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hundreds of free westerns . The Proud Rebel online western stars Alan Ladd and Olivia de Havilland . With commentary by Bob Terry . This movie also has Alan Ladds son David Ladd, Dean Jagger, James Westerfield , Cecil Kellaway , Henry Hull , Harry Dean Stanton , Tom Pittman, John Carradine, King the dog. This is a story of Alan Ladd as John Chandler trying to find a cure for his son losing his speach. There are many Alan Ladd western movies and this one is a good one. Alan Ladd will always be most remembered for his title role in the movie western Shane . Alan Ladd started in Hollywood in 1932 with an uncredited role in the movie Tom Brown of Culver and made his last movie as Nevada Smith in The Carpetbaggers in 1964 . The Nevada Smith character was later used again in what was really a prequel to The Carpetbaggers in a 1965 western titled Nevada Smith Starring Steve McQueen.

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Not only was Alan Ladd great in Westerns.?But he made a few Good Detective & Private Eye Movies.? It's was a shame that he ended his Life,? So Tragic.? R.I.P. Alan Ladd. For you are missed by all of your Fans.?
Stupid scene, where the Stooges set the barn on fire......\n\n A good slap across the face will get rid of ADHD, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Agood slap across the rump was Grand Paps cure for Dad. Why doesn't the dog bar ?, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, It has a bad mental issue too I guess.\n\n But he's just a child, he has Trauma Issues. Then the Bullying by the Brats, WOW, while the grown ladies just stand there and watch is so normal. I guess I'll sell the Kids Pomeranian all because I can't afford Obamacare & all the Psychological Treatments the School Psychologist says the Kid needs because of the bullying. Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, means I Hate You Alan Dad. You sold my mutt. \n\nNow I guess I'll arm up and go get the Mutt I sold so I could afford the medical treatment for my kid. Even though the Mutt is not my property any more and the owner sold it to some one else. Doesn't matter I want it back. \n\nEven though the new owner is cruel to the Doggie and drags it around on a leash, I'll take the Humane Society approach and force the owner to do my bidding. Yeah. why have an Animal Control Officer get involved. OH, that's why they have those positions today. History sure has changed for the benefit of the Liberal minded.\n\nReally, this story has a very stupid plot. lets kill him for stealing the dog I just told him to take. And we can get away with it and Steal her farm from her. Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Johnny Dad, Look Out. Bang, Bang, It's all over now..\n\nSTUPID LIBERALISM from the bygone era, continues until this day. Let's take the Guns away from the law Abiding Citizens. OK, or Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh,
A great western.
Alan Lee
A great Alan Ladd Western The Proud Rebel is almost a sequel to Shane Thanks you guys are the best!
Alan Witton
Fantastic viewing
Anal Krapstain
I can make the boy talk without any doctors. It's all in the voltage.
Art Johnson
Excellent movie, ending brought a tear to my eye.
Author No1
As an author I would never write such a disgusting excuse for a subplot to sell a story. Using this plot to twist feelings of an audience is beyond reproach. The story is genuine without a soap opera ending. A parent that would do that to a knew from the first word he didn't speak – that he would in the end. To violins.
Beth Bartlett
When the dog goes, I go - can not watch the pain of losing a dog. \nCan watch anymore!
Biddewaaq Ina Cawsgurow
That was one hell of a movie.
Bill Huber
Great western. Thanks.
Cloud Dweller
Well compare this gem to the filth that is out there today
Daniel Snedden
Thanks for the great movie!
Dave Hansen
That's Alan Lad's real-life son David playing the kid here. He is 68 now.
Dorel Sendroiu
We don't need no presentation. That's why I give you thumb down
Douglas Rebne
Thanks so much for this great Allan Ladd film--I saw 'Shane' when I was about ten and, obviously, was very moved by it.  I trust that your cap gun business runs well.  If you don't already offer it, I suggest the Buntline Special.  It was my favorite as a boy.  Best to ya'll.  Douglas Rebne
Edward Griffin
If I buy one of your Wild West Toys Cap Guns, Made in U.S.A. Could you tell me what the shipping charge would be to Romford, Essex, England, UK. Love this film. These films were made with real actors. Not the fake plastic and cardboard cutouts that we see today. This actor \
Great movie but boy a lot of talking before the movie. Reminded me of all the cartoons that use to show before the movie played...Thanks for sharing
Gerald Himmelspach
I simply loved this movie. Period. Enough said!
Graeme Williams
Who's the gabby photographer in the top hat, seen him in a heap of westerns ?
I enjoyed this movie just as much as SHANE. David Ladd did a heckuva job. I would still like to know if the ring Alan Ladd wears in so many of his movies is his wedding band or some other ring with special meaning? It seems to be the same one in many of his movies.
Guy Parris
Rolled up short sleeves!! Hilarious!!!
yhe shopkeeper...the grandfather in the munsters and from car 54 where are you?
Hong Cong Phan
It was 'not too bad' for situation.However once have to retrain love,exchange one to get another one,whoever will have a pin on his/her Heart.The Summer before last year of High School,I went to visit my Grandma,45 Km away from the place where we evacuated to.And the way is closed to Trail that American jet fighter come to bomb one after the other,just about 10,15 Minutes.The place Today was built as a History Iconic Point,the Name Dong-Loc,Ha Tinh Province,Vietnam.There's no other way to go.I left my Dog with a friend's family,when I come back,they (or whoever) \
*Great Movie, They Just don't Make Movies like this Any more*!!!!!!! [ *7 7 7* ]
Jayraj Jonson
Jaz Giani
Is there any chance to upload the movie 'Red mountain' by Alan Ladd?
