10 Year Old Drummer Johanne Astrid - Winner Of Denmarks Got Talent 2017 Compilation

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Johanne Astrid the 10 year old girl drummer wins Denmark's Got Talent 2017! Here's her winners journey including her audition, semi final and grand final performance!! Congratulations! Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.Watch more XXX Got Talent: Watch the original, full length clip: Subscribe to Got Talent Global:

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4LinkEver BAM
I hate talent shows now they fake everything I use to think that if you entered you would win for your talent but no they embarrass you and tell you what you have to say
Amazing little girl, tears flew with joy! :))
Agnes Nielsen
Danmark 4 ever \u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3
Angel Roxette
Best drummer in the world
Angela chhangte
Wowww....😳😳😳 its so cute
Arie Suyatman
She had natural drumer talents... awesome!!!
Athanasios Dimitriadis
Better than Ulrich.
Azjael Sivy
Zajebista! Będą z niej ludzie
People today wouldn't understand the music she is playing -
Banini3 / Arianna Luce
she's a rockstar
Brad Wilson
It's not just that she's incredibly talented. She has, as they say, an X factor. These videos (and video makers) are awesome, partly because they show the audience reactions so well, and that tells a huge part of the story. Yes, she wow's them all, right from the get go, but notice that she's especially inspiring to women, (even grown professional women in the business!) and they express it physically. More, they can hardly find physical expressions of sufficient magnitude to register their responses to this girl drummer, (i.e. can hardly clap and etc. vigorously enough!)! Incredible! Unprecedented!
Cardinal Copia drinks coffee near Eiffel Tower
Waiting for the \
People who say this is easy, she don't have any talent, is wrong!\nThe reason it looks easy is because she have the talent!\n\nYou Rock Johanne Astrid!\n\nAnede ikke hvem du var, før jeg så en artikel samme aften du vandt. Normalt ser jeg ikke Danmark har Talent, fordi jeg synes folk er talentløse i det program. Men du har absolut bevist det modsatte. Du har et kæmpe talent, og jeg glæder mig allerede til at se hvor du er om 10 år. Bare husk og at vær barn, lev i nuet, der er ingen grund til at forhaste ting. Du skal nok nå det.\n\nAlt held og lykke herfra.
Dave M
Ugh these comments drive me nuts. She's awesome. Period. (Not just for a 10 year old girl) Incidentally I teach and play drums for a living. Fine criticize the concept o a talent show becoming a popularity contest but also please post a clip of yourself playing what she is playing when you proclaim that she's not THAT good. No she's not Steve Gadd. Thanks for the input. She deserves to win for just the \
Dean Galloway
She’s fun to watch
Dimension Infinity
Anyone please tell me all the songs name please.......
What's more ... is that she exudes complete joy in playing!!
Docter Moneer
she's better than lars x999999
Dog Wood
Yeah, but my kid is great at playing video games, Facebook and Twitter, so I will give her a thumbs down.
Indonesian coming
see her sing along? shows her passion for rock Music.. you go girl!! you can only get better!!
Element of Kindness
I don't even know how to describe it. You can just see the talent in her eyes when she's playing. It's like, a purely innate talent just flowing out. Amazing!!!
Eun Sik Choe
name of the first song plz?
Forrest Gump
Ok shes a sweety and very young. If you are an adult performer, no matter how big your talent is, if she's your competition, you've lost before you ever started.
Gady Marcus
oh wow phenomenal sound and talent love it
Henry Mohl
How have I not seen this before being a drummer she is G O D
Damn she is born for it
Ifeanyi Abia
OMG I can't believe my eyes.......... From what am seeing i tink she is a lady.
Iron Maiden
Anyone can do that!
Ismael Cisneros
But that drummer is starter cause if you want to be the best drummer you have to play the drumms more quickly so all the persons can play the drumms like her \nShe isnt the best v:
Ivan Jensen
good old rock never dies, I love her style...
James Torres
Jason Williams
Holy mackerel!!!  The great John Bonham is nodding his head in approval, keeping the rhythm in his grave.  Johanne is not just a phenomenal drummer at age 10, but she’s got a personality to go with it, and she’s obviously having a ball through it all.  She owns everybody in that venue, and she knows it! I love this little girl!
Jesse James Luzano
Wow! Amazing lil gürl!
Joe Hunt
shes so cute...
John Kensington
A few years ago I became a big fan of Jackie Evancho..I waited all of my life for her music but this little drummer girls brought me to tears.. I'm 69 years old and I grew up during the time where these songs came out and let me tell you, to see a little girl like her embrace the kind pf music I liked is just incredible.. She brought me back into my youth like nothing has before..and for that I am grateful..Honey your talent is exceptional..I thank God for You :)
John Qualls
So cool get it girl
Joseph Zothanpuia
Better than Lars Ulrich
José S. Pacheco
Talento puro. Brilhante, Sensacional!
Judi Johnson
Tears to my eyes when you started busting out WHOLE LOTTA LOVE. you're going places, follow your dreams, stay in school, stay out of trouble💗💗. YOU WON MY VOTE. Love from America
Ken Bray
A 10 year old female John Bohnnam Awesome !!!!
Kiran Kumar
The best part is, she is enjoying it.
Larry Lucas
I am amazed at the power and accuracy of her strikes. There is no hesitation whatsoever and she hits dead on every time. She loves what she is doing and is charming too. What a combination! More power to you and best wishes always.
