Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack: Promontory Mix

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I combined the official soundtrack (the six minute version of Promontory) and overlapped it with the eight minute version and added the finale at the end. Enjoy!

Epic Soundtrack Last of the Mohicans Mix Mohican Promontory Soundtrack

the best
Abhijit Dasgupta
You have made an excellent combination of music and still pictures!!!!
Adelaide Bono
bella musica bel film.
Adriana Falzetti
fanno parte di me, anche se non sono una di loro; ma mi accontento lo stesso, un tenero abbraccio a tutti loro.. adriana da roma.
Bro, a few months ago, you said you were happy after this song reached 200k, but, I am happy since you almost reached a million
Al B.
Music amazing. Remax advertiser is s**t. Realtors are the leftovers of society . Get a real job
Al Vere
Alex Araujo Belfor
Meus amigos essa música é top de+
Amanda Bartlett
Dear God....the part where Magua is gesturing the sister back from the edge, unsuccessfully, it's just all so emotional. Chingatchkook. The last. That's what's important. But now a days you wouldn't know that.
Andreas Schneider
Nice :)
Anthony de Fex
A once in a lifetime movie
Antonio Jones
The soundtrack, the script, The Cast , This was So Well Put Together, depicting The Lawless, The Mappings, And Savagery Of Young America and the flow of immigrants, the start of the slave trade.
Barbara Slomka
I❤this Musik and this Film
This music will always and forever be in my heart.
Berenice Salomão
Big Dave
Some of the best music ever. Love this film.
This is my music for working out, it uplift my spirit!
Canada Usa
موسيقى تهتز لها المشاعر وترفع المستمع الي عالم الخيال. \nكم احب هذه الموسيقى ولا اشبع ولا أملها.
Carolyn Irick
Eric Schweig is the very best. He may not have talked much but man he was the most handsome. I looked for him in every scene. Love him.
Czechoslovak Beefstew
Those who disliked this video need to be scalped
Danny Montes
Cómo en la muvi ya no tengo nada que pelear lushe como un soldado para poder conkistar el amor de mibida no se pudo es tiempo de regresar hala realidades 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🌏🌏🌏🕊🌏🕊🕊🌏🕊🕊🕊♥️🙏🌍🌎 Dios lesbediga hoy hi siempre Dios es paz Amor para el mundo 🌎
Delisia Vedoy
Esta música alimenta o meu espirito guerreiro!!! show
Dimitris Orestis
Love above power,nature above imperialism,truth above all.
Eloísio Belmiro
- Uma trilha musical das mais lindas que ouvi; marcou com brilho a película maravilhosa que apontam os sentimentos humanos desde os mesquinhos ao maior dos sentimentos: O amor!
Evelyn Henri
most beautiful piece of music ever .it gives me chills every time i hear it .......
This is one of the greatest movies of all time! Loved the movie and the soundtrack. Excellent actors!!
Ferruccio Guicciardi
Dougie MacLean is a genius. His work \
Francisco Freitas
vou definir,muito,mas muito,muito bom mesmo parabens
Gad Miguel Arias Garcia
Ni gringos ni espanoles son los dueños de estas tierras son los nativos verdaderos de america. ?..
Gaetano Guglielmino
Bella musica che rilassa e mi toglie i pensieri anche negativi, a volte la ascolto la sera quando ritorno dal lavoro stanco e senza forze, mentre con questa melodia mi ricarica e anche me la sento quando dormo
Gursharan Dhillon
One thing is clear.Restless man.Peaceful beautiful awe inspiring nature.
Hugo Andrés Orellana Schifferli.
Beautiful melody\nGreetings from Chile 😍😍👍👍
Iddukki Gold
Teary eyes😭
Ilnur Rlzvanov
Человек не разумен Убивает своих собратьев Всё мы сыны Адама а не обезьяны
Isaac Leon
Muy buena película y banda sonora el último Mohicano muy buena 👊
alguém em 2018 ?
Love this song if you believe \nYou feel the song all over ur body👌🤙👍
Jaay Mun
Music can be powerful....whenever you feel down and you’re not gonna make it. Just listen and it will give you strength to move on.
