Ennio Morricone - Spaghetti Western Music Collection [Playlist] (High Quality Audio)

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Ennio Morricone "Spaghetti Western Music Collection" The Greatest Western Themes included in one unique collection.

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Ahmed Khalil
Aldo Lopez
way better than pasta!
Alex Q Miller
So...I'm working at my desk, listening to this great music, and I start feeling dust blowing around my feet and tumbleweed rolling in and out of my office....
Alexandre Marques
Esta música(Era uma vez no oeste) nos remete a um passado,a lembranças tristes que fazem nossa alma sangrar.
Antonio Delle Vergini
.... e un grazie va a Sergio leone
Antony flores
Name? 27:00
Benderbal Rachid
un géant de la musique d' aventure, hélas il n' y aura pas d' autres comme lui aprés
Western Movies will never die...............They will live for ETERNITY!
Grazie Maestro...E Grazie Sergio Leone (RIP)
can you add the timecodes for the songs in the description plz\nThanks :-)
Carolyn Nelson
Cam listen to this 24/7 and paint to the sounds. Wonderful thank you
Chico Esqualia
I hate the term, 'Spaghetti Western'....this movie and soundtrack was actually better than any American Western made...much more realism and true emotions and a wonderful glimpse into a war of Americans fighting Americans for a misunderstood ideal. The pain, suffering, and tragedy of a war that should not have been was captured in sound and sight in this profound Western. Thank you to all who made this movie possible. Let's not let history repeat itself.
D Shah
My favourite music composer
fantastic and wonderful songs. the best of all time.
El Manco Gaming
Ennio Morricone, god damn genius
But who's the whistler? Give him his credit. I tried this and had to wipe the spittle off my monitor...
Frances Van Siclen
Wonderful music !!!!!
Francisco Gomez
la mejor música del western
Gustavo WB Luc Olefirowicz
I like this spaghetti western... this music is incredible... Ennio Morricone... BRAVO MAESTRO !!
That's great!
Harrison Clark
Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns collectively have the greatest musical film score in the history of cinema - greater even than Star Wars
Hector Benavides
me gusta esta musica es muy bonita la escucho siempre gracias
Hemanth Gokula
Finally he bags an Oscar!! To sad to hear that the jury had never even nominated these ones from the past!! Such beautiful music/score.
Heriberto Alvarado
en realidad el término western espagueti es un término acuñado por la producción de Hollywood para referirse a la copia del cine del oeste que se producía en Italia y era despectivo, pero entre este aparato de producción italiano estaba este hombre talentosisimo y que tanto disfruto, Enio Morricone, creador de piezas maestras del sound track de todos los tiempos
Beautiful music.
This man fall from heaven.
Jagdish Patel
Jamie Jones
Jeff Morrissey
Listening to this I have to believe that Ennio Morricone had as much to do with the success of spaghetti westerns as Clint Eastwood did.
Joe Train
Playing as McCree in Overwatch with this music is pretty awesome guys, just letting ya know.
John J. Bluvas
Words fail me but thank you Ennio Morricone You are one very talented man.
John Romero villa
Jorge Castillo
De Vivaldi a Morricone , ................¡¡ estos bachichas son unas bestias insuperables !! . Sergio Leone y Ennio Morricone : una de las grandes duplas del cine .
Jorge Luiz Garcia
Temas extraordinários e inesquecíveis...
Jose Ramiro Toro Alvatez
Que bellos recuerdos de juventud.
Juan Quintana
Grande Dn ennio... magníficos y hermosos recuerdos con estos temas... me hacen recordar a mi tío q le encantaban los westerns...
Julio Cesar
Leebs Van keef
Beyond well done!!! Thank you for sharing / making this... Excellent!!!
Linteir | SomeZebra
Lisa Keith
Love the chimes.
Lorenzo Casolaro
I knew he would have, finally, won that Oscar.\n\nGrazie, Ennio
Lucia Briand
la musica qui parle, merveilleux !!
Luis Gabriel Nóbrega
Fantastico, gosto muito.
Long live legend man
Mark Zen
Very few musical artists touch my soul with their musical talents, but every one of the dollar movies tracks does!
Marvin P Bungwaller
..............unbelievably touching : emotional !!!!  I would pay a thousand dollars to see this performed as it sounds here.
