BOLERO Ravel レーベルボレロ Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia ガリシア D: Vicente Alberola. Dvořák nº 8

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Bolero de Ravel y Dvořák: Danza eslava n° 8(min 20), op. 46 Orquesta joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia. Director Vicente Alberola.

Bolero De Ravel Classical Music (Musical Genre) G... Maurice Ravel (Composer) OJSG Orchestra (Musical Genre) Santiago (City/Town/Village) youth orchestra

Freaking unbelievable. What a master piece of music. Great great musicians, what a good enthusiast orchestra leader. I'm done, I cry. I love this master piece since I saw 10 with Bo Derrek.
Abbas Emadi
Actually I love this music because I coming back 2 years when I was kid I listening to the radio every night little US history and I listening to that music as well that time it was very nice very nice appreciate YouTube and go girl Abbey
Abdelhakim idali
Maurice Ravel 👏
Adele Willenbrock
I love the conductor
Aderson de Farias Dias
What a wonderful orchestra of young musicians! Congratulations to all.
Ainhoa Hernán Cortés
Si esta es la orquesta joven, ¿cómo será la adulta? Muchas felicidades.
Alejandro Sanz
Xa chegamos aos 4 millóns de visualizacións no vídeo do Bolero de Ravel. Grazas a todos os nosos seguidores e comunicarvos que no \
America Burguillo
Me encanta PD aaaah toda caña(claro que tengo tinnitus)y adoro éste boleroooo
Andrew Haines
Good music and not unpleasant on the eye either. Some attractive female players there!
After nearly 40 years of listening to Bolero (I'd estimate at least 500 times), this goes down as my favorite. It is one of the few where they play the complete version, with perfection I might add. To think my love of a song came about from watching a romantic comedy movie (10). I wish I knew more about the musicians. They appear to be college age, but I don't know the history of this performance. One way or another, I will be listening to this version time and time again.
BanaabeKwe Girl
Absolutely gorgeous, been playing this on repeat all day. It is wonderful on every level; even the coughing, because it reminds me that beauty does not require pristine settings, that we are fragile and human, and yet we create such gorgeousness; and that music is a healer. I am certain those who coughed were as uplifted as anyone, and I like to imagine them feeling relieved and revitalized. (I once attended a concert with a splitting headache, and felt the music drive it out, note by note, the resonance healing). What a great recording, lovely camera work, too, revealing the obvious joy of players and conductor.
Barbara Comiskey
Whoever is coughing needs to take Mucinex~Or leave and shut up!
Ben Ptr
03:30 I am very impressed by the concentration of the musician who don't want to ruin the solo 😂 😂
Benjamin Ibarra
Asombroso excelente una delicia para los oídos saludos desde Monterrey NL México
Brian Neale
Well Played by a very very good youth orchestra A joy to hear
Brian Nurding
Wonderful. Never stop playing in the years to come.
Broda ty
I came here only for the conductor's facial expressions
Simplesmente sublime ! Muito grata por esta postagem, um abraço grande daqui do Brasil, Rio Grande do Sul, onde, por acaso, o clima é parecido com o da Galícia! As expressões dos jovens musicistas é uma delícia à parte, rsrsrsrsrsr!!!!
Candi Bravo De Los Reyes
Me ha encantado todos los videos son immensamente fantasticos no dejaria de escucharlos siempre me hace soñor y vibrar todo mi corazon
Mr. Sanz....I have played this numerous times and it's almost an addiction. What an incredible piece of music by M. Ravel. What's even more amazing is the passion that all your youth have brought to this performance. The first young lady on clarinet seems entranced by the song. BRAVO again to ALL these wonderful young men and women. I posted earlier (started playing bass in my early now 68) Hope this post is read by all your musician's...keep playing! God be with you all.
Carlo Malincinico
Una musica x capire e amare la classica dai ragazzi.BRAVi
Carol Clark
One of the very best performances of this hypnotic classic I've ever heard. Love these kids and the conductor is merely everything one would want. Bravo! Brava!
