Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons Ever Created

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As chemical weapons are concerned the most deadly is VX as it screws with the bodies receptors by preventing the body from getting rid of the carriers of information between your receptors meaning if you happen to be exhaling when you are exposed to it you cannot inhale making you affricated and causes convulsions and that all can be done with a dose the size of the end of a ball point pen and if a antidote is not given within a few minutes the exposed will die. Also there is a bomb far more deadly than a nuclear weapon and its called a neutron bomb which bombards a area with neutrons that kill on contact with organic matter while leaving buildings and infrastructure intact and the radiation dissipates far quicker than that left by nuclear weapons but the radiation can travel farther before then by the wind.
The most dangerous weapon is.....wait for it......MAN!!!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!
women should be on this list lol.....(ill leave now)
Ajoo 129
Alfredo Ornelas
*Some years later*\nAntimatter Bomb: That's cute.
Anime and Manga
What about Lego?
Well the nuke OBVIOUSLY isn't gonna be here
Avery Lee
u forgot humans\nhumans are very very very very destructive
America is the most destructive country in the world
Britannic hayyomatt
The most destructive weapon ever created is actually...\n\n\n\nArtillery. More people have been killed by artillery than all these on the list combined.
Brody Graham
These weapons can cause major damage! But Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive bonds and seals fast!
Callum Barker
Why is the Kolibri not number one?
Keanu Reeves #1 or riot
Collier Todd Hageman
Napalm only causes SECOND degree burns?! You just lost credibility with that statement. What else don't you know about these weapons?
Creme de Avelã
where's the Green lantern ring???
Cristian Damian
Are you kidding me the most deadly weapon is my dad's belt
Missiles must be there
Der Phoenix
actually a hydrogen bomb needs an atom bomb to create the pressure and temperature necessary for nuklear fusion, oh and i think \
DesolationYT {} DSL Pfannk - Glix
Is the LIBERAL brain on this list?
Devin Shearer
1. Mainstream media
Donald Varner
People who want to kill one another and finding better ways to do it and in another20 yeas wonder how we will do it then
Dr. Gamer
Ethan Webster
Really? The AK-47 scores higher than an RPG, Barrett sniper rifle, tank, M134 minigun, AND that freaking helicoptor! Also, where are tomohawk missiles and YouTube comment sections!
Eugene Oliveros
8:38 When you eat some bad beans and someone lights something just as you let it rip
The Atomic Bomb's number 1, isn't it?
This is inaccurate. What about V2 rocket?
Gido oon
*sees dislikes* WELL THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE
Grid 88
AK 47 is legendary.
Gumboot Zone
Honourable mention: *Deez Nutz*
Where are putin's abs ?
Harder Icon
Where is the tactical shotgun?
who will win, a napalm Bomb, or an Ak74? I mean the napalm bomb is stronger so I don't understand how the Ak is 3rd
Ian Dalgleish
What about team 10?
Mg 42
Ivan Ancic
Why didn't they mention the challenger 2 for the tanks? Literally only one has been destroyed ever and that was from friendly fire!
Joe Grizzly
How bout Weapon X
John Pagdilao
Wow the M2 .50 Cal or The AC-130 gunship weren't even mentioned. Disappointed.
Johnny Testickle
Donald Trump's Twitter account
Jordan Meiland
Conservative should have made it
Josh Taft
What about the M249 Saw or an A-10 Warthog so many things left out in the list
Krešimir Jurilj
White phosphorus! *Do you feel like a hero yet?*
Lee Harvey Oswald
*Feminist should be on this list*
Lorenzo Furich
weapons aren't dangerous lol. its the people who use them
The most destructive weapon ever created was the liberal news networks.
Michael Michael
How Tf is an ak-47 \
MichiGun OG
Are the match mojo nerds even do research in this area of life? Basic google searches reveal some of your errors on facts and information given.
Mobius One
So you chose a drone rather than an actual bomber such as a B-52 or B-2. Realistically almost any modern maned attack aircraft such as a A-10 is far more deadlier than a drone.
Movie Man
No.1 should be YouTube comments.
Nathan Bishop
Where the A10 30mm Vulcan and 88mm flak cannon
Anything air to ground is dangerous especially against infantry. So why is the Predator more dangerous than any aircraft that is in an air support role? Keep to movies WatchMojo.
wheres fidget spinners? they were probably made by intelligent aliens to make the next generation autistic so they could invade us with no effort
Let's be honest here...the Terminator didn't exactly \
Paddle Fyre
Nuclear submarine. They carry many ICBMs that each have multiple hydrogen bomb warheads. Deadliest weapon system ever devised. Operates by stealth and has unlimited range too.
