System of a Down "Chop Suey!" Drum Cover (by Nea Batera)

Subscribe to my channel: A little about myself: I was born in Argentina (June 15th, 1989). I started studying music at the age of 3 (started with electric piano lessons, then guitar and also studied -and became- a tap dance teacher). But my true love appeared in 2005, when I went to my first drumming lesson ♥. In 2006 I started rehearsing and performing with my first band (yup, a new metal band!), and began teaching drums in 2009. Other from that, I'm a psychologist and very passionate about music, social networks and getting to know new people from all over the world!

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18 Mikko Kaipiainen
2D Bits
Deliciosa sucolenta algurm ta ouvindo a musica ou ta vendo no meio das pernas bem marcadinho
poor neighboors
Привет из России! Мне очень нравится как ты играешь, очень классно!
Alis C. N
Angel Martinez
Tocas Excelente La Bateria \u003c3
Angelo Alberto Urso Beto
Qe mina massa
Ariel Castiano
Holy Shit This Is So Good
Arthur Carvalho
Tbm sou baterista e Metalheiro te adorei!!!!!😉😉😉😍😘😘
Belchior Nietzsche
Ela é só gostosa. Só!
Bryan Carlesle
CR God's Of War Official Clan
Tienes talento mora💪👏👏👏 nomas si ocupas mas micros para que se escucha redondo El sonido /3D. Asi se escucha como de un solo lado o micro. Suerte Hermosa y as la Cancion De.... \
Canal DBZ
Top demais Parabéns toca muito
Carlos Barchi
Me encanta😍
Dexs funny eldieth
Espectacular 🙌👏💪❤
Dilek Gönük
Dominik i Oluś TV
yea !!! like from Poland :)
Edu pleys
Nossa se é foda
Elayna Oliver
This shows that girls can do anything boys can do. I freaking love this!! Thank you for being an inspiration girls!!
Erick Valdenegro
Ezel Grier
Your a great player only difference I play for church.excellent playing.
Federicax !
Mitica! ❤
Fernanda Santos
Nossa D+ amei bem legal
Francisca Maria Camii Da Siva
toca bem, muito bem mesmo, para bens mas a a curtica não está ajudando muito está abafado
FrutaMadre 7u7
Me hago lesbiana por ella... Ahre que decía... Pero si 7w7
Its been a year...where are you nea?
Guuh_ Noob
B.Y.O.B ???? Mais Hard que essa
Igor Styffler
Ivaldo Sobral
Pqp muito lindo de ouvir e lhe ver toca parabéns 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎶🎼🎼
Jaizee Drums
James Layne
Your my most favorite person now you rock and so amazing and gorgeous you got my sub and support love n care n I will give you a shout out in my next video and I would love to see a cover of du hast by Rammstein
James Pearson
My dad knows this girl but has only met her once
Juan Osuna
Like si no más tienes a ver a la que esta tocando
Me caso 😍
Kauã s.k.t.r
you is amazing !!
Genial saludos!
Nice legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lo hace ver tan fácil D:
Leila Felicio
Me no peek spanik
Louie Alouie
You need some mics on those drums... The raw sound doesn't do your drumming justice.... It sounds shitty when in reality you're killing it playing awesomely...
Luis Hernandez Perez El Matador
La amo
The perfect girl doesn't exi-
istanbul ?
Manuel Trouble
Como olvidar cuando Gaby Meza era baterista. :v
Marcos Gamer
toca muito
Marin101120 :D
Creo que me enamore jajajaj muy linda
Mike Shinkarev
звук конечно говно..
Muerte Y Dolor
Apenas te vi supe que eras Argentina. xd
Ney Bueno
uau que gatinha
Nickolas Smith
Olho Mágico
Parace que tá batendo numas latas de ferro velho kkkkkkk
Paul Walsh
Why do drummers never want to wear pants? Do pants get in the way?
Pedronsky H. Sorianov
En momentos como estos te gustaría saber tocar la batería 😢
Perezozo gweon
Oye tocas muy bien la bateria 👍 Nuevo Sub
Popandopolo Polo
Ну че, неплохо! Женщина с огнем в волосах, неплохо!!!
Proud Pagan
Hell yeah good job
Toca muito linda
RJ 52
Pow da hora toca muito, só faltou usar o pedal duplo
Retro Revelations
One thing I love about Nea, beyond her obvious talent, is the fact that in her videos she just plays, she lets the music take her. She's a musician first, before anything. Most girls who do these kinds of cover videos constantly make sure to look at the camera and smile, which seems very jarring, out of place, and unnecessary, like they're worried about looking \
Ricky Joe Taylor
Much love to you nea ricky joe from cherokee north carolina
Santiago Nicolás Oudshoorn
Shahril Ilhan
holy shit .. this girl is amazing
Shawn Zamir FFXV
Sexy drummer girl
Why aren't there any women like this where I live?\n\nAll the girls in my town all want to be social media princesses.
Suki Kirai
Awesome, girl! This song is very fun to play. Keep up the good work!
The Heir Of Steinhagen
are there any comments in English?
Thiago Aparecido F de Carvalho
Very Very Good 🖒🖒🖒🖒
Thiago Weslley
The Rock/Metal need more girls :\\
Thug Life
Boa gata.. Ja tens condição de casar comigo.. ;)
Tim Christie
That poor Hi Hat I can hear it screaming in pain tisk tisk....
Tio Cesar
Ficou perfeito
Tvr Griffith
заебись !!!
Undertaker of your destiny
А где на русском комменты \
Valmir Francisco
anton feliksov
Я б её трахнул
It's a pretty easy song to play, but good job.
carlos412 ET
i want a girlfriend like she :v
el gamer noob 44 HD xd
As soon as I saw the thumbnail I had a feeling the comment section was going to be full of neckbeards. I was not wrong.
kauan game
Work a bit on the touch now. \nMemorizin a cover and having good timing it's pretty important. But work more on the touch and the dynamics.\nYou shouldn't trow the stick on the piece in that way. Once you wish to play some different music you should have some problems.. \nAnd. Don't care about the visualizations here. Do that for the music. \nNow every click makes you feel better. \nWhen the music will be taking 7millions viz without the video, you will have done something that makes the world a better place.
manuel hernandez torres
i love you
Einmal gefiggt weider geschickt
moist sloth
Open up your hi-hats for the love of god.
Mr beast would be all over your ass about that paper intro
mugen mugen
The neighbors must luv her 😂👍
santy gamer
zuleide barbosa
Віталій Леманич
я очень долго думал как изяснится без мата но несмог воздержатся,: потому что ето оОООхуенно очень сука ООООхуеннно...мне очень нравится !!
Евгений Егорушин
Потрясающе играет, необращяйте внимания на качество звука, это не показатель ритма и техники 😉
Иван Шкирников
Фигурка что надо!
Илья Гусев
Все отлично ,кроме звука... Господи... Ты его хоть как то обрабатываешь?
Михаил Мартынов
супер молодец 👍.
уυкι яιтσ
quisiera ser el banco donde se sienta :v
чарлик турецкий, как у барабанщика нободиан? хреновенько он звучит, как медный тазик звучит)))
Great but syncs are just a bit faster than the MR\nAnd I prefer you to open the hi hats more than you just play