Gene Simmons Band - Lets Fan Play Drums (Christine Sixteen)

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(Kiss Cover)Gröna Lund, Stockholm. June 2, 2018

- Christine Sixteen Gene Simmons Band Kiss

Well, he certainly couldn't be worse than Peter Criss LOL
Now that is how you have fun!!!
Gene Simmons transformation into Pat Vegas is nearly complete.
Andrew Baldwin
Great playing by Vincent! My only question is how much did Vincent pay Gene before the show? Because as we know, Gene will put the Kiss name on anything for a buck, so I hear a cash register ringing somewhere... ☮️
Bees In Florida
I'd like to see more shows like this. Good video.
Big Tom
seriously how fukin cool was that, unforgettable moment in his lifetime
Bryant Whittaker
Please retire Gene!! Get up and get your great great grandma out of here!!
Gene has no talent. It's unreal how he has gotten away with having absolutely no talent.
What did they do ? Turn the drum mic down ?
Canis Lupus
I like when a fan can come up and play with the band.Nice thing too do of the band.Respect
Chris Drummond
As long as Peter Criss isn't drumming in Gene's band, Gene is happy.
Christian V.
The lad's got chops! Way to go kid! I love to see when people get to live the dream!
Cory Draper
Craig Pierre
That was awesome!!!
Well done!
Darrin Ros
Brother man, you nailed it. You will now get laid, at least 3000 times. Like Uncle Gene
Dej Knapp
OMG!! That is the BIGGEST 15 yo boy I ever saw. He's almost as big as Gene, and gene is a very tall and substantially sized person.
Eric In Thailand
That's how the Torch of Rock & Roll is helped along to be passed to the next generation, Thanx KISS for giving that young man a great opportunity in life, F'n Fantastic !!
Evolve- The Performing Arts
if u need a real drummer let me know :)
Fabio Bianchini
Gene keeps on fuckin' the lyrics on this song
Funk Enstein
That drummer may be young, be he's a very good drummer.
G V Cal
Gene still sounds great. Very cool to let a fan have that unforgettable moment
Garrett Murdock
lol christine 60 lol
Absolutely fantastic VINCENT !
0:10 squeak
Gene could have kept the tune going without pointing out that the kid used a ride instead of hihat. I thought that was way \nmore unprofessional than the kids mistake. The guy played it nearly flawlessly other than Gene screwing with him. \nOn the other hand it was extremely cool of the band to give him that incredible opportunity.
Have Guitar
Well played, Vincent! :)
Henrik Persson
Woohoo, that was sooo good! 👍
Ian Humphry
Gene had always been a champion of young musicians and artists
When I saw you coming out of school that day, I knew I was going to jail, right to jail....Oh, yeahhh!
Jeannet Wiltink
Nou begin eens een keer eerst een zwam verhaal op hangen
Jerome Cantor
What group did gene simmons discover? Vh
Jerry Scott
Most real version of a Kiss performance in awhile. Paul Stanley is a joke now. I would pay to hear THIS but Paul lipsyncing? Nah. But then again the man hasn't had a voice in a decade. Guess he has to fake it. I would love to see Gene and his band play for real. Paul needs to go paint.
Jimmy Gallant
Gene Simmons is one awesome dude👍👍👍
Joe Bunting
I would suck Gene's and every member of KISS's members if they wanted me to. I would be honored. \\m/!!
Joe Kraw
very cool gene !
Joe Ritchie
Lucky bastard
John DeF
Now someone show gene how to play bass....
Jon Tisch
Kid nailed it and Gene enjoyed stopping the song and making it fun with a bit of comedy.
Joseph Usher
Really good job, for someone just there to watch the show, IF he was JUST there to watch and not planted by the band.
Kimberly Anne
Very kind to the future of Rock N Roll continues on.\nGene your bad « You know when you’re in bed......\nBorn in 62 grew up listenIng and going to your concerts.\n💋💋💋💋💋👅💋💋💋💋💋
Kyle 7K
Pretty good sounding lineup. Sad I missed out at the Surf in Iowa.
Layden Robinson
What is that demented dead animal pelt on #GeneSimmons head. #GeneSimmonsBand
What’s this about gene being selfish? I think he’s a nice guy.
Don't know why, but this made me happy.
Mats Lindholm
Fan va cool.....
Mattias Söderlund
The new Kiss-lineup unmasked. 😄
Michael Bryant
Usually Gene only lets fans play his skin flute or on occasion, the male organ.
Micko Hell
fucking awesome!!!!
Mike Oneill
Can you say LAME
Miki Maiden
hahaha so cool...the kid is amazing :)
The guy standing next to the drumset looks like Lord Ahriman from Dark Funeral.
Nic 485
Vincent's dad living vicariously through his son :)
Wow, Vincent plays great!
Nite Flyer
Gene... such a demanding Commander \
OH_I _Will
Getting tired of this \
Paupers Budget
This is ultra Cool. I wish Paul, Gene and the rest of KISS Ace, Peter, Eric, Tommy and Bruce could do this together. That would be awesome. They could call it the Hit and Run tour. You have KISS and then out of nowhere you have Ace come on stage or Peter or Bruce. . .You just never know when it will happen.
Perverted Podcast