Chris Marnewick
Ongelooflik mooi. Hooked on the Bolero since I heard it for the first time in the James Caan movie many years ago. Can play this at my funeral with Beethoven's Triple Concerto. No sermon or sadness required.
Coringa Vinte
10:53 LOL look at that guy on the back looking at the woman in front
Daniel Cannon
A perfect 10!
Darren ҉
The ultimate crescendo peace
David King
David Morrison
The best musician is the girl playing the flute bar none.
David Regal
So moving, I cried, Imagine an 80 year old man crying for the wonder of youth and music!
DekoideenLand - Deko selber machen MrsT45andabit
What a talented group of young musicians. Marvellous, no words are good enough to describe it!!!\r\nAre you one of the musicians? Greetings from the Netherlands
Ed Schlenter
prachtig om te luisteren en verschrikkelijk dat die hoestbui niet de zaal verlaat, de man...
Franklin Parra
la chica sabe lo que viene jajaja 2:38
Gennadiy Burda
С годами начинаешь понимать величие МУЗЫКИ!!!!
Graciela Rodriguez
soberbio!! sin palabras
Maravilhoso!!! Obrigada!!
Heidi Thomas
Just stunning. Beautiful
Henryk Krupa
Nigdy nie przestanę Was lubić, młodzi wirtuozi ! Jesteście tak pięknie, całym sercem zaangażowani w muzykę, że to po prostu się widzi i czuje! Wielki szacunek dla Pana Dyrygenta, z przyjemnością patrzę na Jego piękne operowanie ręką, a przede wszystkim na to, jak dyskretny ma z Wami kontakt .Słuchałem \
Irma Regina Iseas
Por Dios!!! Que belleza!!! Que bálsamo para el alma!!! Muchas pero muchas gracias a los intérpretes y su Director Dios los bendiga \nIrma desde Salta Argentina
No cabe duda que todo esto es un deleite auditivo. Es un manjar para los oídos. Valla magistral composición de pieza musical, y magistral actuación de cada uno de los interpretes aquí participando. Soy de México y envío un reconocimiento a Galicia. Saludos a todos, y un agradecimiento a quien subió este video para compartirlo.
Jacques Bongiovanni
Ah ! Ça prend au tripes. Rien que des jeunes, un régal !
Javier Vergara
Dios mío... cuanto talento!! Sois maravillosos muchachos. Lo disfruté hasta las lagrimas. Continuad, el universo es vuestro.
Jimmy Bamber
You can see they are loving it so do I thanks for the interpretation
Josecarlos soto
Esta canción la pone el profe de química , profe Gerardo si está aquí hola :v
Julio Fausto Bazán
Muy buen Director... Excelente agrupación de jóvenes. Me encantó.
Karol Guzek
PIEKNE piekne ,duzo duzo nowego optymizmu genialnego na piatek!
Kathy danelady
Just turned 76 today and still love this as much as the first time I ever heard it. Wonderful, wonderful!!
Keno Bear
Impeccable presentation but, the public had tuberculosis?
Louis C. A. Porro
How rude to keep coughing!\nShow them the exit asap!\nBASTARDS !!
Los Jovenes no pueden esperar ... ya lo he escuchado varias veces en la interpretacion de esta Excelente Orquesta Joven Sinfonica de Galicia , esta vez no puedo disfrutarla tanto como siempre hago , que por un defecto del pc , la escucho mal , pero tengo ya desde hace mucho la certeza del Gran Talento de quienes la ejecutan ... mis reverencias para estos Jovenes y por supuesto para el Maestro y Director . \nMis saludos mis respetos mis aplausos .\nMario Poblete Brezzo .
Ma Sdmll
Ôh pessoal pra tossir! 😂
Mark Fryman
Absolutely fantastic!!, my personal favorite!.
Amazing musicians amazing piece of music
Matthew Emery
hats off to your parents for bringing up these citizens
Michael Wallace
The young men are nicely dressed in black shirts or jackets and the young women have more skin showing than a day at the beach.  Interesting.
