Spud film scene - The caning

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They all line up outside to get caned one at a time. But his daydreaming helps him through it.

CrystalClear LolOmg
I never get caned because I am a good girl and I lived in Norway and they never caned there
Dylan Mendes
wear jean shorts underneath
NylonShorts Fan
well, I went to a British Grammar School back in 1975, and I got 6 strokes of the Cane for breaking a school desk,  13yo so  I can tell you this was very well done indeed,,, its true , you don't yelp or cry until a few moments later , when you one your own or with mates,,,,, yes it was like a fire in your Backside',    it hurts a lot, but is survivable ,,,,, that's Discipline... it was OK....also... on a side note, mmmmm id so love to kiss and rub his sore bottom better-u beautiful Troy!!!!! u..............
Ronald Anthony L. Alcorano
Very little about this scene rings true, especially the teacher rubbing the cane with who-knows-what when Spud enters the scene for his turn to be caned. \n\nI was caned many times during that era and let me tell you that that I never heard \
i only wish this was real and not a movie.
Женя Авокадо