Jadi Knight
This music takes my breath away and places raining tears I would have jumped also still heart pain is the # 1 killer
James Mclaughlin
Just love this!!
Jamie Murphy
This soundtrack is as good today if not better
Jason Thomas
I saw parts of this being filmed in Asheville NC
Jose silva ibaeñez
Genial película.. la banda sonora, genial también la suelo volver a ver en el tiempo. Me encanta, genial.
Juan Manuel Martin Serrano
Judy Clark
The scene where the younger sister throws herself from the cliff and the anguish of the young brave who was falling in love with her is a remarkable scene. Also the reaction of the chief who wanted her, played by Wes Studi, is awesome as well. Truly a remarkable film all the way through. This music more than helped it become an absolute classic. This mix and the video, captures all the best.
Kyle Grey
Muito gostosa esta canção ✌
Leonel Isaias San Martin
Living Truth
My favorite Love story.
Lucy Rios
I love this music
M Cav
This music touches the 'soul' and is 'mood uplifting'.
Marcelo Inacio
Amo essa música
Marcos Cunha
Música maravilhosa !!!!\nHello from Brazil
Marcos Rebuzi
Tão bela quanto o filme. ...ESPETACULAR. .
Maria de la o
Dios!!! cuanta belleza!
Marie Lerue
Great remake of the film....better sound track
Mark Humphreys
love this music and movie
Mark James
Fantastic film , brilliant 👍👍
Michael Mckinney
Simply an awesome blood-stirring instrumental!!!
Mitchell Golston
Beautiful song and one of my favorite movies of all time
Morten Overgaard
Magical. Just magical. And the nature images.. Perfection.
Movie Tributes
200k??? Thank you for all of the likes and views guys!!!
Nancy Magalhães
Uma das músicas mais belas do planeta! Divina! Grata por compartilhar esta obra prima!
Nm Nm
Nuria D M
Uno de los filmes más hermosos de la historia del cine,así como su banda de música.
Paul Valdez
I can hear this over and over again ,great movie great song .
Peter Von Berg
Wes Studi !
(((They))) simply don't make films like this anymore.
River Song
God. Danny Day-Lewis was a dish in his day.. mmh
Sankar Lee
I love this music
Silva elbe
Já faz mais de dez anos q assisti esse filme, sempre q ouço esse som e vejo essas imagens me emociono muito , pois esse filme com sua trilha sonora conseguiu tocar profundamente o meu coração 😔
Tereza cristina Loureiro \\brant
Filme espetacular, música maravilhosa.
Thaer Altwegere
أرقى موسيقى سمعتها بحياتي أحب أسمعها يوميه تحيه كبيره جدا لمؤلفها
Tony Richards
Wes Studi stole this film.
Yvette Beach
To the people that thumbs down this music can you please let me know why. I really want to know.
claire bigelow
great movie beautiful soundtrack and great actors Daniel Day-Lewis Russell Means Eric Schweig and my favorite and most underated actor .. Wes Studi who was terrifying as Magua.... love him
emil petkov
Thanks a lot for the good job man. This is an oustanding piece of music. It touches something deep inside and makes my eyes water.
engineer TGiV
Могущественная песня! Автор великий человек!
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frans jansen
this song make,s me feel close to my parents ho died in 1988 i will never forget them hope to see you when my time is come R.I.P you wer always there when i need you i thank you for that.
I Loved this movie, best ever...
josecarlos de.borba.andrade\nascende.impulsiona.e.linda..bela\ne.demais.
One of the most underated Movies ever! Music and Story and Landscape are Epic! and the Actors-and Michael Mann Directed.
lisa gilmete
2018 ✋🏻
nawal al sarraj
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rang hello
s castillo
first cd that I bought❤️❤️
said romeu
Todas estas músicas eu amo o último dos moicankos o filme
shore line
Magua cut the wrong guy's throat, Chingachicook went ballistic on him
zaki alden abd alfadel
So so epic
Володимир Добрянський
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