Criss Angel Mindfreak Walk on Lake

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Criss is famous for walking on water in a pool. In the Mindfreak style, Criss will now up the ante and attempt to walk on the world's largest manmade lake, Lake Mead. PLS COMMENTS ME ^_____^


1/2 savage
he's clearly the son of god
Abdelrhman. Co
Name of that music?
Andrew Flood
Armando garcia
Bobby Drake
No comments, no bitches false accuse. thought so.
hes just walking on glass the audience is payed to act like its amazing
Hamza Essaoui
The name of song, when he start walking in the water ?
Julia van Vliet
Kenneth Akin
We all have the power to do anything, the question is will you use your powers for Good or Bad.
Kyla Acero
just focus the chakra on your feet
He said he'd walk across the whole lake. Not 25 meters out on plexi. Of course it's fake - the problem I have is that you don't promise something and then deliver something else.
Piet Ziet
Fake i can diss
Ricky Kapoor
Rodney Crosby
THIS IS satanic stuff 
Ryan Ehlis
Stupid people! Never mind the sky full of chemtrails!
Shaan Khilnani
its plexi glass
SoldierOfChrist Yuma
Does anybody have a full video? I watched it long time ago.He talked about satanic element of soul.
Super Man
0:21 What's the music?
Tedd The scary bear
That’s not criss angel
The Doctor
This is evidence that Jesus is a fraud.
Val TheExcelsior
ok, i saw him walk on pool water, on lake water....NOW THE OCEAN WATER. lol
look at full version same place at the end when helicopter shows up \ndoes anyone notice the Chen trails over your water think you might to get that checked
heavenly man
jit fag
this is real
john jahred
Bad acting... oh my god!
Does anyone know what the song is that plays when he walks on the water
untaian kata
yes this is true!! and i beleve it..,!! this is conspiration with syatanic!!