Kit Walkthrough: Nicko McBrain (Legacy Of The Beast SQ²)

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Legendary Iron Maiden sticksman Nicko McBrain gave us a tour of his brand-new SQ² "LEGACY OF THE BEAST" tour kit, going through all the bits and pieces, and playing the kit for you.The kit comes with custom Iron Maiden artwork - based on the production design of the Legacy Of The Beast tour and consists of: 6x8, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 13x13, 14x14, 15x15, 16x16 tom toms, a 18x18 floor tom, 24x18 bass drum (all shells Medium Beech), and a 14x6.5 snare drum. Black Chrome hardware all around.

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Nicko does not need double bass drum pedals. Always been a formidable on the single pedal.
Nicko has always been a cool guy.. Nice kit after all he needs & deserves it.
Nicko is my brother in Christ! I've never been into Maiden mainly because I'm not a metal guy but as a drummer I enjoy watching him on YouTube especially these type of videos because he is always funny and very friendly, he also goes into great detail about his kit.
Detailed and extended drum waklthrough. Thank Nicko and Sonor!
Aa Vee
I wonder if all Jebus nonsense made him forget the most awesome album cover ever, Powerslave?
Billy Bootlips
So after all these years you still haven't figured out how to keep time in a song? Speed up, slow down, mess up the fills and fuck up the song, might be time to retire.
Brock's Pickled Eggs Channel
He's such a beast on the skins.
Cameron Fateri
That snare drum has a lot of ring and decay for a wood snare. I like it :)
Casey Plooy
105 👎🏻 are the people that are jealous of that AWESOME DRUM KIT!!!!!! 😭. Me 👍👍
Charlie Wilson
Nikko is such a cool guy.....who tuned those drums? Absolutely amazing!!!
Christopher Dillman
1:48 - 'Nice, aye?' \n\nWho doesn't love this guy?\n\nBtw if Sonor builds this EXACT kit, down to the stained glass artwork on those German Beechwoods, I'll put my deposit down now please. 😎🤘🔥
Love it! 💪🇬🇧👍🇩🇪
Daniel Baugher
God bless you Nicko that's awesome your saved brother God bless you , I'm born again to praise be to God my friend in Jesus name AMEN 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇
Daniel Ruvalcaba
I was surprised! Those drums, art work, smoked chrome! Wow! But born again Christian was the dagger! Wow! We know who's in heaven! WoW!
Darkice Metal Film
Nick, put there second bass drum pedal please! !!!
Davide Zannella
Sonor endorser, all Sonor mechanics.. DW 9000 bass drum pedal.. i wonder why :D
Deimos Station
Eamonn Sheehan
He needs is on TV show, just hilarious
Eliseo Hernandez
Nicko Mcbrain my favorite drummer!!!
Enrique Cruz timitydRUM
Amazing kit for an amazing drummer and a huge influence on Metal community 🙌🙌🙌
- Great kit! Sounds amazing!!! Love Nicko!!!
Felipe Ruiz
Gracias,Si Señores uno de los mejores Bateristas de todo el mundo. Oh Si, Larga vida al Rock and Roll. Y al Heavy Metal.
Fred Garvin
The drums all sound fantastic. Very big, nice tones.
Greg Hall
Killer kit Nicko...the artwork kills man.
Greg Patterson
Impeccable tuning
It’s about The metal
Wow , well for a shell pack sq2 with 8,10,12,13 ,14,15,16 rack tom 18 floor tom and the 24 bass drum that’s without any hardware it costs around 9 thousand pounds !!, so ad another 20 grand for the cymbals and hardware ( it’s probably more than that )\nThat’s my dream drum kit that I will never own unless my numbers come up on the lottery . \nThose of you who can afford, or do have a nicko replica you are so fortunate and lucky, I hope you treasure the kit as I would,\nOh well back to my 8,10,12,13,14,16, 22 bd, and snare ( mapex meridian birch set ) with quite a few alphas and some old 2000 series paiste cymbals, that’s my nicko kit and I love it .
Iván Álvarez
Oh my god, Nicko, I love you!! i´m from Spain and I was on the concert in Madrid
JP Rossel
the mighty Nicko McBrain !!!!!
Jacob Lando
What about the book of souls eddie
Jan-Ole Oberdieck
Ohhhhhhh my sweat Lord... 🤣🤣🤣 L.E.G.E.N.D
Jeenius IAMa
This thing is outstanding, makes my eyes wet ;-)
José Luis Matamoros Ponce
con razon es uno de los mejores bateros del mundo
Kieren Moore
You forgot to thank Jesus. He's not gonna be happy ...
Las Vegas Retired
Super nice presentation of your beautiful Drum Set. Hope to see you in Vegas in 2019.
Leandro Neves
Oh my Sweet Lord! Sonor, the best drums of the world!!!
Leonid Nikonov
But what about snare drum? From which material it made of?
Luca Pierini
What kick does you use?
Luis CK
WHaaaaat?!! Born again Christian immediately switched off. Na just kidding to each his own, more power to ya!
Maiden IN Movies
BEST DRUMMER EVER! Viva la Nickoooo!
Man Gear
Wow. What a gently kind gracious man!!!
Marc De Douvan
The idea of different Eddies heads on each shell for each album on which Nicko played, with stained glass imitation is genius. Bravo! this drumset is not normal vulgar regular standard rock drumset, it's classic gothic nicko style CATHEDRAL! \nIn metal world, Iron maiden was always the band with the best aesthetic taste, for sure: real CLASS (visually and musically).
