Roy Clark Buck Trent Dueling Banjos

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Roy Clark & Buck Trent Dueling Banjos

... Banjo (Musical Instrument) Banjos Buck Buck Trent (Musical Artist) Clark Dueling Dueling Banjos (Composition) Roy Roy Clark (Musical Artist) Trent

Wow! Gotta love this.
ABB 4323
You don't even have to like banjo music to appreciate the talent it takes to do this ...WOW!!
Alan Ray Locklear
R.I.P Roy\n Hope you're pickin' and grinin' with the rest of the HEE HAW gang
Alfa Painting
Best in the dirty West.
Angela Schrenk
Rest in Peace, Roy
Be YOUnique The Anti-Bullying Channel
Rest in paradise, Roy Clark.
Bebe B
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Bennystropical swimmig wolf
Roy Clark simply is the absolute master of the 🎶🎶🎶guitar.🎼🎶🎶🎶\nGod bless my friend Roy Clark. Rest In Peace, 🎼🎶🎶🎶\nRest In Peace sir Roy Clark
Bill Mcbride
RIP my 3 cousin Roy clark
Brandon Saxton
Pretty damn incredible.
C Stivers
#rip Roy Clark
Choff C
Absolute Talent....How does the crap that they play nowa days even compare...!!!
Coburn Karma
Stuff like makes me happy to be alive...
Cramberry Man
Hot fire that's one smoking tune
Cristian Muñoz
Como se llama esa canción?
Cuse #44
Roy Clark is a God! That's coming from a metal head of 35 years, only Flatts and Scruggs better!
This looks like the old Hee Haw days. I was born in 63 so of course all adults watched it and now when I look back I miss the values everyone had then. In my dads family all his brothers, sisters, played musical instruments of some kind. In Paris TN we had family get-togethers and one would play banjo, my dad had the old original Hummingbird Gibson Guitar (we still have) and another played jug and there was an electric guitar and others. We all sang. My sister and I sang Jesus Loves Me. It was good times then. My dad also played piano and could play about any musical instrument by ear alone. One of my uncles used a harmonica. Then it was we recorded on reel-to-reel. They made records singing songs like Oh What A Happy Day. The adults sang Johnny Cash or the song \
roy clark is without doubt one of the greatest musicians that ever lived
R.I.P. Roy Clark :'-(
Dewayne White
Mr Roy gonna blow him outta his boots! when tv shows was fun to watch and everyone couldn't wait to talk about what happened on the show!
Eddie d
Rest in peace Roy. A truly great man.
Element of Kindness
Damn, I miss Hee Haw!
Elizabeth Barry
So WHY did 2.9thousand give this a down vote??? This was amazing. Unless of course they have never played a string instrument and don't understand the difficulties and complexities involved.
Emerson Vieira
Emily Mason
I've never seen this I'm a fan this is brilliant stuff x
Evelyn Stohler
laugh track is dreadful
Finn McCool
Sees, ah jus had me a thawt, and heeres what ah thunk. Im a thinkin, an i mite be goin out on a purdy long limm heah, but im a thinkin this mite not be the fust tahm them boys evah picked on a banjo. Jus a thawt, mine ya. Ah been wrong biffaw, an imma bee wrong agin. But this tahm, im purdy shaw im raht.
Gauthier Aguirre
Respeto 👊👍👍
George Vreeland Hill
Roy's music will live forever. It's the best.
God is Kind 123
Harald Glass
Dead on arrival!
JP Piercefield
Rest in Peace Roy. You were the best.
James One
Jef Lawlor
R.I.P. Roy!! :(
Joe Thomas
I think people have forgotten what an AMAZING musician Roy Clark was because Hee Haw was so corny. Great guitar player too. I am a classic rocker, but I can't get enough of Roy Clark.
John Henderson
RIP: Roy Clark - an amazing talent gone at 85 yrs old. Apr 15th, 1933 - Nov 15th, 2018. It was announced a few hours ago - EST. This comment posted at 3:09PM EST - Nov 15th, 2018.
Jonathan L
RIP Roy (Nov 15 2018)
Kermit Brown
This brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Then dudes can play
Kinboo Kinboo
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Lenny Hummel
RIP Roy Clark.
Leon Brannan
R.I.P Roy, your music was stunning and your theatrics were just as good. You enjoyed life while playing and I hope that I get to hear you again one day.
Louise Laubach
Luis Reyes
