💥LAST OF THE MOHICANS 💥THE GAEL💥Royal Scots Dragoon Guards💥

Dougie MacLean's most famous pieces include "The Gael", from his 1990 album The Search, which was adapted by Trevor Jones as the main theme to The Last of the Mohicans (1992); and "Caledonia", from his first album. The World Famous Royal Scots Dragoon Guards have been at the forefront of Pipe music since first achieving world wide fame in 1972 when their haunting version of "Amazing Grace" rocketed to the top of the charts all around the world.The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards are Scotland`s senior regiment and only regular cavalry regiment. The Regiment was formed in 1971 from the amalgamation of the 3rd Carabiniers ( whom were themselves the result of the amalgamation of the 6th Dragoon Guards the Carabiniers and the 3rd the Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards in 1922) and The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons).The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards are Scotland’s most senior and only regular cavalry regiment, formed in 1678. The Regiment has recently re-rolled to Light Cavalry after 75 years in tanks and has also moved from Germany to Fife. The Regiment is currently undergoing training to be at readiness as the Light Cavalry Regiment of choice.The new role of Light Cavalry is at the forefront of the British Army’s organisation, primarily as a mounted combat unit, but also working alongside other armies around the world. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards form the main armoured force for the 7th Armoured Brigade, The Famous Desert Rats.A view of the Scottish scenery taken from across Scotland.Accompanied by the music Last of the Mohicans (The Gael) by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards from the Spirit Of The Glen Album. Available @ iTunes

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The sound of good old Europe... we all have to stay together... don't fight each other... only together we can beat the evil ... greetings from Germany
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Ahmmed Nobi A.N.
Check out the original version of The Last Mohicans on \
Alex Taylor
When I listen to this I lock myself away and remember my parents who are no longer with me. It lets me remember them and makes me so proud they were 2 of the strongest people I have ever known. God Bless You Both and thank you for everything xxxx
Allen McKinney
1k people don't know their ears from their arse and tried to listen the wrong way.
Amber McMahill
My ancestors settled here in the mountains of Colorado because it reminded them of the Highlands of Scotland...My dad used tell me stories of his parents & friends gathering to dance in their remote cabins to the pipes & fiddles...I will never forget my aunt leaping & whirling around her kitchen to show me the Highland reels...
Amir Behnia
Awesome \nThank you 🇨🇦🇬🇧
Amirul Lanesra
Love from pegiringan pemalang INDONESIA
Ann Prior
I love this music. It stirs something deep within ... wonderful
Artemio Chinos
I am not Scottish...but when I hear this play, I am one.
Austin Hastings
Love from America. By the way, why is everybody sending their love??
BENK Chafik
Black Rambo
Reminds me of Braveheart awesome story and awesom music like Scotland
Bättre Sverige. Finare Sverige
Love from me ❤️
Love from Indonesia
I love this. From Cape Town, South Africa.
Connell MacCool
To all the Scots people past present and future, I salute you all❤
Dan Dare
Love from India.. I miss my dad when I listen this song . He was a true warrior for he fought to give me a future.. love you papa
Daniel Byrne
a friend of mine died last year almost to the day, He was a avid supporter of the Jacobites. he always would say to me \
Dirk Rohrmann
The music and the video are wonderfull! Nice landscape!
Fafafafa Soares
Óptimo. Encantada .k vuelen los positivos sueños.Gracias\n.
Fernando Serrano
Love from Spain
Francisco Gonçalves
Ghida El bsat
Love from Lebanon !
Giorgos Gkanidis
I've been at Scotland a couple of weeks ago. It's one of the most beautiful countries.
Gogoulini Milona
Scotland is the most beautiful place i have visited so far in my life. I could have spend there the rest of my life with happiness. The spirit of the Scottish is amazing..
i have just been playing this song on my stream for a strong boy that has gone to stay with the angles in heaven he passed away due to cancer RIP BRADLEY LOWERY!!! 6 YEARS OF STRONG FIGHTING!!! NEVER WILL I FORGET YOU
Ivy x
L☺ve from ITALY🇮🇹👍
JDAM Ya Dick
Goose bumps. Enough said happy New year guys
James Langan
i love my scottish irish heritage & our great contributions to the world
Jice Striker
Billions of times better than the great majority of modern musics (rap, electro, etc., etc. ...)
Jordan Moore
Fear the Ladies From Hell and their compatriots! God bless you Scotland
Joseph Bartolo
Love From Malta \u003c3
Josh Longo
Who else feels 10 feet tall after hearing this?
Król Bolesław I Chrobry
Greetings from Poland!
Lan Nguyen
Liz Thomas
This music brings me tears so so much... my daughter picked this music .. to help us say our final farewell to my brother Danny t. Who passed at age 52yrs only last November 2017.. as we lowered his coffin to his departure this music practically says it all to me .., love it so much ... miss you big brother... fly high Dan ... xx
Ludmila Lapshina Abramina
Как красивооооо!!!🤗👍Великолепная музыка!!
Scotland forever!!!!
