The Grand Duel (The Big Showdown) | 1972 Spaghetti Western | Lee Van Cleef

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AKA - The Big ShowdownA grizzled ex-sheriff helps a man framed for murder to confront the powerful trio of brothers who want him dead.

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Lol kill bill music
very very interesting movie i live it
Aasim ali
Adinaldo Mundim
Parece ser um bom filme, tem de postar dublado ou legendado em português.
Andrius Kaseta
spiderman in 1972...impressive!
Audrey Norton
I Used To Always Enjoy This Actor Movie. I Think Some Of These Old Movies Should Still Be Showing.
Cao Nguyên
Phim với ảnh súng máy bắn ko trốn cứ cưỡi ngựa chạy lòng vòng làm bia chờ bị bắn
Cecilio Flores Sanchez
The best lee van clean love his movies
Clovis souza
ótimo mas . coloca legenda em português. .....
Cris Land
Good movie
Dan Broder
🔮🔮 movie sucked 🔮🔮
David Fernandez
Really good movie people;)
Van Cleef is a man among the men
Gods Trulove
Good movie
Hayat Shah Zulqurnan
Herman Tino Herman
GILA means crazy in malaysian langguage.thats pretty deep movie there...
......... 720p h.d. ?? Bullcrap !!
Juan Gonzalez
Kalid Kalid
Kelvin Bridglal
nice movie
Mikepeter Gumball
Old Squint Eastwood and Rip Van Wrinkle two of the best spaghetti actors by far under the direction of Sergio Leone , Still a good movie this one minus Squint.
Mimizook ho-ho
The stage coach  explosion reminded me of this movie I have seen  in the past. However I don't remember the rest part of it at all. So this is as same as new to me. Thanks.
Mohammad Jalnur Hussain
Lee Van Cleef a man who was very fast in Showdown a born Yankee.. Rip
Muanpuia Ralte
Lee van cleef,,the legend🤗
Munditoe Vinicio
Yet to find a Lee van Cleef movie that disappoints...
Nikhil mathew
awesome duel movie
Nkrumah Bailey
i enjoy youtube
Randy Necesito
Raphael Mirabal
Lee Van Cleef one of the best in actor in western movies adiós sabata,barquero
Richard Cook
Its very good
Roots Posse
Saeed Ahmed
Samson Pagunsan
old classic
We expect the 1968's best movie \
Sunny Gee**
Wow Lee van cleff nice actor worth watching this movie , I really like spaghetti western movies, thanks for uploading this nice movie. 😊😊👍
Tony Tafoya
The awesome smoking pipes of Lee Van Cleff.
Yakup Ika
Tolong tambahkan subtitle indonesia makasih
Weak story
Quentin Tarantino used part of the soundtrack for Kill Bill
cat Chaser
Naked Babe Alert !
dadu S
Abar sorry kn
deborah henson
Lee ven cliff \nIs the best movie star ever l love his movies and western to love deborah henson
raja chatterjee
Colt cavalry... just the perfect tool
rebel rouser1957
This movie needs to have Eastwood in it .Him and Lee made a hell of a team
suraj amom
Lee van, a true legend,my good in piping & horse riding...a born cowboy
wrya allahvaisi
Good movie, thank you
zd keimah
Bruce lee van cliff richard denis robinson crusoe
سلمان خالد
ليست مترجمه