Prawst kun
Razor Jimmy
watchmojo diddin do nuffin
Red Skull
There's One weapon that's not on this list \n\nThe human race
Richard Mattingly
Lame, compared to the A-10'Warthog the Apache is a water pistol and the Predator is blind in bad weather plus can't carry the payload to make it a truly dominant system over the battlefield.
Rinku Sethia
you forgot fathers belt and mothers broom or mothers slippers
Ruby Infernum
#1 The Tsar bomba
How is the AK-47 so high?
Seth Braun
I'd say #1 on the list should be Nimitz class aircraft carriers (soon to be taken over by Ford class). I'm going to exclude nuclear weapons, cuz they've never been used in combat. Only 2 atomic bombs have been used, so they don't compare to the military/political influence US aircraft carriers have had since their creation
Sir Brett von Brettinger
*Where is the General Atomics Mr Handy??*
Sir Potoo
More like the most popular weapons ever.
Siro Stauffer a Swiss Patriot
Of course ak-47 more deadly than a tank than the apache and the predator
Stan Dando
Ok, now do an imagination exercise: how it feels to get hit by them.\nThe most deadly weapons known are all biological. They can kill over 300 times more people than a thermonuclear weapon.\nAH-64D is Way more deadly than a tank! \nThermobaric bombs like the BLU-118B dropped by the US is the most deadly conventional bomb type I know of (even including MOAB). It sets fire to the air, including in the targets lungs.\nThe most deadly explosive is called Octanitrocubane. Other terrible weapons include VX (maybe the most dangerous nerve agent ever), UCAVs, white phospherous, earthquake charges, hollow point bullets (actually legal if used on people by the police) But perhaps most dangerous today is the nuclear defense shield'. Putting that up violates the MAD nuclesr policy, and provokes nuclear countries. Needless to say, its the US, Britain, Poland and Israel that are putting that into action.
Steven Baksh
no shotguns
We all know the most dangerous weapon is a Marine and His Rifle
Number 1: Minecraft Diamond Sword with Sharpness V
The pen is mightier than the sword.
Tauhir Rahim
I see alot of Talk about Artillery here but no Mention of South Africa once , Come Uuuun
The Courier
let me guess #1 will be Hydrogen Bomb.
The Equalizer 867
You guys... *lenny face here*
The Iron Cross
The AK47 is overrated
Trey Pickle
the barret m82 is an anti material rifle not a marksmen rifle but say your objective is to destroy the zipper that is on an enemy combatant 1000 yards away then thats a different story
Umar Aziz
wheres the vulcan cannon it fires 50caliber rounds and looks like a minigun.
William M. Heckstall
I'll take the m134 mini gun, ak-47, and rpg for home safety.
William Rowe
AC 130
Zachary Brooks
I don't see fidget spinners, saw a guy get decapitated in a video
Zoltán Kürti
Most of the eneegy of an H bomb still comes from fission, not fusion. At least that's certainly the case with 3 stage weapons.
ace ace
3 feet thick armour?!?!? Mojo is the lamest....
m1 arbrams \
I assume number 1 is hydrogen bomb...
I'm sorry, but how is an AK-47 on this list? I know there's meant to be one from each section of weapons but come on. AC-130 should have been on this list
oscar acevedo
number 1. wumbo belt
pametuglavu ?
ka 52?mi 28? t90m,t 14 where are all this weapons
u forgot textbook??? it killed billions kids per year
social media should be number one
1 is gonna be a nuclear or hydrogen bomb.
shango thomas
Ak47 is the most destructive weapon ever it's killed more people than all those weapons combined I think the only thing that has killed more people than an ak47 is a mosquito.
shiva teja
My insane weapon is my mind\n👌👌👌👌👌👌
the real PewDiPie
Dont put spongebob cousin (stanley) in your list !
thomas grasmick
fun fact. all those movies where people come out of a gun fight safe because they hid in a car are lies. automotive body panels can't even stop a .22lr which is among the smallest rounds. I kinda use an old ford hood from the 80s to sight my rifle...
I guess #1 is human stupidity
#1 religion\n#2 politics\n#3 wrong leaders \n😂😂😂😂
ꓠꓳ ꓔꓣꓴꓢꓔ, ꓠꓳ ꓴꓢ.
Can we remember \