Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat

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Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat, una excelente animacion para chicos y grandes! el video esta completo.en formato DivX

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AbdulKarim Mahmood
he should not be here when your mother is out!
Alex Ramey
You gotta love the slight 70's groove to these old Seuss toons.
Ava Savage
I like the cat in the hat
BennettBat 21
the cat in the hat presents Dr. Seuss's the cat in the hat\n#catinthehatcepsion
Betty Callish
adorable cartoon well done and reminded me of the CAT IN THE HAT STORIES. Thank you!
Blacque Jacque Shellacque
420 on the fish bowl @10:10. Clever
Bob Durant Jones
I died of laughter during 9:21- 9:26 because they're faces looked like \
Cap’n K’nuckles
OHHHHH I frequently think every now and then
Cinos the Dense potato
9:56 i already liked this movie BUT NOW I LOVE IT
Dane Youssef
Here it is... the GOOD ADAPTATION of The Cat in the Hat.\n\nHell, even more than that... THE REAL ADAPTATION of The Cat in The Hat.\n\nPERSONAL NOTE: The film was co-produced by Ted Geisel--that was Dr. Seuss' REAL NAME.\n\nOh, and his real pen name was pronounced \
David Siler
I don’t recall this version.
Doctor Koktor
9:56 Dr. Seuss did 420 before it was cool
So many dislikes. They liked the shitty live action one.
16:37 - 16:38 - 16:39 I don't know why, but I love the look on Crinklebine's face when he walks and I love how crinklebine angrily walks like that.
Edd Sam
Dr. Seuss is probably one of the best rappers there is.
Erin F
I'd love to have a fish like that!
Famous Jam
cat in a hat is the best thing 😂😂😂
Felis Silvestris
The clean up song at the end always made me so sad as a child. “There’s no more time for laughter. At least not until after...I come back. And ya know? I...just...maaaaay.” 😢
Flicker Productions
That moment when you watch dr.seuss at midnight.
Flower Girl
this is better than the realistic version
Gavin Starkey 19
I used to love Dr. Seuss and I am 12 but I still LOVE IT.
Hannah Leslie
Who's still watching this in 2016?
is it funny how the animation is so smooth and not repeated over and over again
Jack Gillespie
Before penis innuendos destroyed this classic character.
17:09 ALWAYS CRACKS ME UP XD I love how this fish is all befuddled hahahahah \n\
Joe S Hill
From a time period when children's literature and animated cartoons went hand in hand!\nthis was a CBS-TV special which originally aired around 1971. the animation studio was DePatie-Freleng Enterprises,the creators of \
Jon Ley
This is sharp and intelligent show for children. . .you have to have a good IQ and vocabulary to understand the words. Also teaches rhyme and pronunciation. . .I found out that acting schools actually use Dr. Seuss as a teaching tool for pronunciation. Wish there was more of this stuff for my daughter (who loves it and asks for it all the time). So much better than the dumb-down crap programming for kids these days - just have to take a look at the more recent version of Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat to see how watered / dumbed down it has become. Same thing happened for Sesame Street and can even see the difference between earlier and later episodes of Sharon, Lois and Bram children's programming. Mike Judge's movie \
The Cat is a hammy, charismatic psychopath in this cartoon.\n\nHow accurate. :P
Karl Helm
I like this version better than the one that comes on PBS
Let It Grow, anybody?
A lot of people think the Cat in the Hat is about pedophiles. I remember reading this as a kid and what I learned from it was this: the kids were bored and had nothing to do so the Cat shows up and teaches the kids that they can have fun by using their imagination and making up games. Also that it's fun to have fun but you always have to clean up afterwards. Great lesson to teach kids.
Kristin Crumpler
because I adore the cat in the hat :)))
23:35 The cat notoriously says he may come back. But there was never a sequel to this. So he never did.
Leah Campos Gacha
I love cat in the hat
Lizzy Lands
That fish is named KKK... Karlos K. Krinklebein...
Lucia Gallagher
that fish be salty
Lucky Little Kitten
Thank you for sharing his wonderful children's story. We love the cat in the hat.
Mackenzie McGowan
You know you're getting old when you're siding with the fish.
Manny Laureano
Many happy memories of watching this with my children and teaching them all the songs. Beautiful.
Maria Esquivel
To day is his birthday
Mark Heyes
You know you're old when you realise how bad of a mum she is leaving the children home alone
Mega Crash The Hedgehog
this is what the live action version should've been.\nBtw I feel like I've heard the fishes voice before
I love the Cat in this way more than that live action abomination. He's a gentleman, and doesn't focus on innuendos and isn't constantly out of breath, not to mention that he's a great singer and can play piano
Monarchist 18
This is far superior to the 2003 live action abomination!
Mr. Popo
this is so much better than the live action movie
Nabhaswati Bhuyan
28 year old at 2am
Nick Thomas
I still think of \
Nouf Al Sahan
Im a 23 year old saudi girl watching cat in the hat at 3:00 am
Patrick Cochran
I love the Cat in the Hat
Payton Reid
I'm watchin' this because of Read Across America day which Dr. Seuss' birthday. The live action one was much worse than this. Original is always better!
