School Discipline in Ghana: Getting the Cane

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This video may be instructive for those who are interested in volunteering as a teacher in Ghana or other African countries. Physical punishment was somewhat regular at the school in Ghana where I served as a volunteer teacher. I did not like the beatings, because I think they disrupted the learning process, and to be honest, because they seemed cruel. On the other hand, unless you run the school, it is not something you can realistically hope to change. Filmed in March, 2010. There was some dirt or damage to my camera lens.

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Abiola Okuboyejo
Abrar Alazab
Benedicta Emefa
Why this Ghanaians teaches u have to stop this stupid things
Castro's Son
Solving problems with violence ...\nIt's been proven to be an ineffective modifier of behaviour.\nWe had a Pakistani teacher, Mr. Majid, who regularly caned students in a Canadian grade 6 class.\nHe was neither liked nor respected; he was hated by all.
Charles Ogega
This is jokes. If you need to discipline pupils, make it good. This is mere jokes.
Christian Dzalbs
Claude Burt
Clovis Nahimana
It reminds me when i was in primary school in my country Burundi,East africa,we got punished like this and it was not that bad,for reals you get used of that pain,it doesnt hurt that bad for what i experienced.
Cypher Punk
*Teacher:* \
Doungel Lulun
exploitation of human rights and students life.
Edgar Martínez
American kids need some of this.
America should get involved in this... #America
Fuck the Turks, whores of the Arabs and of Islam
bastards perverse!!!
lol wtf
Helana Brock
A. This is horrible and rude and in America it's ILLEGAL also.....why is it only boys ? The girls aren't perfect but still you should do this to NO ONE not a child or an adult
Jaday Asa
deadass this is why i moved to america
Jael Roberts
Janki Deka
Jeppe Christensen
It is a cruel, ruthless and primitive culture
Jood M35
Kvlt Hipster MGTOW
This is what the ghetto needs with bastards running around.
Lalita Sarawata
Omg how they can hit them like this ban this school
Lydia N
When I grew older, i went searching for the teachers who used to enjoy beating me and hired help to give them a taste of their own medecine. All except one wicked nun. She made me stand in the middle of the field at noon and stare at the sun then sneaked behind me and threw me a bucketfull of cold water. She also thought me how to write as I had difficulties, I have finger deformities to remind me of that. If I was ever minister of education. This is one act I would ban. It is barbaric. Often the reason for the beating is also unfair. You did not bring a ruler, you were supposed to bring a fruit and did not, you have no eraser, your school fees are not paid. All most often are things the child has no control over. It breaks my heart to see this.
What I don't like about it is not WHAT he's doing but HOW he's doing it. All this running around and random whacks is not punishment. How can you teach discipline if the PROCESS of punishment is this undisciplined? It must be a set \
Mauladous Basantes
Woooow, I went through this even worse, hehehe. We used to get the real hot ones. Like 50 per day.
Meta Mix
Isn't it a proven fact that beating children lower their IQ (or prevents its development)... they need to stop.
Michael Ryan
I need context. Like what did they do?
Morgan Arledge
Do I here laughing coming from the teacher
Naba Hussain
Ha ha ha so funny the kids are so funny I like
No Lê
&$#@@#/ $^
Pearl William
I've once been beaten like that bare back so I started bleeding
Poptropica Witch
Why are his spankings so random?
Ridge Tueros
Somebody needs to wip the wipper.
Russell Gause
Sang Yostintien
Its called discipline not abuse!
Sarah Amoh
u go to school u get canned and u come home u do a small mistake then mummy will mash some kakadro mako pepre wintia 😂😂😂😂😂no be easy ohhh.But is good made us to grow in a setting way now a days things are changing and some kakadro and cane to some kids of\n today will be fine paaa
Shaniel Strachan
glad to be a Jamaican no teacher cant beat me like that
Slime Queen
Worst school ever
Spiraling Universe
Its kids need to respect them all a teacher can do these days is send them to office in USA and you wonder why our generation kids so disrespectful its all you mother Fu(ker.
Sula Divine
Nothing like a good ole caning to get one’s mind in order for learning. 😳
Thomas Never
They should charge an entrance fee for tourists. Adds some slack too GDP!
Tiany Gilyard
Unknown ???
Put a notebook in your but and beat the system
Unsolved Mysteries Fanatic Isabella
Not our country, not our business. If this is how they choose to discipline school children in Ghana, then that's their choice, their right, their business. As long as it's not sexually abusive in any way, or excessive, then we have no right to step in. I'd be willing to bet that those kids are much better behaved than the spoiled lazy brats in our country. And I'll bet they even learn real respect, and grow up to be respectful, contributing members of society, which is more than I can say for over half of our population since the days of spanking, getting the wooden spoon, have gone out the window because of whiny crybaby cupcake libtards. The kids weren't yelling and screaming in pain. They weren't even crying, From what I saw, not one tear was shed. Furthermore, many of the kids had smiles on their faces when getting their lashings. Kids these days are super pussies. Look at them cross-eyed and they are crying to mommy.
William David Craig Jr
what did these kids do to deserve this?
Yaa Asantewaa Hamilton
I would like to know why you felt the need to video tape them and post it on YouTube? Maybe you should exit Ghana
You Tube ki Zee Tube
This is not discipline this is violance
blue star sparky69
sick and barbaric , teachers need boiling water thrown on them
botha Geldenhuys
This is sick😝
don ashfield
Sometimes a good ass whipping is all they understand.
hanayah B
it good to dicipline a child like this
jaya tissa
That teacher needs to be caned.
what were the common punishments used in Ghana Schools?
I went through this too . These boys are foolish sometimes you can outwit the teacher by putting notebooks behinds your back or on your butt and the teacher won't notice because he is busy with canning. Today's generation they are not smart at all. Lol