Kid crushes Enter Sandman with The Foo Fighters and gets Dave Grohls guitar!

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1 D'Alessandro
Is Dave Grohl he coolest or what???
Andrew Johnson
Making dreams come true ... One concert at a time!!
Ankush Suryavanshi
That kid just became a rockstar.
Ashley Luxton
this is amazing
god i love the foo fighters
Bdc Calabres
Metallica is now sueing the kid for copyright infringement
Ben Hunt
Dave Grohl is basically The Godfather of the actual rock industry nowadays
Ben Stark
Nathan Rule is that your nephew?
Benne Aabrandt
Sings better than hetfield
Billder Inbaja
Dave Grohl is such an awesome guy... his kids are luuuuu-kyy.
Bob Smith
A Rock star is born
Bryan Awkwardson
Am I the only one who is slowly getting fed up with all those kids having to have their 10 minutes of fame at famous bands´ concerts? Yes, so what, the kid can play a few lines of a well known Metallinca-song - something that most kids can learn within a few weeks if they practice it. And Grohl & Co. are just trying to score easy points with the audience.
How cool would it be if the kid started playing Smells like teen spirit
Captain Falcon
That's a story that this kid can tell his children years from now. And typical Dave being Dave, which is to be a badass with a heart of gold. You're making Lemmy proud, Dave.
Catherine Tiernan
I brought my kids up on this music, Metallica Deep purple,AC/DC, but also the Eagles,Neil Young and Simon and Garfunkle and the Beatles. Im delighted to say that my grandchildren are big fans of them all as well as some modern rock bands.So much fun to see 3/4 yeat olds rocking out to the classics.
Cheesy 45
Holy shit this is amazing the foo fighters are the best
Christopher Jakel
One small step for Kid.....One giant leap for Kid-Kind... 😁\n\n\n\n\n\
Clorox Bleach
its ok but i think dave is better
Connie Jean
This is the shit , Omg!! I’m 48 and grew up with them , this lil Man reminds of my cousin Mikie ( love to you bro) then 10 years and myself 14-15 yrs. from Norwalk/ La Mirada Cali , I knew I should’ve recorded him lol but this lil Man continue doing you bro , Go Dad !!, your are DAD OF THE YEAR:) :) :) you got this :) :) Baked made it Beautiful, :) :) just like then :)
CrazyKidDrummer X
This kid is so dumb he went to play on stage with foo fighters and played metallica that is the dumbest thing rver
Dave S.
Only Dave gets to screw up the words to Enter Sandman and be cool AF doing it.
David R
The kid put the band to shame , lol.
David Silva
this kid is Badass keep playing gonna b a rockstar someday
Dej Knapp
It's official. our daughter is going to spend more than 30 mins a day practicing the guitar from now on. She's gonna wish I'd NEVER seen this kid.
Dirk Berkis
I mean, it basically just proves this is music for toddlers...
Dirk The Daring
This is some next level guitar hero
F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.
Taylor H was next to me as we exited Cahuenga BL a few years ago. I was cranking YYZ by Rush and he looked up giving me a nice grin. I know most of rock musicians are wonderful and genuine people .
Dave Grohl is probably the nicest guy in rock, ever!! And let it be known, Dave gave the kid his REAL guitar, not a cheaper knockoff like bands like Kiss throw in the crowd. Dave gave the kid a $6,000+ Custom Shop Signature ES-335. Bravo, Dave!!
Frank M.
Dave Grohl is now, and will forever be, the ambassador of rock n roll.
GGGaming Espinoza
I don’t know who that guy is but he’s funny and nice
Most 10 year old today dont even know metallica
Gary Purkeljc
Is Dave Grohl one of the coolest people ever?
Gregory Knight
Dave is a ledgend of a musician and person...\nVery kind and funny man\nROCK ON FOOIES 😎😎😎
Haru :D
The kid was a paid actor. \nHe was actually 20 Years old
Ifan Morgan
1:20 love how the kid starts walking the stage like he owns it haha
James Walls
Never been a fan of Foo Fighters, (I'm too damned old), but this will damn sure make me give them a listen. Maybe I've missed something there ! Kudos to you Dave Grohl for encouraging that young man and your GREAT gesture !
Jay Scott
he's so small, it's like the guitar is wearing him
John Doe
Who downvotes this? I cannot stand Dave Grohl or his facial hair and I still upvoted this video. This is humanity at its finest ; using ones platform to build others up instead of down, five minutes of selflessness equals a pivotal moment in that young man's life. Whether he grows up to be a musician or not, he will have a stronger connection with music his whole life and be more prone to build others up because he was on the receiving end of such a grand gesture. Every action we take creates ripples ; make them ripples of happiness. Also, fuck Dave Grohl and his facial hair.
John Thomas
Did Dave make up his own lyrics? LoL.
Justin Brooks
I love videos like this..what an experience for the kid!.
That person halfway up the stairs though\u003e:)
Kyle Lorenzo
Parenting done right.
Dave Grohl is the man without a doubt.