Peppa Pig boi
Way better then the real life one
Pierre jackson
How tall is the cat in the hat is he six feet tall can you tell me
Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat (Original Release Date: July 04, 1971)
Poppin' !
When I was little, I used to love watching this while it was raining
Is it just me or are some of Dr. Seuss's art can be kinda creepy. Like how The Grich smirks for example.
Robert Animation
I haven’t watched this since...I...don’t even remember how long it was, but I remember watching this
Robert Treacy
This definitely puts that dreadful live-action movie to shame.
Congrats on 10,000 subscribers!
I remember watching this in 1st or 2nd grade, now i'm in 6th grade.
I love The Cat in the Hat back then When i was a kid. \nAlso i Read the Book and I Watch this Cartoon Back in Elementary School.\nThey Don't Make Cartoon Like This Anymore.\nBTW It Better Than The 2003 Movie.
Samuel Black
unlike a lot of dr seuss fans out there, i actually love the 2003 live action cat in the hat movie with mike myers and it's always been my guilty pleasure movie, but i obviously think that this tv special is far better than that movie will ever be. not to mention it's a ten times more faithful adaptation of the original book :)
Screwy, Ain't It? Cartoons
happy Dr. Seuss day.
Shanice Trejo
420 on the fish bowl 😂
Sharp Design
Goodbye now, off to Siberia...\n\n\nHa, somebody stole my moss-covered three handled family credenza! Nobody's gonna leave this comment section until I find it!
22:32 me when it's Sunday night at eleven thirty and I procrastinated all weekend.
Sir Isaac
I always loved this. The one with Mike Myers is an abomination.
Squishy Gamer
Lol, in the beginning when you see the cat on the skateboard, wouldn't his tail be on fire right about now?!
moss-covered three-handled family gerdunza
Stop looking at my profile picture perv!!
So are we just gonna ignore the fact that the cat in the hat burst in without permission..? No? K......
Super James YT
Please if you will, I have some things to say\nThis cartoon was wonderful and holds up today!\n\nI don't know if I've seen this\nBut I see all that I've missed.\n\nThis was amazing, and the lesson was great\nUnlike that other movie, which I'll toss in the lake.\n\nA lesson for kids, to learn to have fun\nAs long as the place doesn't get so undone.\n\nWhich was something I did\nSo small as a kid.\n\nBut now this cartoon\nWhich shines bright as the moon.\n\nHas now helped me learn\nKeeping the place clean, is a job so well earned.\n\nThanks for this cartoon, a great one at that!\nThank you all, plus you, Cat in the Hat.
now this is better than the 2003 movie.
Supreme leader Oliver
That moment when a giant anthropomorphic cat that can transcend time and space breaks into your house, tortures you and your sister and ruins everything in your house
Suwandi Janto
Anyone watch this at 2017?
I was initially like \
TotalbleShip01 Cizz
3.56k dislikes like the Mike Myers version
That last song nearly made me cry. I swear, this brings up so many memories. So many untimely memories. Broken, mixed up memories of what I had one day...
Why they sing \
Well, I actually liked this animation, but... is it just me or those kids are really terrible at singing?
Yesenia The Hedgehog
1:28 their mother sound very nice, but I wonder why the kids don't have a father
Did they said 'son of a gun' at 14:12
Zero's Music Productions
4:54 really... \
ZonerHODHC Production
I had this on VCR when I was kid. great childhood memories
It's too bad they never made a special for the sequel book...
fantastic voyager 20
some major names were behind this. it was animated by chuck jones (of luny tunes fame), outsourced to D Padie Frelling Enterprises (creators of the pink panther) and the cat was voiced by alan sherman.
Turn on captions at 17:49, 20:05, 20:44, 20:45, 20:55\n\nyou can thank me later
back then when stories still still contained creativity
This classic animated TV special first aired on CBS on March 10, 1971, and  I remember watching it that night! I was going to kindergarten at the time, and I remember my teacher telling us it was going to be on, so it became a much anticipated event among my classmates! Thank you so much, Colin, for bringing back this fond childhood memory!
king YZY
Top 10 Faithful Anime Adaptation of Manga
It says something when the PBS Kid's Show version captures the spirit of Dr. Seuss's The Cat And The Hat more faithfully than the live action movie.
lol ok bro
I'm a 23 year old man watching the cat in the hat at 1:19 am
Did this animated version of cat in the hat receive any good reviews compared to the 2003 version? I love this version.
Very different from the original book
watching this at 124 am, what about you guys?
soul taker
9:57 42-0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm in love with that gentleman cat.
Егор Клёнов
well, the fish is wrong about who is the cat in Russian ) he said that he is hat in a hat: shapka v shlyapeh. Both words mean hat =)
Полина Рагозина
Oh... It would be so sad to disappoint you, but \
2k dislikes? What the actual hell?!