If you can handle being stopped over and over from Gene Simmons on stage till you get it right. You can handle anything.\nGene showed this kid a VERY valuable lesson in what it takes to be a pro and he didn't even mind crashing his show a little to do it. As big an ego Gene has, he has always been a rock star mentor to new bands, teaching them about the whole package of being a rock star. Even when he had the kid say his name he told him \
Peter Star Mörker Stad
He plays great but Gene makes a fool out of him by being the idiot he is. I wish Vincent the best 🤘
ETT ord... FETT! 😳
Raf Zero
I love how Gene stopped it until they got that part right! haha
Ray D-V
They should reserve that shit for a time when other people are expecting the band for which they paid. \n\nGood player tho, he’s in the pocket
Rob Reber
That was probably the highlight of that kids life so far. Gene is a class act for letting that young lad up on stage to perform with the band. I hope that the kid appreciated what Gene did and I hope that the kid turns out to be a successfull drummer. He did a great job on Christine, even with the hiccup.
Ruiseart Alcorn
Great stuff!!! :)
Well if you have any musical talent in this case drums........this is bucket list of a life time. Gene is rather amusing front man also.
Sam Fosdick
I like the old school backline set up....sounds like a REAL rock and roll band!!
Shahlan Saim
Gene is probably the only original KISS member that still have the chops.
Wow! The kid nailed it! Excellent seeing seasoned band members with a fresh face amongst them! So all the way from Ypsilanti, MI.... ROCK ON GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve O'Laughlin
That was great! Nice job brother! I love seeing this!
Surfs Up
Mabey this kid can teach Pete how to play again.
Swapster .com
Very nice of Gene to let these young guys get up on stage.
Thatone Dude
He then promptly sued the guy for not paying him a royalty for playing the song live.
Thomas Berry
Mr. Simmons that was wonderful. That's truly what being a legendary rock star is all about.
Tom Johnson
Kicks Eric Singer's ass.
Tommy Sainthill
Nice t-shirts on band. VGN hockey, and KISS tunes!!! 👍 👍 👊
Walter Thomas
Man, my dream would be to play with a member of Kiss.. :)
The memory of a life time.
Yia Moua
So cool! that's awesome shiz!
Zal Moxis
Gene is revving him up just a bit...... I remember Gene's reaction when my old mate Oxx stood in line for half a day at a Kiss convention. He'd drawn a cartoon picture of Gene and his cheesy flavoured snax.... his old cod piece from Kiss days....  He played the same sort of humour trick on him too... Both Gene and Paul Stanley loved it and wanted it for one of their fanzine newsletters....... unfortunately it never happened. The Oxx man was a great drummer too... RIP mate
I would have liked KISS except that obviously their music really sucked. I mean an average twelve year old could write and play at their level. Somehow I just couldn't get past that.
Gene is a class act. What an awesome thing to do for that kid.
Gene can still rock with the best of them!
ghostt girl ghostt spook
that kid was good!! never missed a beat!!
he is Mini-Vincent...
homer randall
I;ve seen KISS two times. first at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo Mi on their famous Destroyer Tour, and last year at The WalMart Amp in Rogers AR. And in all the concerts I've ever been to, I have never seen someone from the audience EVER get to come on stage and play with any major or minor band. That was a phenomenal gift Gene gave to that kid. and if he continues, he has a great career ahead of him as a disciplined drummer. Best of luck Vincent. Hope to see ya on a stage of your own some day.
Damn he played fucking good for what no rehearsal or anything?
Very cool of Gene
When Gene said \
Dude was working that kit like he has always been back there. \nNow it’s still ok to sing pro pedo song in 2018?
michael hembree
That shows he don't care about nothing his least he has a heart and.lets fan play
motorman xxx
Gene is gonna charge that kid for drum lessons
I gave it a thumbs up for Vincent, but Gene has got to be just about the ugliest man on earth. I like his music, but no way do I believe he's been laid a thousandth of the times he claims he has - pure bs. I don't care how good a musician he is, he is too damn ugly - I'd never let him even touch me - yuck. That said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, thank God - if there's a lover for Gene Simmons, there's a lover for any of us!!!
richard abney
people are morons for giving this thumbs down!!!!
rockets push off air
Turned out alright! \
Gene and Ace still sing great
skip michaels
This is really cool !Remember Gene was the first major player to bring Van Halen to the forefront! I don't think he's the bad guy that people make him out to be.
That was kind of tacky when he stopped and corrected the kid. When the Foo fighters bring up someone on stage they would never do that. The kid nailed the song...
Brilliant.....haaa very got talent...that Gene guys not bad also....