John Shane Gladden
Alan Ladd had Solid acting Skils (Shane-1 of the Best Films \
Josh Bradley
credits start at 4:19. actual film at 5:26 good movie thanks for the post
Kamran Daghighian
great movie. \nI did get emotional \nmy son also can't talk \nautism it's a reason \nyou could learn a lot from it.\nthanks
Karamy Dorante
beautiful movie,, thanks
Kate Hyde
That dog is brilliant
How refreshing to see some every-day life in a movie for a change! Nice to see some more normal folks just trying to scratch out a living on the homestead. Surely there had to be more to living back then than shoot-outs as you see in about 99% of the movies!
Kevin Coyle
me and my girlfriend watch this movie, she loved it, she is also deaf, and uses sign launguage, great movie, first time we seen this one! :)
Kirsten I. Russell
Among the many charms this movie offers is the music score by Jerome Moross (his score for THE BIG COUNTRY is his best known). I've seen this movie over and over since my childhood and it still holds up in my view. Such a fine picture!
Larry Dustin
Sorta like DJT 45 taken on the Swamp,Deepstate, Cesspool in Wash D.C. good luck Prez.
Les Lassiter
Great movie. Excellent upload. Never take a boys dog away. Never.
Linda Krpec
Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful movie.
Liziwe Mabona
I feel I can cry
Lets not overlook Olivia de Havilland and the boy as well.
M Mess
a cliché, russian propaganda.
Good Movie Thanks 4 Sharing .
Marlos Mandlate
One of the most beautiful n powerful movie I ever saw😭
Maureen Hunter
Michael Haskins
Hollywood has surely lost it's way Since these Great Movies were made. I grew up watching them..
Mischele Routh
Good movie!! Love Alan Ladd and Olivia DeHavilland!
Mohammed Abdullahi Attah
What is this I don't get it how can you be accused of being drank and you were not and you can't say that in court to defend yourself and he sit there for him to be charged of that.
Monkof Magnesia
I usually fast forward and skip the introductions, but there is something very likeable about the host. My only suggestion is he keep in mind where the microphone is located, as it keeps picking up his hands (which might be hitting a table).
Love Alan Ladd western movies. This was one of his best western movies. 👍👍🇺🇸
* * * * *'s Period.
Patrick Turner
what a lame assed movie.......hysterical paralysis is not something that can be \
Paul Pb
i always thought shane was good but this one was better
Phúc Lê Văn
This movie is greatest in cowboy movies of all time.
Pit O'Maley
One of the many under-appreciated Alan Ladd films that was ahead of its time, with his own son,David, playing his mute, troubled son. With an all-star cast led by Dean Jagger playing the heavy, veterans John Carradine, Henry Hull and the durable Harry Dean Stanton, Michael Curtiz directs this sensitive, wonderful family feature which builds to a powerful climax. Even Olivia DeHavilland plays against typecasting playing a stern spinster forced into adjustment during the post-Civil War. Both sexes learn from each other as a means to achieve or survive and that mutual cooperation lifts this western above the pack with a fine father-son, step-son-step-mom reconciliation that is heart-warmingly felt.  
Pop Eye
Most men named \
Pressed Steel
this is a good movie.
Ps Middx
Strangely says 460 p but more like 240, really poor
Raffield's Refuge
Awesome movie!
Renzo Recycling
First time I cried in 2 years
Revray Jones
Try try connecting to Chrome case to download
Simon C
Great film. The moral dilemma that is central to the plot - sell the family dog in order to pay for boy's operation? - is well presented, The scene where the boy comes back and looks for the dog is excruciatingly painful. Well-made film - almost every shot looks like a painting. Good performances by everyone, especially Olivia de Havilland.\ufeff
Starr Meadows
I know what it's like to have a dog like this a one person dog. Life went out of me when this dog was gone. Dog has been gone 14 years & I still miss him.
Suchindranath Aiyer
Lovely movie. Thank you.
Supersatan666devil 5th
Can some one upload \
Tab Lature
Great movie. Great story. Great western. A real winner. Thanks for sharing, Bob.
Ted Steen
enjoyed this movie thanks so nice to see father and son together
The Maggs
Great western!
Tom Neal
Great movie. Ending a little bogus but other then that, two thumbs up.
Tommy Pollock
that boy looks like all lad do u think?
Tony Z
...SHANE,my ole time fave movie !! Alan was a GREAT actor !!
I love western movies
great movie and actor mr ladd
alex rüdt
Big Movie !! So much thanks for uploading..
amundsen Amundsen1907
It is grand
The dog is great!!  The Star of this movie.
brenda taylor
What a wonderful movie to watch, so thanks for sharing! :):)
Awesome movie👍🏾
danny khligufu
thanks for all the flixs,much appreciated, happy trails
don brassco
Dont go Shane😄
donald Clifft
i really enjoyed the movie
emma lane
excellent movie...thank you...👍 and thank you for the back ground info!
Love this movie a true classic, thanks.
james spagnola
Did he really? R.I.P. Alan Ladd
jimari francois
Alan Ladd the boss!
verry niice
Never seen this one before. Great movie!
richard michalko
so you can get in a fistfight, and sent to jail..but if you shoot a guy, you get to go home.
rommel lupae
pls omit those erroneous english subtitles,makes me so stupid,takes the excitement away!
Alan Ladd ! one of the Best !
stephen holwell
Alan Ladd was short BUT so is Tom Cruise . its not the size of the dog in a fight , its the size of the fight in the dog . i am 6 feet 2 inch i have tall friends and short friends . and most of my tall friends will say there is no way i would take on some of my short friends in a fight . Alan Ladd is on a Parr with tom Cruise .
steve elliot
Why can't movies like this be made nowdays. One of the better ones I've seen. Love it.
حاتم حاتم
Great move