Spending 24 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge

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2019 anyone?
A-A-RON is the name
He's over here haha 24 hours under water beat that!!! \n\nI'm over here I've spent 10 years on earth beat that loser!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Age restriction?!
Aaron Thompson
I couldve caught ligma 😂😂😂
Abby Loya
The only real 24 hour challenge. He’s the one who actually doesn’t lie.
Afnan _ Limelight
Brooooo I think this youtuber is the only youtuber that is actually keeping up some good content
Ankit Yadav
What you needed in there was a real oxygen/gas meter to continuously monitor the oxygen level inside. And make sure that you have at least 19% oxygen in there all the time. That’s the reason you felt nauseous and sick. Because you didn’t had sufficient oxygen inside.
Anna Paul
Anyone else have breathing problems watching this
Anthony Cassola
You cant just pump oxygen in, you need to filter CO2 out
ArcaneCyan YT
Lol demonized
Brent Winkel
Under water = yes, Fully Submerged = no
Burnt Chocolate Chip
You stayed 24 hours under water well I stayed 12 years breathing oxygen get on my level nerd
Why didn’t you put another tube to filter out the co2
David Trakhtman
Wtf is with all this age restrictions
Ella Humphries
You can't breath carbon
Epic GamerZ
Stand up 24 hours straight
Epic Games
Pause at 2:39 really fast compare to roblox, so similar.\nMy games better!
Ethan Kovacs
The reason u felt nauseous is because you ran out of oxygen and it filled up with carbon dioxide
Ethan Park
Easy just put a water bottle over your head then you are underwater
Faizan Kaleem
Only 24 hours? ??? I spent 12 years on earth !!\nGE ON MY LEVEL
You were straight getting hypothermia by the end
YouTube legit age restricted this. 😂😂
Flying Pizzas
The one person who sneezes in a horrie movie!😑
Age restricted btw
Gill Maher
The real question is how own earth did they get all the equipment to do this under water
Why Is This Age Restricted.
Grinding DF
I know you pissed in that pool lmfaoo
Why tf is this age restricted
Happy Mehoco
Did Chandler ever put in a shirt before going into Best Buy?
Hawraa Hamza6
Bruh I actually thought he was just going to sit underwater without oxygen. Thumbnails!!!
I think the title should be \
IamJoris 2007
Youtube dosent want it to be real\n*AgE ReSTrIcTeD*
Ilyas Shahiber
Am watching this under water
Jake Pauler
Ha, only 24 hours?\nI’ll be 6 feet underground for a long time soon!
Jameson Rapp
Why is it age restricted
Joey S
Kick Saunders it was the uterus
Jonathan R Vlogs
I thought he had a spider on his shoulder at 3:50. Lol
JstSumMobileScum Qian
Now you know how to survive zombie invasion
Juan Navarro
Do you see his dang feet?
Kabir Sharma
Last to leave pool wins $10,000
This was age-restricted\n*_BuT tHe CaTeGoRy iS EntErtAinMeNt?_*
Kannan M
do a 24 hours statue challenge
Kav Linn
Wow, he gave up because he got CO2 posioning. It wasnt just the water. He was literally slowly poisoning himself
Kayden Hefner
Why is it age restricted
Kick Saunders
Only 24 hours under water?\nI spent 9 months submerged in my mom's stomach!\nGet on my level NEWB!
Kyle Denecke
Why is this age restricted????
Kyle Li
I hope they weren't pumping pure oxygen, they better have been pumping a composite or he could have been... hurt real bad.
Leo Copp
10:49 close your eyes and listen
Should have brought a guitar and played the campfire song
Logan Cordero Fernandez
ONLY 24 hours in water?\nWell, I spent 13 years in PURE air! \nGet on my level, NOOB!
Lolencio Faze
-ocean man-\n\n*_pool boi_*
Luke 10 or 11
Jimmy looks high 12:53
M saarekas
Does someone know why he talks about Jake paul all the time? Sarcasm or what?
Mr. beast: *spending 24 hours in under water*\nYoutube: this needs to be age restricted.
Mark Rein-Hagen
on the enyone has breathing problems watching this coment i did have breathing problens
Matronix Playz
Why is this age restricted?
Metta J
*gEt OUt oF hERe yoU’Re StEaliNg MY oXYGeN*
I love sushi 😂👌🍱
Mr. Toy Man
Why was it age restricted?
Mrc119 Gamer Z
Y is this age restricted?
Omatrisk 123
2019 anyone?
Overload Ninety 9
3:51 He says underground
so.......... he peed in the pool?
Pilotzulu 793102
I will try it at my friends home
Clearly the best skin care life hack.
What happens when he *PEES* there?
Random Video
WTF, why is this age-restricted for?
Riley Dimond
How is this age restricted when you are underwater for 24 hours
Ron Kumar
I think he felt sick because he hasn't peed for so long.
Sarah Martin
How would he poop 😐
Seattle Seahawks
What happened if he didn't press the record button 😂😂😂
Selma Bette
How many brain cells did you lose?
Serena Cool
Why did you do that Mr.Beast
Sofia Choromanski
I can’t watch this because it is age restricted and I am sad 😞
The title should be spending 12 hours underwater
*24 hours of staying on Earth*
Takeshi Uchida
He probably got sick because of all the carbon dioxide
The Blooming Bluebell
I don't know why but every time one of your friends come to visit you it reminds me so much of the Mario pipes lol 😂
The Gren
Dont eat near pool, didnt say to eat underwater
The Rare ONE
Why is this age restricted
The preteen Grid
How is this age restricted lol
Tristan Renfrow
you should change the title to “how to slowly poison yourself and die in 24 hrs”
Unknown Anonymous
How did you pee?? And poop??
Now try spending 24 hours straight under lava
To all you Jake Paulers do this at home and hopefully drown.
Will_Playz 64
is it me or was someone urinating in the pool for the whole time?
Yohann And Only
Who else saw a comment and wished you were the one that commented it?😂\n\nI’m guilty.😅
aids Hdei
Mr Beast: spends 24 hours underwater\nYouTube: *gASP* THIS NEEDS TO BE AGE-RESTRICTED
I spent 2 years under water and my feet turned into flippers. True story.
deccy123 petchy123
Why is this age restricted???
do the orange justice
hi hi
*age restricted*
at least you got support of your friends
7:35 Listen to the song its about people in moms stomach.
skull 407
Wait why is this age restricted
My next challenge is watching 24 hours worth of mrbeasts videos
thewreckedwolf yt
Why is there a age restrictions
Ahh it seems that you don't need a bathroom
Human do under water for 24 hours = Age Restricted. 🤔\n\nFish do out of water for 24 hours = ??? 🤔