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This American martial artist is one of Hollywood’s most famous action stars especially throughout the 90s’ often having played an ex-cop, government agent, or spec-ops soldier dispatching his enemies with the quick hand techniques and expertly coordinated throws of his 7th dan Aikido skills while remaining virtually untouchable. Seagal’s first starring role was in 1987’s “Above the Law”, which allowed him to break out into the film industry and follow up with other successful films like “Hard to Kill”, “Out for Justice”, and arguably his greatest action movie of all, 1992’s “Under Siege”. During his adolescent years, Seagal worked as a dishwasher and was introduced to martial arts by one of the restaurant’s cooks who happened to be a Shotokan Karate master. Seagal would soon later begin studying Aikido under Harry Kiyoshi Ishisaka who he regards as his most influential teacher. After moving to Japan in his early adulthood where he would remain for many years, Seagal became the first foreigner in that country to run an Aikido dojo. Other than Aikido, he has also trained in Judo and Kendo as well as having shared some of his insight with UFC fighters Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida who gave Seagal credit for the front kick KO he landed on Randy Couture. Here are my favorite Steven Seagal fight scenes.List of movies featured in order of appearance:1. The Glimmer Man2. Out For Justice3. Under Siege4. Hard To Kill5. Into the Sun6. Above the Law7. Born to Raise Hell8. On Deadly Ground9. A Dangerous Man10. Absolution11. Code of Honor12. (outro) MacheteOther films/television series include Marked for Death, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Executive Decision, Fire Down Below, The Patriot, Prince of Central Park, Exit Wounds (w/ Michael Jai White), Ticker, Half Past Dead, The Foreigner, Out for a Kill, Belly of the Beast, Out of Reach, Clementine, Submerged, Today You Die, Dragon Squad (w/ Sammo Hung), Black Dawn, Mercenary for Justice, Shadow Man, Attack Force, Flight of Fury, Urban Justice, Pistol Whipped, The Onion Movie, Kill Switch, Against the Dark, Driven to Kill, The Keeper, Sheep Impact, Maximum Conviction, Force of Execution, A Good Man, Gutshot straight, Sniper: Special Ops, True Justice, and Steven Seagal: Lawman.

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Akuma Bakemono
Creator of aikido: aikido is 90% of blows and 10% of dislocations and projections\nToday's aikido: 90% unnecessarily fancy movements, 10% dislocations badly made to a partner who does not resist.
These clips brought back beautiful memories, also for all of Steven Seagal detractors I say unto you, I'd like to see your own achievements in martial arts, I have a gut feeling that most Seagal critics have no clue what a martial artist is and what Seagal is capable of doing in real life in a dangerous situation.\nIn my humble opinion, he is an excellent martial artist, in real life, you don't want to make a man like Seagal angry at you for any reason, he is also an expert marksman and can handle with deadly expertise an arsenal of lethal weapons. I have the utmost respect for Mr Seagal and have thoroughly enjoyed his films, especially the first 10.
Andrew Fury
Nice clips about the action movies with Steven. Thanks man!
Anthony Drake
I have played baseball with professionals it doesn't make me a professional.
Badge Man
1:30 master Steven invented that point blank, hand gun disarm to devastating effect. He trains Spetsnaz in similar techniques.
Why did he get so fat?! Someone in shape should never get that way, and I hear he's insecure about his hair loss. Pretty lame for a \
Boobie Brand
Aikido killed midnight meet train,
I don't care what anyone says, Seagal is one of the most badass martial artists, ever.
Caner ÖVET
If you've watch this then you've watched all Seagal movies xD
Nothing ever happens to him. Never gets really hit, thrown around and he does all the hitting. That is why so few like him. He also has a mouth on him, but when he was challenge at a party by Claude Van Damme  he refuse to stop outside and disappeared.
Carlos Hidalgo
I love ❤ that guy
Carlos Sipeon
Bien gracias
Catastr0phic Disaster
Oh I'm sorry I thought for sure I was watching a video of the way he treats co stars on filming locations.
For some reason these clips make me want to eat a salad
Daniel Parenteau
Bad Actor , even worse Person ! Just clicked on this too say so !
David Ellis
Still looking for Bobby Lupo in 2017 :-)
Deridivis Star
@ 11:14 Segal use a Krav maga move. Super effective and used in military systems. I also like how Segal use quick, and powerful low leg kicks. Even his \
Djanane pereira da silva
Seria tão bom se fosse o filme completo e traduzido no português. Agradeceria muito!😉
DnA Clan
His movies before 2000 were always worth watching, after that they kinda went downhill.
Doc Holiday718
How tf they left out marked for death my favorite fkn steven segal movie?! That fkn mall scene was classic! \
Droid Gamer-Tech
Elder Hardaway
Emanuel Diego
Steven Seagal is a TRUE Martial Art Master!\nufc is BULSHIT!!!!!!!!
Estera Kowalczyk
' im right.
Gavin Puli
Poor steven, he is not getting any younger
Gonzalo Lopez
Siempre pelea con los más bajitos. Muy desparejo todo.
Has anyone seen Ritchie!!? Anybody know why he did Bobby Lupo!?
Haman Karn
My favorite Seagal fight was in Marked for Death when he fights Screwface.
Hinatea Teihotaata
Hinatea et le cadre d'une lasn
Igor Gerlovin
Seagal is one of the best there is; it doesn't matter what \
J. Telles
Steven Seagal sair na porrada com ele é pedir pra apanhar !! O Cara é bom de porrada...
Jeff Allinson
I am not sure what is the most plastic, Segal's acting or his face.
Joel Crichi
I just realize how funny is steven
Johnny Akhtar
Lots of people say bad things about Steven seagal saying his not that good I bet even at 65 they won't face him he was good at what he studied but like I said he's 65 years old.
