Best Fight Scenes: Steven Seagal

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This American martial artist is one of Hollywood’s most famous action stars especially throughout the 90s’ often having played an ex-cop, government agent, or spec-ops soldier dispatching his enemies with the quick hand techniques and expertly coordinated throws of his 7th dan Aikido skills while remaining virtually untouchable. Seagal’s first starring role was in 1987’s “Above the Law”, which allowed him to break out into the film industry and follow up with other successful films like “Hard to Kill”, “Out for Justice”, and arguably his greatest action movie of all, 1992’s “Under Siege”. During his adolescent years, Seagal worked as a dishwasher and was introduced to martial arts by one of the restaurant’s cooks who happened to be a Shotokan Karate master. Seagal would soon later begin studying Aikido under Harry Kiyoshi Ishisaka who he regards as his most influential teacher. After moving to Japan in his early adulthood where he would remain for many years, Seagal became the first foreigner in that country to run an Aikido dojo. Other than Aikido, he has also trained in Judo and Kendo as well as having shared some of his insight with UFC fighters Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida who gave Seagal credit for the front kick KO he landed on Randy Couture. Here are my favorite Steven Seagal fight scenes.List of movies featured in order of appearance:1. The Glimmer Man2. Out For Justice3. Under Siege4. Hard To Kill5. Into the Sun6. Above the Law7. Born to Raise Hell8. On Deadly Ground9. A Dangerous Man10. Absolution11. Code of Honor12. (outro) MacheteOther films/television series include Marked for Death, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Executive Decision, Fire Down Below, The Patriot, Prince of Central Park, Exit Wounds (w/ Michael Jai White), Ticker, Half Past Dead, The Foreigner, Out for a Kill, Belly of the Beast, Out of Reach, Clementine, Submerged, Today You Die, Dragon Squad (w/ Sammo Hung), Black Dawn, Mercenary for Justice, Shadow Man, Attack Force, Flight of Fury, Urban Justice, Pistol Whipped, The Onion Movie, Kill Switch, Against the Dark, Driven to Kill, The Keeper, Sheep Impact, Maximum Conviction, Force of Execution, A Good Man, Gutshot straight, Sniper: Special Ops, True Justice, and Steven Seagal: Lawman.

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