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Adam Mahić
Nije predeno na hr.jezik.
Adinaldo Mundim
parece ser um otimo filme, tem de postar dublado ou legendado em portugues.
Allen Burt
Anil Chotalal
The Indians using saddles because of the time.  Same reason Mrs. Kingman has running water in her house. (Pump in kitchen)!
Christopher Saul
did you see the wrangler jean jacket
Clive Ocnacuwenga
Lips do not match sound and movement
Curtis Neilson
Don't make MOMO MAD
very surprised good movie
Dorel Sendroiu
Elias Lopez
Buena. Pelicula
Graeme Williams
The best detective was a Pinkerton operative. Charlie Siringo. end of story.
Henry D'Souza
Ken McCurtain
Good movie. Why are the Indians using horses with saddles?
Larry Singleton
The sounds out of sync.
Leopoldo Aborque
nice and good western movie tnx robert for the upload
Marilyn Shaver
When was Ivory soap invented?
Martin Peele
Very nice movie! Wife liked it too!
Michael W. Smith
kind of a kickback feet raised  western, rather enjoyed it: C-.
The late Actor Lon Chaney ( The Wolfman ) Is One of the Old Card Players in this
Nidal Baydon
شكرا ريس بس ترجم خي
Pedro Figueiredo
Por favor colocar legenda nos filmes e seriados em português.
Sharlotte Swinton
too bad the curse done stop end gone over
Uzi Star
great movie thanks a million ROBERT
Vernon Campbell
This movie is: Money, Women And Guns (1958) starring Jock Mahoney, Kim Hunter, Tim Hovey. Directed by Richard H. Bartlett in a Universal Pictures production.
Younis Khan
A very nice movie. Thanks Robert and the Tube.
Other than the audio being out of sync with the video, it was a good movie.
erim lucerna
Nice ,,,,
no lip sync
patrick wright
I could have written this music score while I sat in the tub. Bet it never made it to the chart on American Band Stand.