Mitja Kemperle
Best music EVER!!! soundtrack of a life!
Epic! This is a masterpiece!
Magnifique!Profond et vibratoire ! plus beau et plus haut avec Ennio...Cosma très bon aussi a écouter et a écouter encore quand c'est bon faut pas s'en priver!
Who's this guy? 'In yo' macaroni'? Sounds like trash talk. Hey...UP YO' FETTUCCINE, buster!
Paula Amore
Buenas temas...
Paulo Miranda Saavedra
Excelente coleccion, me trae muchos recuerdos junto a mis padres, muchas gracias desde Chile.
What is amazing about his music is that much of it was written on such a small budget, he had to improvise with whistles, simple vocals, harmonicas, etc. That's why there is so little orchestral work in his early music. It's only Ennio's genius that could make gold from musical tin.
Rachid El Atlassi
55:47 to 1:03:00 EPIC!
Rene Andre
Who will take up the mantle as the lead musical score writer and orchestra director following in Ennio Morricone's genius path? Is there anyone? Any suggestions.
Richard Moon
Thaks again.
Roberto Aguilar
Ennio, thanks for you music.    Man, thanks for this post
Runazoid Games
This music is better than Star wars even people say Star wars has the best action music
Ruşen Akman
Thank you man, I totally forgot about how great was The Wild Horde! :D
'The trio' little similar with '60 second to what'
Wow orgasmo auditivo.
SOUL MAN Fan de Musique Soul & Funk .
Silvio Salvadori
when our films was amazing...our pride...ennio morricone you feel the italian's better
Sneaky Gaming
up there with bethoven strauss and mozart
Tears in a Vial
Discovered Mr. Morricone through Tarantino film(didn't really watch spaghetti western).. 22:00 makes me think of Uma Thurman punching her way out of a coffin. Inspiring music.
The Angry Goat
40 Dislikes wow, losers...
Il Mastro. Ascolti e ti emozioni. *_*
Thomas Mcphail
Yes, Silvio. I feel the same, and I was born in Scotland.....Bravo, Morricone!
Winas Ahmed
once upon a time in the west was such a good fucking movie
Zion Lenoxx Ortega Castro
Espectacular es indescriptible 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 sangre sudor triunfos y lágrimas
Zola Hjelm
Thank you! this is great!
amo 88
love xxxdd
good job, just one missing MAN WITH A HARMONICA
These tunes by Ennio Morricone mean so very much too me that when I hear them they make the hairs on my skin stand.. They for ever remind me of my youth and of my family. My family are from the countryside, and were and continue to be Cowboys. I remember seeing my Dad and my Uncles even reading these little books that only contained stories of the Cowboys/Outlaws lifestyle hero's etc.. Ennio Morricone EPIC!
atilla keçeci
Il maestro, è il genio del secolo
Thanks so much for your post! Ennio Morricone has always been the biggest reason why I watched those great western movies in the past!
david coleman sr
takes me back when u could go to movies on Benning rd.n.e.and see all three movies 1967.
Tuco would be happy
thank you. great quality. ref: neumann 310 + sub./
This man is an undoubted genius- gave me some of my best childhood memories so I will be forever grateful to Mr Morricone. Thanks for putting this set together- great stuff mate.
Excellent tracklist, a perfect selection to celebrate Ennio's triumph at the Oscars 2016. Nicely done.
j.r raphard
Pure genius! !its sad what we Americas do not know
So glad he won the Oscar
llionel cipres
thank you very much for this marvellous post 😊
local5109 steward
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Terrific authentic soundtrack music! This is the best collection of Ennio Morricone music that I have found on You Tube.
Brilliant composer.
marta perez pena
Siempre gran compositor. Gracias por esta musica maravillosa.
mikael RAMBAUD
SUPER,magnifique,un genie,ma jeunesse,Ennio Morricone est immortel
rogerio abreu
O Bom o Mau o vilão filme que marcou nos meus tempos de jovem
simon karaoglanof
What the Italians couldn't better the USA westerns , their music made up 4 it !
TREMENDOUS artwork with Eastwood. He looks bitterly cynical and ready to strike like a rattlesnake.
uValdo Caraveo
this makes the best ring tone for a phone.
vincenzo verta
Un grande compositore ! Grande maestro