Linin Nana
She’s so beautiful. l wish my daughter same her ❤️
She's a born drummer, it's encoded in her DNA. This is what she was born to do. Those of you who say it's easy, why don't you step up? And look at her facial expressions!! That's a drummer face!! All the great drummers make a drummer face and that is hers. Ladies and gentlemen, the future of rock is here!!
You can't fake dedication, it's either in you or it's not. Look at her face.
Luna 111
Круто играет!!! БРАВО!!!
Mark Søgaard
Hvis du også er fra Danmark så like 👍
Mascaliuc Victoria
Детка красиво, круто играет супер,😎
Michael Crossman
She didn't win just because she can play drums well. Look at her face. It's beaming. People love to watch people that love what they're doing. It just makes you feel better. She won because her drumming carries her joy to the audience.
Mike Garcia
Johanne is just one of many youngsters on youtube I've seen that can play the drums way ahead of their time; however, she is the only one I've seen who CAN actually bang it with a performing band \
Mr. Thompson
Well, she's much better than Lars Ulrich.
And those kits she played sounded so fricking good
Peter Timmermann
You believe in the future when you see young talents like this..
Radek Niejadek
Robert Cooley
Wicked, rock on little sista... you Owned that !!!!
Rose Brasil
Foda!!!! Rsss
Ohhh that infectious smile......she has the drive and the talent. But most of all she has that Bonham “I can do anything I set my mind to”. BTW if you think she is just emulating others.....she has 3 original songs out now; two with a Blistering sound that takes no prisoners, and a really good slow burner that showcases her style. Check it out on iTunes: Jo and the MoFos.........🎵
Stuart Morris
let her visit Uganda the pearl of Africa, may God bless her
Taskin Munna
these are real talents of music... not those american pop shits
The Kidukaji Channel
Can you be my teacher.
Third Eye
Look at her Expressions...damn ...no words \nlittle danish drummer ....outstanding
In the beggining:\n\nKid:\n*Hits some cymbals.*\n*Plays a groovy beat that well trained children can easily play.*\nJudges:\nOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH\n\n(And no hate for the kid, her drumming is cool, but the judges know nothing about playing the drums.)
Hon är bara för söt!!
a.p.s ghostseekerseeker
I think theres a dead drummers soul in that girl, shes to dam good ;)
Proper parenting in effect . Great job !
corbin steele
One of the greatest things I have ever seen on You tube. I hope she stays with it and plays pro for somebody. Hell, she could play for some bands right now.
dani sianturi26
what the,,,,,,\nthis girl so amazing and even she just 10'th years old??? oh come on,,,,,
daniele vitelli
mi niña hermosa tienes todo para seguir ganando afecto en la gente y efecto para un camino d exitos, yo como baterista siempre e soñado con tener una hija asi con talento en las venas 😊
This is a perfect example of what *talent* looks and sounds like. 🤘🏻 Her facial expressions during _every_ single performance, showing how into it she truly is, made it that much more enjoyable to watch. \n\n\nSending a standing ovation all the way from the US. 👏🏻🙌🏻
donna stitz
WOW, now this is just amazing.......NEVER stop rocking... NOT EVER !!!!
globus HOLMAN
i love roblox Brendon Kurt Aguilar
awww so cute and nice drumming
People who say they could do this easily don't even provide proof - I want to see you aged 10 playing the drums like this!
jean Crikke
WOW......\nLars Ulrich from Metallica.......Watch it....!!!!
john smith
Fantastic job young lady!!! Wow!
for a ten years old that's IMPRESSIVE imagine her playing 10 years after this,,,, damn
kardek almeida
Toca muito 😀
lap tech
It's a talent show and that girl has got talent and lot's of it. Many of those negatively commenting against her are doing so because they are judging her against drummers double/triple her age and who have decades of experience. The girl was 10 when she won the contest. Give her time to train, practice and mature and she will no doubt be one of the best drummers in the world.
She totally nailed Zeppelin!! John Bonham would've been so proud½
What the hell... Who's daughter is that...???\nGinger Baker? John Bonham? Bill Bruford? Phil Collins? Carl Palmer?
lucas andré
Beautifuuuuuuuuullllllll ✊🙌👏👅👊❤😍👍😉😎
q q
저나이에 그어렵다는 드럼을.\n천재.이말밖에.
randy roti
Ok...not a metal fan....but DAMMM!!! Girl....you rock!
seppo nurmi
I´m not a fan of cymbals, its a way to hide you´re a bad drummer.
the soul funk dude 91
Still better than Mars!
visa solomon
She is good but 1st in Denmark got talents seems to be there is not much talents in Denmark😂😂 just kidding
That's my girl ! Great work Johanne ! :-)
wore out drummer
As a drummer for over 40 years, from local bars to touring the country, I don't consider myself an expert but experienced enough to know a good drummer when I see one...and I just saw one! Not only her drumming ability but her show, as well. Very entertaining, very steady...this kid is going places.
Владимир Смирнов
До Bonhem а ей , конечно , как до Луны , но учитывая пол и возраст....
Георги Маринов
Победителката в Дания за таланти 10 годишна Johanne Astrid - невероятна барабанистка. Прилича на нашата Силвия Колева от 4 б клас. Ако изгледате докрай клипчето ще се убедите в изключителните качества на това дете.
Илья Никитин
Правильный ребёнок...