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After months and months of work (on and off), it's FINALLY FINISHED !I dedicate this run to my friends Bepler, Papaya, Litchi, Rayane, Lélé, Plapla, Crep, The Crucrux Crew, and to the amazing SMB speedrunning community :DHUGE ENORMOUS THANKS to -7 for aaaaaallll the help (you're an amazing coder man !)And a big thanks too to d265f27 for making my Larry quite simpler :]Special thanks as well to Magicmisteur for accepting to be my slave sometimes, and to my friends at the Crucrux Crew, you guys are genuinely super cool.This run took way longer than expected to be done, (not only but also) because my skills kept improving through time so i had to re-do some levels a few times since i wasn't satisfied with them anymore.Even though at the end -7 found a way for me not to return to the map at every try, i had most of the work done and to be honest i was just really lazy to re-do so many levels where I could possibly have better times :PFAQ :Q : How long did this take you to make ?A : On and off, and on my free time, from June 2016 to March 2017. In other words it took me about 800+ hours (including the editing)Q : Softwares ?A : OBS for the recording, Premiere pro and After Effects for the editing.Q : Why do you skip 3 levels every chapter ?A : My goal in this run was to reach and beat dr.Fetus the fastest way possible. Since you only need to complete 17 levels per chapter to beat the chapter's boss (which grants you access to the next chapter), I did it this way.Q : How come that sometimes you slide upwards some walls instead of jumping from them ?A : These wallslides most of the time happen if you press the jump input 1 frame before touching the wall, it's hard to get them but it can save a lot of time if you aim for it.Q : You have way better loading times than on my game, how come ?A : Loading times vary considering the machine you're playing the game on, here I edited them to make them last the least possible, like if you were playing the game on a NASA computer (kind of like on PS4, where they last about 2 frames or so).Q : How many shrooms for 1 king ?A : idk ask KingShroomsCredits :Game developped by the glorious Team Meat !Music made by Danny BaranowskiThe raindrops on the leaves in the last seconds of the video is by Relaxing Soundzzz : The music that plays during the credits is the title screen from Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

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