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Pew pew pew pugh
감독님 영화두 내주세요 ㅠㅠ
Ad Astra
So you have cast a 42-year-old guy looking like 50 and a 22-year-old girl as a couple? Great.............
OH GOD ! Park Chan-Wook ? ! Alexander Skarsgård ? ! Michael Shannon ? ! I AM IN ! ! !
Alexandros Llewellyn
Park Chan Wook and John Le Carre? OK, this is definitely worth a watch
Can somebody, anybody tell me when is bodyguard season 2 expected
Ben A
They’re trying to remake the success of Night Manager? With an even more effeminate male lead than Tom Hiddleston at best. How banal. I’m sure Skarsgård will get a GG nomination.
Ben Daly McKenna
What's the name of the actor in the red shirt making ?
Betty G
Did I just read Park chan wook? A tv series? Whaaaaaa? I'm sooooo hyped!
Bruce Snow
Park Chan-Wook, Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgård, John Le Carré - way too many talents to miss this. Can't wait.
Crazy Dreamer
Here for Park Chan-Wook
Eamon Ahern
Fatemeh Eizadpanah
Excited to see Askars, Florence and Mr.Shannon 😃😃😃
Gareth Wood
Can't believe I've missed this. Alexander skarsgard is a terrific actor.!
HS Lee
This is so nice
Inhyuk Lim
Michael Shannon’s Israeli accent sounds pretty good. Must’ve been a difficult task for Park Chan-Wook, a non-English speaker.
Alexander skarsgard is in everything.
I saw the first 2 episodes at the London Film Festival today and it is EXCELLENT, can't wait to see more. The visuals are STUNNING.
YESSS - finally!! Cannot wait to see Alexander Skarsgård in this incredible-looking series!
Joshua Rowe
Park Chan-Wook films are always worth a watch. Stoker and Oldboy have some fantastic visuals.
June Foley
please someone tell me the name of the intro theme tune? have searched the internet to no avail..... it kinda reminds me of the feelings evoked when listening to the theme tune for inspector morse...
He is a bit old for her,
Keith Fraser
Michael Shannon? SOLD.
Nicolás Martínez
I can't wait to see it, the night manager was excellent
Noah McArthur
Me: Oooh look! A trailer for a new tv series that's called, the little drummer girl! It's probably a coming of age story about a little girl facing adversity and eventually overcoming it in the end when everone learns a valuable lesson.\n\nTrailer: *YOU CANNOT STOP THE DEVIL*\n\nMe: ...Ok, I might have assumed a bit too much from just the tittle
Pineal Dreams
You had me at Chan-Wook.
Primitive life TV
Qillin Quinn
Florence Pugh and Saoirse Ronan should share a same screen, they both are so good in acting...
Is this book literally about false-flag terrorism to further Israeli agenda? Lmao.
Rodney Caupp
Fear Porn..... Ideal for the advancement of mind control. Extreme violence, in a visual overload format, makes us all turn into scared pussies. No plot necessary. The mindless will glue themselves to their TV sets, week after week. I did it with Jack Bauer..., every \
Roger Kincaid
As a fan of both Park Chan-wook and John le Carré, how the hell did I missed this?
I was looking forward to this anyway as a Le Carre fan but I didn't know Michael Shannon was in it too. Great actor, always fun to watch.
Shuheb Ahmed
That scene showing the buildings was also filmed in bodyguard
Soonmin Kwon
Holy moly, he is back!!!!!!!!
Tejas Giri
You had me at Park Chan - Wook
Where is that round park and buildings at 0:02?
I refuse to watch Trump hating actors, like that guy with the mustache... no thanks
Wink Blue
Park Chan wook!??
Yiannis Papapetrou
Fun Fact: Some scenes taking place in Lebanon were shot in Eleusis, Greece :)
ZI nny
Park Chan Wook? DONE! Nice!!!!
박감독님 기대하고 있어요 ㅠㅠ
grave digger
Park Chan Wook and Michael Shannon?\nWow, i'm hyped
헐 캐스팅 ㄷㄷㄷ
hgwells 1899
BBC hitting it out of the park lately
Can't wait. The Little Drummer Girl will be amazing.
I want handmaiden scenes pls.
rebecca lee
박찬욱 감독 드라마!!!\n넘 기대됨요\n잘~~~되길👌👌👌👌👌
Well that told me nothing!\nWhen is or was it on? How many episodes?\nAway BBC, you're starting to do ads like them stupid cinema ones where you get no info at all.
(No offense Diane) But I always thought one of the problems with the 1984 film was the miscasting. Diane Keaton just was not convincing. Neither the (what's his name) Greek lead actor. This new version looks like they solved the casting problem the 1984 version couldn't!
can't wait !!
Park Chan-Wook. Park Chan-Wook!!!????
개미쳤다 ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