Mohammed Ali
Beautiful..I loved the musicians and the conductor
Oscar Ruben Vazquez
Me encantó: lo bién ejecutado y más que nada por ver a jóvenes, mujeres y hombres que nos están diciendo que el mundo marcha muy bién, muchas gracias por su generoso arte.
Pascaline Aubriot
L’hymne à la joie
Peter J. Knott
Amazing piece of art. All that energy slowly coming together, almost organic in the way it grows. You can't not be moved by the way it draws you in, deeper and deeper. Every instrument, every note played by a human being. we're amazing! Phew, think i'm gonna lie down in a dark room for a while.
Phil Gen
Superb performance . The director has given me shivers all over and the young performers have been perfect. This is real music
Philippe Perche
Merci à l'Orchestre \
Rick Coram
I enjoyed this video of \
Such a joy to see these fine young musicans and the contribution each is able to bring forth for their individual instruments to this piece, Mr. Ravel would be pleased.
Ronda Fultz
I just was recommended this and I’m so very glad I did. Exquisite sound of one of my favorites Bravos!!!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Stuart Pedaso
Wonderful, breathes hope into a jaded world. What great kids!
The Mastermind
playing it twice as fast makes it more interesting . hehehehe
This is simply MARVELOUS!
Wolfgang Mayer
The best presentation I have heard of this masterpiece of music full of The leader is so emotionally excited and still in full control. The players follow him absolutely. These young musicians are awesome. It could not be better. They deserve my applause ..... tears came into my eyes while seeing and hearing because of wonderful play and composition.
Why so many thumbs down? There must be a lot of people with faulty speakers/earphones on YouTube
charles kacirek
Nicely done. Already nearly hundred years since. This beats my ADD.
curb scout
not a bolero fan, but these young folks emptied their musical hearts giving ravel his due. few errors aside, this is as good as it gets and was meant to be. close your eyes, it's maurice alongside you.
david alegria perez
es verdad, a pesar que son jóvenes wow! me encanta esta musica, se oye excelente esta melodia, el sonido, combinaciones, en si todo.
david naish
I'm no expert but isn't this a great performance?
frank aguiar
fuera de este mundo, genial
Lovely, my daughter used to play in Northampton Youth Concert Band, which toured Spain. I love the conductor, really gets it out of them. Challenging, but oh so fulfilling, bringing on the musicians of tomorrow. All that rehearsal, finally paid such a joyous dividend.
gyulchora atanesyan
Excellent performance & nice video ! thanks. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! good luck in 2019 year .God bless you !!!
Fantastic love it . One of my favorite songs . Awesome. Thanks.
jus pickin
love it a lot of talent
manuel migues
monumental ! ROYAL !!!! la perfection qui force le respect.\nCette volonté que l'Europe n'assume plus.\nMerci
michel vansteenberge
le boléro de RAVEL est une mélodie sublime, envoûtante, ensorcelante et prenante. J'adore! Elle te transporte dans un autre monde;
miku alv
2:01 (cosa de argentinos) cuando la bombilla del mate te anda mal y encima se tapa XD
Absolutely superb! Best rendition of Bolero I have heard, they were all so into it.\nParticularly liked the timpanist, her concentration and expressions priceless.
so priviledged to live in the time of youtube and the opportunity to watch performances like this!!
shasheana shivanytraya
all good till Wormwood comes,,,nibiru...appeares
Κρινιω Καλογεριδου
Όταν η μουσική αγγίζει το αίμα σαν αγκαλιά και τα μάτια χαμηλώνουν μπροστά στο φως των ματιών και το χαμόγελό του!..
Александр Ящиков
Так шли от Москвы до Берлина 1941-1945
Андрей Мухамеджанов
Евгений Ханин
то же неплохая версия. особенно операторская работа! стоит посмотреть и послушать!;-) ;-)
коля кузнецов
Классика на все времена. Пусть какой-то современный супер модернист попробует повторить\