Meat Pie Sausage Roll - The Video

The official video for this 1998 England World Cup song classic featuring Grandad Roberts and his son Elvis. Also appearing on the video are Virgin Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd on keyboards, Pete Mitchell on guitar and Patrick Aherne on drums.

Aherne Cup Elvis England Football Geoff Goal Grandad Lloyd Meat Mitchell Patrick Pete Pie Roberts Roll Sausage World

His voice sounds like whisky \u003e\u003c
Oooooh we gotta corner 😂😂 classic
Alan Whittle
love this!
Alexa Davies
Get a life! See the fun! love it!!!!!!
Alexander Edwards
I like meat pie
Andi Priest
Haha this brings back some memories my spanish/french teacher made this song.....\n
Andrew King
This song sounds very much like John Shuttleworth
Im definitely feeling the vibes.
@ExpertCriticism \nI agree, best of luck to Webber....but does that have to do with this video? Lol
Dan Lavelle
Dan Ward
This song is pure brilliance, all the stadiums in Brazil should play it for England.
I really don't care Much for football, but I fucking love this song..
David Cummings
elvis sounds like ashley peacock from
Ebony Winters
yes come on england tomorrow in the world cup!!!!
Vettel is foolish for\ufeff risking the championship of the great Mark Webber. What a careless manoever.....\r\n\r\n.....But as it turned out, this has given Webber a good lead in the championship. And Vettel has shot himself in the foot. Tee hee.
Farron Mullen
Bloody classic, ya don't like it then you're a flamin woofta
Gareth Dowling
@johnferguson1989 Is it true that Ian Beale is due to perform at Tea and the Park?
Ged Clarke
Why don't England fans sing this at games? That would be amazing!
@tetheredend Prober Bo....I tell thee
Henry James
Fucking love this song so much
Original song started in Oldham
Jake Horsfield
All about that key change
James Smith
Classic!!!!! Best song ever!!!!
Joe Chapman
The Grandad sounds like Mel B from Bo Selecta.
John Ferguson
@dowling1981 haha fuck know, i hope so tho
John Messenbird
This has terrible singing, but it's so bad it's brillient. OOOOOOh we got a corner!
Johnny Skyfire
This song is like Phoenix Nights crossed with Bo Selecta, and so shit it in turn becomes the greatest thing ever
Jonjo O'Friel
if this isnt reason to be patriotic, I dont know what is...
Julian Homer
Very good. Check my video out - Football Mental
When Roberts says 'Ooooooo!'... it reminds me the of the Bo' Selecta guy that does Mel B 'Ooooooo! Me Grapes!!' Lmao!
Laura Antill
this is amazing!! \r\njoin our facebook group as we try and get this to be our song of choice for the world cup!\r\n\
Luke Barlow
This is such a spectacularly shit song that you can't help but love it.
his wee smells of sugar puffs too?? i thought i was the only one!
HAHAHA Crazy song !!!!
Masterofthe Goonaverse
And I thought you aussies had a sense of humour.......
Matt Hodgson
Lasted 10 seconds into the singing before I had to turn it off. Can't believe money was actually put into making this.
Michael Morgan
i luv it and i am from england.
Nathan TV
Why can I picture Del, Rodney and Grandad from OFAH singing this down at the Nag's Head!
they sound like wiganers haha.
Olly Copp
@araam101 lol
Ramming Speed
Best thing ever bar none.
Richard Ogden
Come on England !!!! OOOOOOOh crouch has a boner ......
Richard S
This happened and we all let it happen
Rosemary Caley
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!
Miss these days! World cups have never been the same since 2010, there's just no atmosphere or anything anymore, I remember the days where people used to go mad on world cups and face paint the England flag on their faces and every house used to have an England flag hanging out their window:')
2:25 Toon Army!\n\nCome on england gis a goal or few
Sammy Saunders
We still believe all the way to Moscow
Stewart Clough
Just found out that was Dave Newton on his Ric. What happened to him . Not seen him since 89.
Stuart Robinson
How can we fail to win with gems like these behind us?
i find this very amusing although the tune could of been better, thats the only fault.
Tim Rawlinson
im sure this is on the euro 96 official soundtrack
Will Crowe
Who's blasting this if England get to the finals? 😂
This song is literally the best thing ever made on earth *may be exaggerating a bit but still*
oooooooooo we got a corner
brian c
ooooo i love that salford accent\n
darron evans
ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh we got a corner!!!
di mention
when he goes oooohhh we got a corner it sounds like his hernia is giving way
please watch my one\n
Only england could come up with this GREAT!!!!!
No wonder my wee smells like sugar puffs!
jose martins
cant beat it \n
Jesus Christ this sucks
laura jeffs
yeah i remember it as originally \
@billybobjeffbob \r\n\r\nyou work at jjb mate?
mik linton
joheedandcambria we keep it horrid up here to keep the southern puffs away\n\n CMON ENGLAND
come on england we'll beat u.s.a today!!!!
nick atkins
What a waste of life.......
og loc
pat waddington
bahahaha is this a gee up?
is that Kenny Senior from Phoenix Nights?
@ExpertCriticism I thought both Webber and Vettel should share the blame. Vettel shouldn't have turned into Webber but Webber shoud have yielded. Either way, it was good for McLaren and the Brits!
robert charlton
oooooooo, we got a corner
@Baldnesz lmao\n\nMeat pie,sausage roll,come on England give us a go, meat pie, sausage roll,come on England give us a go, oooooooo, Crouch has a boner!
meat pie sausage role wtf ... this song is sooooo amazing
snoitcudorP zennyF
holy song
Down pub tonight gonna start this off see if it catches on!
zezima 123
so cringy, typical british for you though