Let me say the following. Im hispanic and I am into salsa.But I love country music and This show.And for me Roy Clark is one of the greatest musicians and entertainers of al time.
don't get out of the canoe.
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Marcelo Santos
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Mark Newsom
I believe Roy Clark used to be the best at the banjo as well as other stringed instruments.
Mark Solarz
Very talented and with great stage musics finest!!
María Ruth Socorro Sánchez Bañuelos
No sé como llegué aquí pero no me arrepiento 😹
Memory Rinehart
Their instruments really compliment eachother when they kick in...
Michael Whinnery
How or why would anyone thumbs down these guys ???
Michael White
Wish i could.double like a video
Mike Flavin
RIP Roy.. As a young guitarist I always hoped I could be that good.\nStill trying
Monty Leverett
Anyone who says this isn't amazing musical talent has no taste!
Moon Man
Man thats some mighty fine pickin and a grinnin
Natalie Angelo
Pamela Manuel
with their sense of humor and musical talent they could have easily won America's got talent and the 1000000$
Hee Haw was a program that crossed all racial lines where I grew up.  Black, White, Native American...we all sang \
Rob Holappa
there was a fire code violation because those strings were on fire
Robert Herrera Jr
Gentleman start your banjos lol. Pure Amazing Classic 🎶 music 🔈🔉🔊
Roberto Hess
Ronnie Hoard Music Channel
Rest in peace Roy Clark and Buck Owens. Both are now doing the show in the great stage in the sky. And some others from The show too.
Ross Hixon
Hee haw was the absolute best show on tv. Period. Glad i got to experience it. God blesd you Roy.
Scott Kessler
Rest in peace Roy. One of the best
Shawni Ysais
1972...visiting my dad on some school vacation, Easter week, maybe. My sister and I walked across the gravel driveway to Grandma's, cuz dad didn't have a TV. HeeHaw was on, and darned if those conservative, repressed Jehovah's Witnesses weren't yukkin' it up at used car salesman Jr. Samples and \
Slaw Dawg
RIP Roy, one of the greatest musicians and Americans. Prayers to his family.
Roy Clark is one of the most underrated musicians ever. The man can flat play better than most who got more attention.
Space Angel
Steve Smith
Best ever
Tessie Dobey
I was that black girl in the hood who was raised in this music.
The Rooster
Hee Haw was one of the best shows of my childhood
Tim Buck II
He puts Jimmy Page to shame!
Tim K.
God given talent and Rythym
Tux Edo
ROY THE BEST EVER ... \n¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
Twilight Symphony
This is FANTASTIC!!!
Vince ReDavid
He had class. He knew he was more of a guitarist. And he picked so powerful on a guitar. That appearance. On the odd couple. He picked so fast and accurate!!!
analziro costa junior
Recordando o filme de anos passados. Um espetacular western...musica inolvidavel.
A great musician has died. Rest in peace, Roy.
blue light orchestra
a really beautiful video! My respect, good work! Best regards from the North Sea Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)
cate cha
Oh que música tan bonita todo el tiempo me a gustado se me ase muy Relajante 😌
david mccleary
Roy was unbelievable, but who was the other picker?
dudinha veloso
muito legal
Rest in Peace Roy !
See what you can accomplish by not looking at your smartphone?
I live in SC Banjos mean run like hell
Yes, so great he was and a super nice man, so talented. RIP Roy, see you in heaven buddy!
lloyd walters
To quote Jim Carey from (the mask) smokin
mocha delicious1
Rip Roy Clark.i watched Hee Haw every Saturday night in philly.watching him n buck owens was a treat.Buck sayin im pickin n Roy im grinnin.he played the banjo n guitar so well i think he came into the world playing.hes with Buck now
nikos lyxnos
paulo b. pereira
The Native American gag was actually funny, but the PC crowd has killed comedy.
thiers sa neto Sa
O porque de nao gostar , achei dificil ,Tudo no tempo e ao seu tempo . Gostei
Александр Задворный
Weri well
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