellanos R.
Excelente recopilación musical
Selección De Música
All songs are Beautiful and lovely,😍😍I love them💖💖Thank you a lot,🌹🌹🌹
Sharon White
I love the 70s they are good
Stella Gonzalez
Steve Kruse
Could have done without the Carpenters.
Steven Campos
Harry Nilsson not Air supply! No way!
Tammy Cox
I love my you tube video😁
Tick Tock
Grew up to those older than I by 1 generation hanging smoking, fishing, working, drinking, riding in novas, bbqs, listening to this great fckn music. I'm 41 now and absolutely miss this music. Let it play
Tommy Jones
love this music brings back the great time !
Uwe Deike
Valera Podxomytov
Veronica Nunez
1:17:53 my favorite song from the 70s
Vicky Lippert
Love this, thank you so much!
Victor Ee
Wacker P
Neil Young - Heart of Gold.. a song that truly withstands the test of time..
William Larson
May not have been born in the 50s, but certainly enjoyed listening to great songs like these over our local airwaves back then. The quality, fidelity here the very best, too. Thanks for uploading these!
Wolle S
Herrlich,ich liebe diese Zeit
Assez rare d'entendre une compilation de qualité .. vraiment super !
aider abdul kader
Brought me back to my teenage years. Great songs, great singers & great times wish can turned it back!
charie eastmon
best band of the 70
el ruso torres
muy buenos recuerdos que nunca pasan
fysa agroplaza
saludos a todos que seguimos escuchando esta bella música en 2018 :)
gary wharton
hold the line by far the best song on the list...if only Africa was also in this category haha ahh well 80s best songs next :)
john dean
Fantastic. Thanks so much . Cheers. loving it.....
joseroberto fernandezrojas
Que hermosas canciones!!!! Recuerdos de mi juventud!
laurie hope
I am 63 and still listion to those song
lynx den
70s origin of modern music
mr BodyWarrior78
Great Mix of Songs!!!! Remember old Good Time's
nhan duong
ok number one
God Bless u Sir
reina coffee
Who else was born in the 50's and remembers enjoying these songs in the 70's when you were a teen?
Track listing?
Malonu prisimint senus gerus gabalus
veronica jnmarie
'Twas a great time to be young or youthful and such good music too
Маргорита Медведева
Мне сегодня 60, такой подарок!!! Спасибо!
Сергей Добрый
Не то что наши пидарасики )). Супер!
Явись Ярила
Супер,супер,бьютифл. I love singl 70😍😍😘😘😘🙋🙋🙋👍👍👍👍👌✌✌✌
николай Окулов
вот сто очков за них против 5ти звезд 18г -а ,ГАВНОБУДУЩЕЕ