Jonas Sami
oh my God, the one actor I will NEVER miss.
Ken Masters
This guy thinks every argument is a street fight!
In la última pelea es la unica en donde pierde
Under Siege is my favorite movie. When he takes back the ship. Very good movie.
Melvin Bridgewater
At 2:58 He Hit Him With The Whole Telephone. But He Rung His Bell For The Last Tyme On The Metal Fence
Miguel Salas
Thanks steve
Mister Miracle
Steven is the Real Deal. Thanks for the video.
Still a Bad Ass even though he has gotten much older & heavier over the Years Age is something that even He can not Defeat You think.?
Panda Nuke
It never ceases to amaze me how after he destroys all the underlings, the head bad guy still wants a go at him. Lol
Paulo Eduardo Batista Antonio
One fight Seagal is losing is against weight and age, dyeing your hair and beard.......sigh
Phillip Jennings
Tommy Lee Jones looked like Mick Jager when he got stabbed in the head😂😂😂😭😭😭😭\n And that Chinese dude fell a long ways😂😂😂😂😂
Pierre Kerezovic
Rahman Ramli
Jason Statham will easily wacked Steven seagull on the face...
Reggie Rodriguez
Into The Sun should have played in U.S movie theaters. That was a great movie
Rol Gonz
For me \
That Out for Justice brawl is still one of my favourite old school American fight scenes
7:44 That guy's going to the hospital!
Ryan Davis
How do so many people think this is good??
Sheldon Bass
Seagal is a liar. He's been caught in his own lies about his training so many times it's ridiculous. It's amazing how many people believe Hollywood movies are real life. Steven Seagal is a very large man and I would not take him lightly, but he has nowhere near the experience or training as a martial artist as he claims. Everyone who is anyone who is actually in the martial arts scene, especially among the action stars, knows this. And his ego is as big as Texas. I like a humble martial arts stars, like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Bolo Yeung, etc.
By 2009 Seagal looks like the kung fu Michelin man.
Siobhan Kelly
Snotnose Tom
Steve Sibaja
Anybody seen Richie
That Old Uppity Nigger
has any one everseen steve fight guys his own size? they are always shorter
Thomas Weeden
Lol how many people has this dude flipped in his lifetime
Todd Gilmore
People you can disrespect him and his style all you want, but I wouldn't wan't to piss him off personally...
Tom O'Hawk
And now he's Butterbeans stunt double
Tommy Gun
Steven have a Marcy on good guys....😁
Tony Lloyd
In real life he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag lol
Tru Groovin
Marked for Death has some of my favorite fight scenes.
Viva Freedom
All his fights are fake!
Great Talent and Real Man !\nHe is Living Legend !
Walter Manfred
In case you lose a fight with Steven Seagal, just run. You know that with his sissy running style of his, he will never catch you. Be careful about looking at his latest \
Wouter van der Giessen
Terrible choreography and editing.
alex theo
Take some acid guys wake up
alois wolff
X me... an Hero..
amarjit wangkheirakpam
Steven seagel vs CHuk norris .. battle will be legendary
antar shakti
only a fool on a suicide mode will mess with a giant warrior like Steven Siegel.
Did he found richie ?
bo2web as
Martial ARTificial ! Hollywood product !
gerald miller
communist dupe. putin loves this guy. let him move to russia and stay there.
jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen
Steven Segal vs Joe Rogan:the final fight..petitions..petitions.
mr. Ftor
Famous actor from russian buryatia!
At 15:41 is that a form of Aikido? Never seen Seagal use that stance in any other movie, pretty cool tho.
rodrigo Ferreira
Rodrigo Seagal
you've forgotten the film where Steven rescued the orphan girl from sex traffic - the last fight to save her (Sword fight) quite good - I like the movie - as sex trafficking is becoming more realistic - even though the film never showed what must have really goes on over there
syncs gaming
6 years I been learn aikido cuz I want be into japanese but Im into both chinese x japanese
đuro the duro
Айбек Молдалиев
Сигал красава делай всех уродов
Любимый Богом
Вся подборка на тему «Лучшие кабацкие драки в кино»:\n1) «Ненасытные» (2006): глава «Пьяный мастер».\n2) «О, счастливчик!» (2009): Фрегат отрывается!\n3) «Зайчик» (1964): «Не приставайте к женщине!».\n4) Как разбираться со жлобами: инструкция от Витьки Цоя (х.ф. «Игла», 1988).\n5) «Крысиный угол» (1992): сцена в кабаке.\n6) «Бригада» (2002): “Белый” и “Опер” в казино.\n7) Сергей Любавин «Кабак» (памяти Сергея Есенина).\n8) «Карпов»: драка в ресторане.\n9) Телесериал «Бандитский Петербург»: драка Обнорского в кабаке.\n10) «Соловей Разбойник» (2012): драка в баре.\n11) Том Круз – драка в баре: один против пятерых.\n12) Драка в баре из х.ф. «Полтора шпиона» (2016).\n13) Драка в баре из х.ф. «Гость» (2014).\n14) «Русский транзит» (1994), 1 серия: свадебная разборка в ресторане.\n15) «Бандитский Петербург»: «По-купечески... С Размахом!».\n16) «Человек с бульвара Капуцинов»: драка в салуне. \n17) «За последней чертой» (1991): побоище в «Индийском» кабаке.\n18) «Мерцающий» (1996): Стивен Сигал разносит всю блатняцкую охрану.
Юрій Петранівський
долбоеб захотел русский паспорт
قناة المنوعات
good work man thanks i love steven seagal
he doesn't move his head really well.. i mean.. is it really possible in real life you can just counter all the punches people throw at you only with your arms? not that realistic, to be honest..
he's a Aikido dancer. that's it