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Buffalo Stampede starring Randolph Scott, Harry Carey, Buster Crabbe and Judith Allen. AKA THE THUNDERING HERD. The plains tribes are gathering to launch an assault against the white buffalo hunters. There is a romance between Tom Doan and Milly Fayre but the evil Randall Jett wants Milly for his own and plots to get her. There is a lot of faced paced adventure and action in this 1933 film version of the Zane Grey novel. This particular copy of this classic feature is released from the collection. Subscribe to our channel to watch hundreds of classic western movies complete full length and free on Westerns On The Web.

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Dave Calnan
The last battle scenes were shot in Mammoth Lakes Ca in an area that was called The Meadows. It's now a condo, Golf course
Edward Smith
time for a si esta, so lets take 5?
James Hansen
Killing buffalo, Native Americans, and each other, fast forward, killing is the war time special of the good ole USA. THE ANSWER IS BLOWIN IN THE WIND and we are deaf.
Susan Wynn
Do you have or show any Audie Murphy movies?
Trudy Childs
Can't help but cheer for the Native Americans when the government purposely had the bison wiped out so they would starve to death. Thousands and thousands of them were killed for just the hide, what a disgusting and sad waste for any reason. This was kind of a different view of \
Good story in this film, thanks.