Now Metallica is filing a lawsuit. You know how they are.
Leldon Rodgers
Respect ✊
Lennard van Dijk
His guitar was not plugged was it? :/
Longrifle Report
Say what you will about Dave Grohls music. But the guy is an absolute class act. Nice job here to make the kids night.
Lord Wise
Dave is a man who remembers what it was like to be a fan once. And this kid will remember Dave and his generosity for the rest of his life! How cool would that be to be pulled up on stage at a rock concert, then asked to play in front of that crowd, then given the very guitar that Dave Grohl plays onstage!
Maker Noob
What a cool kid and super cool thing to give him that guitar, class act.
Marco Pircher
Who's choppin onions,what great man he is😀
Matt Fite
That’s why I like Dave Grohl. He is such a good man that he takes the time for his fans. He just made that kids day. I have a lot of respect for Dave Grohl.
Mere Skillz
See, I've gotten a guitar from a musician as well, but it was at a benefit before his passing, he's in the Nebraska Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, and one of my biggest inspirations. The man was a great family friend and I looked up to him like he was a waaay older brother to me. His name is Don Sohl, he used to play with the Roadrunners back in the day... But long long story short, I know how effing awesome it is to get a guitar from a musician you look up to.
Mike Housego
Decent of Dave, and I've new found respect - made that kid's dreams come true.
class act Mr. Grohl.
Mr. The Mac
The way he just starts doing the gig walking around stage dudes got a pair of cojones lol 👌🏽🤙🏽 that right there is the innocence of a child keep on keeping on little dude 🙌🏽
3:11 that was cool the drummer was ready to go haha, I thought the kid was gonna keep playing too
Oliver Scott
Wicked man Yah 🤘🤘🤘🤘
That's not him playing. Pay close attention.
Phil New
Ok. I will wait 2 weeks then amazon 😜
Pun Gent.
That kid deserves to be on stage with Dave Grohl & Footos
I just have to say it was kinda a cool thing to be young and play but it will be easier for him and I know this cause I also started at a young age and my hands hurt like shit but it helped I was able to play fast
Rob C
Foo Fighters puts on the best concerts. Dave is fucking awesome!
Rob Jennings
Love it 👊🏼 fantastic way of starting your morning, watching something which makes you not stop smiling.
Sandra Palmer
He is messing up the Lyrics
Sarge Thebandit01
I'm so happy for this kid. He better not forget this awesome moment!!!
A fricken Gibson from David Grohl. How can anyone top that gift? \n Someday that kid is going to play that guitar at his own concert when he grows up.
Sergio Peluso
To play a Metallica song on your own concert to make this kid happy...respect
Finally found a replacement for Kirk Hammett.
Slimzy McCrazy
That kid is already a cooler person than me lol
That kid probably got more ass that night than I've had my entire life.
Tamara Hathaway PHILIPPIANS 4:3
Taylor Swift
Why was this in my recommended I don’t even know who they are
Truth 1st
Nice big one Dave !
Vince Ruland
What an absolute awesome person Dave is. That kid will be telling this story for the rest of his life!
Kid: what did you do this weekend?\nKids friend: I got 1,000 likes on my Instagram post!!! What about you?\nKid: I got Dave Grohls guitar!
Zack Aguilar
Talk about childhood inspiration!
fingers too short to play sanitarium !
Yup, very cool of Dave.
FUN FACT : Not Dave's guitar.......gifty.
dee douglas
Thank you Moore than moore
drew hendrix
Kid will remember that for the rest of his life. Hang on to that guitar
im so white
wow he plays metallica's shitiest song
john doe
I love when bands do things for fans and children. ... AWESOME.
kiumars asgari
Dave can sing ,dave can play guitar plus drum ,overall he was nothin without great KURT
At the end my neck almost snaped
He moves like Angus Young, looks the same as well.
metal mike
this is better then metallica
The fact that the kid waved at the band on the way out says a lot about the kid.
I love that the kid wanted to play metallica with Foo Fighters. What I love even more is that they actually decided to play it and sung along. Then they gave him his guitar, that's amazing. This is very heart warming.
suraj punjabi
Somebody raised their kid right
If music had a cool uncle, it would be Dave Grohl.
This is great....I like the foo fighters version
usaf vet
That was so Awesome and straight Up Cool. ! 👍🇺🇸\nGiving him the Guitar. 👍
I just looked it up, that guitar is the Gibson ES-335 or maybe even the ES-339, something from that family. Those guitars are worth around $3,100 new. So we'll just say $3,000 as a rough estimate to keep it simple and rounded up. He's got this video to prove it's authentic now, that guitar might be worth upwards of $20k to the right person if not even more than that. I had initially said the value of the guitar probably jumped by 1000% but I think $30k might be a bit too much even for something like that but you never know, the hardest of hardcore Foo Fighters fans might find it worth paying way more for it. \n\nIn spite of all of this though, I'd never sell it. Ever. Not unless I was about to go homeless or otherwise had no choice.
Mom better not jack his guitar and sell it! I like Dave more everytime I see him.