Marc Sabourin
Smokin' drumkit
Mark Bryant
You sure thumbs down. Wtf. Shows you know absolutely nothing about drums. I am a cockney. I am a drummer. He's a legend in rock drumming.. The sounds are brilliant. I shake my head
Marvin I
If you are Niko, does it matter what you have in front of you as far as drums are concerned
Matthew Paluch
Michael H
A born again christian in a band like Iron Maiden...amazing
Michael Stephen
Interesting that Nicko himself is part of the legacy of the beast, as he didn't play on any of those first three albums!
Michael Synodin
im so glad ill get to spend eternity in heaven with you!
Miki Maiden
*This sound is brutal! Anyone knows which mics does he use* ???
Mountain Prowler
Number of the beast came to my ears in high school. Words can not express my admiration for you. Thank you for inspiring me to get a drum kit. If I've had a bad day, sit behind my kit and just work my butt off, pretty soon all is right with world. If you have teaching vids, I would for sure buy them. Thanks again...
Nicko is a cool dude
Percussion Stage Right
You're a tough guy Nicko! And congrats on the born again Christian news! ⛪🇺🇸🇬🇧⛪
Percy Quintana
Nunca pense ver al Loco tocando la bateria...
Sounds even better than my Phonic Plus! Fantastic work by the crew in Bad Berleburg continue to outdo themselves- amazing!
The legendary Nicko! See you rock in 2019! UP THE IRONS!
Ramon Ochoa
Thank you for playing each of the Tom Tom’s! They sound fantastic by themselves and I’m sure you made many other drummers besides myself very happy.
Ace video mate! Cheers! 👏😎
Ricardo Azaf
Drum spider man 🤣🤣
Robert Treat
Samuel Jones
Why no Powerslave Eddy on the drums?😕
Scott Simpson
Nicko needs his own TV show.
Sergio Gomez
El más grande
Song of love 2018
this band is very skilled very high class musicians
SouthHemiTV 3
the perfect drumkit for the intro of dyer's eve.
Stacey McGrath
How much for the full rig then lol ?
Stephen J
What a monster kit and player! And a very cool dude!
Stevie Salazar
This is the best sounding kit ever
SushiWarrior 666
i love the sound on that 10 inck and the flor tom beautiful sound beautiful kit and amaising drummer
Taylor Howe
I swear nicko is one of the only drummers left using power toms. Even Roger Taylor is using short stacked toms. Man they look so cool shame you don’t see them type of kits anymore.
Tom Hoppus
Beautiful drum set
Tomasz Kałużny
Nicko jest thebesciak!!!!
Xedra Rocks
I love that you talk to the fans like this. I always enjoy listening. Thank you for it and enjoy your new kit. It's awesome. Cheerz
Z!'s drumchannel
it sounds absolutely amazing! Sonor has the mighty and classic sound for Nicko and for Iron Maiden! \\m/
Zolitar Iglussey
Gorgeous drums with someone that can bring them to life is the ultimate picture, Thank you Nicko!!
I shudder to think how much that lot cost!
bigdaddy junior
Who punched this guy in the face??
Can someone explain to my dumb ass why he's using two different stick tips? Looks like he might be using his left hand stick reversed? And why?
chris settles
Nicko is the Beast!!
chris velie
for christ's sakes man i love you to death one of the nicest guys i ever met..but nikko my man..your so dam amazing and that drum set is absolutely amazing..but we cant see you mate..ever at any iron maiden show..all we see is the top of your head where behind that massive drum kit is one of the smartest and amazing story tellers you will ever meet.he has been so many places around the many adventures and amazing stories..honestly a glorious fellow if ever there was one.and as some would say..your band is only as good as your drummer..i digress
corey fisher
His drum tech is an absolute guru.
Since the 80's: BORING
Nico I respect you immensely, I play Sonor too and your kit sounds seriously good... but it is the ugliest kit I ever clapped eyes on. No offence intended.
Oh my... beautiful!!!
As Nicko is getting older, he’s looking more like Eddie!
frank leonard
Nicko seems like such a nice guy, he can clearly play a bit too!
So, you didn't watch the video before making a comment, he said he used G2, or you don't know G2 are 2 ply.\nIf two heads aren't tuned the same, the theory is since they vibrate at different frequencies the won't resonate, or as long.\nBut they still have a long decay, unless like i said, its only due to the G2's making it short, or they aren't that tight, and I've only used G1 which need muffling, and hydraulic that doesn't need muffling. And like I said, I'm waiting for the 8\
Tuning is incredible. Wish I could tune that well...impeccable. Beautiful kit, amazing drums, amazing drummer.
Nicko is a Drum's MASTER!! Respect!! Many drummers are great too, but i like him.. !!! The most important thing is that he is a very COOL and simple (and funny) man. And he still plays AMAZING.. Not like some other \
manuel hung
I'm not into metal, but Nicko is one of the greatest drummers of all time.
One of the nicest and most genuine rock musician you’ll ever come across...
The entire kit sounds amazing but that floor tom is the BOMB!
Nice pots!
Is anyone better than Nicko about talking about their kit?
tony montana
Now that's a badass drumkit...nice one Nicko!
trouble fuxk
i can spend my all time watching you play drums nicko.. you are so unique
If God is real, this guy is his favorite.
zatru zatru
Este hombre puede valer para tocar la batería no creen?😱