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"MAGNUS" is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding part by Magnus Bordewick. From his hometown of Oslo, Magnus traveled to Philadelphia, Spain and Taiwan with fellow teammates, Heitor da Silva and Hermann Stene to film the part. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Featuring: Magnus Bordewick, Heitor da Silva, Hermann Stene, Jonatan Drab and Marcus Shaw.Music: "Tom's Diner" - Suzanne Vega"Michelle" - LikemindsFilmed, edited & directed by:Chris MulhernAdditional filming by:Neil Chester, Kyle Camarillo and Martin StrømOfficial Website:

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Какой же годный видос, появился как реклама и досмотрел до конца
Aidan Cole
Great video
Anyone know the trick at 2:00 ? It’s the trick on the second bench
Alex Niedt
Awesome spots and style.
Alex Schauer
Alex56982 Me
Alexandre Souza
Incredible video!!! Uuuuhhhweeeee
Andre Calvao
Magnus is a best!
Bartosz Pawlowski
Amazing !!!!
Bayron Huerta
that was so sick! time to buy some adidas
Thanks Adidas
Clay Robert
super fresh video
Demetrius Malavazi
O clássico! Um dos melhores tênis que eu ja tive! Confortável e resistente... compraria denovo!
Diego Farias
Nordic Kenny Reed
Dimitar Dimitrov
been nailing it with the cinematography and music, good work guys
Tu tu tururu
Eloy Molina Nieto
Feña B
Some fall out boy vibes no?
Francisco Frank
Adidas always whit great songs... one basic ingredient for epic parts...
Grubby Boys
This dude is tight. Song went so good with this
Gustavo Ramos
Song, editing, the skating itself.. Adidas doing it right once again.
sick ! loved the song !!
I am Sloth
International Bass Nation
Love the retro/summer vibe this part has
Itsugo kurosake
tomanocu q video foda
JJ ThaGeneral
goddamn this video was amazing
Jack Henry
Adidas is killing it.
Jakub Tallee
All day I dream about skateboarding
soooo siiiiickckkk
Jonas Polsky
Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (DNA Remix)
Josh Mehrtens
dope style
Fall Out Boy centuries? xd
I liked everything about this, so I just HAD to come over and like this. I edit videos too and as an editor I DEFINITELY enjoyed this video. PS: I like skating videos too so this is just FANTASTIC. There aren't many occasions when I actually enjoy watching an ad (especially when it's that long,) but this is a special exception. Adidas, great job.
King Garoo
2,7 Mio. views? That's more than every Shane O'Neill or Nyjah Part! :o
Kurt Cobain
Körte Senpai
i got this as an ad i was angry cuz its almost 6 mins and i wasnt able to skip it wtf
Luis Leonardo Quezadas Ortiz
dios mío, que horrible anuncio, 5 putos minutos con la misma canción, yo estaba escuchando música mientras me bañaba y no saben lo horrible que es que pase eso, pensé que era la de centuries de fall out boy, pero no cambia de la primera parte
Lylian MC
OKEY????? Pense que era Fall Out Boy \
its got that old feel to it
Mateus Mento
the beat matches perfectly with the jumps so awesome
Mattia Catania
Centuries, Fall out boy?
Nestor Merino Ayala
Great edit, fun music, impressive tricks, honestly Magnus is always a joy to watch! Some of the comments are disheartening. Whatever happened to appreciating skating rather than focusing on perfectionism, pitting skaters against each other, or going on about who did what? Are we, as skaters, turning into armchair athletes? Good job Adidas. Back in the day it wasn't uncommon to skate Gazelles, Shell Toes, or Stan Smiths. Adidas has always been a part of skating in some way and it's nice to see their continued support for it. Till Magnus - Riktige bra! Du er beste. Hilsener fra Canada.
Nicolbob Poblete
todos se visten y patinan igual, adidas imponiendo un estilo shaper shaper 90's trap hiphop calleja fashion, ajjajjajajja, lo que no quiere decir que estos locos patinen mal, son los putos amos de la calle
Nouvelle Playa
wow awesome cinematography \u003c3
Nö Nix
90s hype bores me to death. At least the tricks were ok
Panagiotis Kiriakakis
That backside 180 at 053
The 50-50 on the kink was nuts
I couldn’t believe the song choice when I heard it, makes the video 10x better for m
kinda find peace in this video
Richard Lopez
Great song!
Ruben Sk8s
Who's tryna find the second instrumental but won't pop up in search ? 😡 Adidas please release or tell us the name of the second song cause likeminds michelle doesn't show anything. 🙏🙏🔥🔥👊👊💯💯 btw good vid
can't find the second song(
Rynxn The Kid
Que video fodaaaaa
3.24 WOW!
S0ldier Bucket
I thought the song would be fall out boy - centuries
Sen Chi
one of the few vids I've liked upon clicking.\nthat being said, even as a fan of Mags skating, was hoping for more
Sergio Poratti
Detesto la mayoría de las propagandas, pero vine aquí para decir: ¡buena música y buenas tomas! Creo que lo voy a ver entera a la propaganda...
damn, adidas blessed to have mulhern on board
Sphongle Tribe
Hot damn that was such a good edit, song selection, filming.
Ted Carr
man! such an enjoyable experience to watch.
Thomas Bergersen
oi oi oi!
Tin Cheatham
These have been great but I think COLE BENNIT needs to edit one of these
*Lyrics*\nTe te te te te tere re re re re re re
Victor Ploeger
This video is popping man! Great
I don't even watch skateboarding or skate board myself but this is a really good video
Yovan Jonathan
Am I the only one who couldn't find \
Tell me why I thought this was a Magnus Ronning tape?
So enjoyable with a non rap/trap edit
Wonderful beautiful video, made me smile several times, and made me feel like going skating right away. Unlike Etnies' shitshow \
That is why I fuckin love adidas. This is a great example of a GREAT part. Editor is my god, song and skating are fitting as hell. Amazing job!!!!
That pro model steez glad I already brought that shoe
All Hail Mulhern
Totally made me want to go skate tonight 👍
if I keep receiving \
i hate AAA's
jake hoyt
Filmer was not scared to get in there with them angles!
jake parker
Magnus “I never wear the same kit twice” Brodewick strikes again!👌🏻
jdrkw jdrkw
The best song
Susan Vega, the memories come flooding back
Absolutely 90´s decade edition style. Congrats for the creators of this vid.
jose luis cardenas
Hermoso, mágico, épico
is regular even regular anymore? all this people be goofy and im feeling left out on regular...
was about to watch something else. Then this comes on. Watched the whole clip and forgot what i was suppose to watch. Love this video!
ozzy 734
Best video part I've seen in a while
I am prejudiced against varial flips. I left after the first trick. Unacceptable.
peter lewis
What was the second song?
Starting summer off right!!!
Styyyyle! I like the way Adidas fork out for music as well. Makes such a difference
Mulhern always killing it. Shout out to Billy Rohan
sergio vasquez
The video feels so real. Love it
Yo what was this shot on!!! Dope
trippy trisha
These films are too good, i swear
I like the vibe of this video.
Дмитрий Тарзанов
Самое офигенное видио мне 11 я тоже катаю и есть небольшие успехи вот это профессионалы и музыка классная
матвей тапорин
Просто офигенная реклама, серьёзно, этот стиль съёмки 90-х-просто бомба! Лайк скейтерам, создателям, и конечно же оператору-ты классный чувак)
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Fallout Boy?