Margo Leszczynska
love from Poland
Mariella Hauser
Love 💕 from 🇦🇹 Austria I love this music sooo much cause my aunt played it on her own bagpipe
Mick Taylor
Tribute to those fallen comrades and soldiers who died for their homeland... Major respect from Australia!
Misbah Ud Din
Anyone listening to this in November 2018? Thousands of likes for this buddy
Muhammad Elneaney
موسيقي تاخذك الي عالم اخر راحة نفسية رهيبة
Nikolay Zakalashnyy
Love from Russia!!! 🇷🇺
Peter Farquharson
Love from the Farquharson Clan
Peter Hernandez
Praise the 7 Celtic Nations.
Ringo wong
love from Hong Kong
Rob Lenape
God bless Scotland ..From your Friends in the United States of America. . High On Top Of The Catskills Mountains in New York State. .
Ryu Story
God Bless Scotland 🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc63\udb40\udc74\udb40\udc7f🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc63\udb40\udc74\udb40\udc7f🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc63\udb40\udc74\udb40\udc7f, the land of WARRIOR , from Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Silvanovic13 TheOriginal
I am a half Brazilian and a half german dude, and I love the bagpipes. The sound is so deep and wonderful.\n\nLove from Germany ❤️
It tugs on my Scottish-Irish DNA.
Studio Rebirth
Sue Johnson
So very beautiful
Sung Vũ
Love from Vietnam
Sylvia Demel
I was in Scotland several years ago. It was really wonderful. The people were so kind and I had a good time in this country
Tanuj Panwar
Beautiful Scotland. Land of Divine spirits
The Fourth Dimension
2009-2019\n10 years and still in love with this music.
Thiago Augusto
Love from Brazil
Thomas Mc Loughlin
Love to our brothers in Scotland , Ireland and Scotland GAELIC LANDS !
Tiago Borges
What a song ladies and gentleman!\nI can´t stop hearing this.
those from the British Isles may not know how many Americans have roots in Scotland and Ireland, and UK. This brings out all your heritage. Thank you.
Tom Condie
Being a Scot in \
Traveller - Trip Reports & Travel Videos
Beautiful music! Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Trường Sơn Vũ
Many vietnamese include me love this song :D
Video Watcher
Much love Scotland, from England. I know I'm gonna get hate, but I love Scotland and it's culture! But I also love a united Britain
Vitruvian Mind
Go to Scotland you will cry for its sheer beauty and the friendliness of the people, they truly are a warrior race.
Wanderley Terror
A mais linda música
Xeyyam Quliyev
I love you Scotland
chris conrad
Greetings from America. Sincerily a Native American from the Blackfoot and Cherokee tribes. \n\nThis song always makes me cry no matter who plays it
chris proctor
Wow Amazing Love from the US
This gets you right in the heart ,i love Scotland worked there many times.
I'm an English Dog but I love the Scotts for their fighting spirit! We are the same when opposed to insurmountable odds. COME ON THEN YOU BASTARDS! long may Scotts English Irish and Welsh troops fight alongside each other. Together we are undefeatable !
heiko janßen
Love from Germany
Love from Germany
ian brown
love from England
lambros mantis
Greetings from your brothers in Greece! Love Scotland! Lived there 3 years, met the best people. Love \u003c3
logan wolverin
Me gusta mucho esta melodía hermosa
Love from Copenhagen
michael briscoe
This is the most beautiful song and it gives me the strength to carry on. To never fall on my knee's. Thx
nocaut TECNICO
love from Ecuador 🇪🇨
Love from Bulgaria
rat bag
I can listen to this music all the rest of my life ❤❤\nScotland ❤ Ireland ❤
The Scottish scenic landscape is a rich and pure magnificence of Nature ......and so are the scots themselves. I love the thought of being in Scotland.
samir cdl kohistani
Love from heart of real Iran ( ancient iran) not Islamic republic of Iran
tonny artix
love from brasil
A song as pure as the land it came from, and most, will last as long as its snow cover peaks, and its long , wild and clean rivers, may it last till the end of time.
will o shaughnessy
I'm an Irishman and i have to say this song is great and beautiful
Çağrı Gündoğdu
♜ Respect from Turkey ♜
Κωνσταντίνος Ντουρντούκης
Greetings from Patras (Greece), the city where St. Andrew had been crucified and died! Happy St. Andrew's Day!
Παναγιώτης Κουβαράς
Proud and eternal glory for all Scots warriors and patriots, falls in the battlefield.The blue flag forever high!!!\nA lonely Greek friend and brother!
Олег Николюк
Это неописуемо красиво и восхитительно !!!
Прокоп Петров
Россия всегда принимала себе порядочных людей.Она стала новой Родиной для Брюсов и Лермонтов.А они стали её настоящими сынами.
حسين الهاشمي
Love from iraq
رغيد الكويلي
ليلى القسام
Love from Palestine
١٩_ مارس
Love ❤ from Iraq 🇮🇶 home legend man free man glory man and brave man the country have Imam Ali bn abe taleb (A)