Greatest "1 in a Million" Plays/Moments in Sports History

These are the craziest/luckiest plays/moments in sports, some of these aren't exactly "1 in a million", but they're all closeGet Your SportzCases here! -

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NFL Craziest Jinx’s\nEx: Everton Griffen: We need a miracle.\nNext few plays\nMinnesota Miracle
The last clip is a prime example of celebrating too early. After the pass, Dishman looked to be putting his arms up that he deflected the pass. But in the world of sports, anything can happen.
A1 Gamer
Anyone else looking forward to baseball season?
Abel North
The Johnson pitch that hit the bird will never be duplicated...most amazing thing I've ever seen...
Alobytes Whitestone
bowling??? ahahahh basket was amazing!
*@**6:47* \nWhen you flip a coin onto 2 inch long grass, it's not a difficult feat for it to land on its side or its \
Angel Daniel
Love this video bro keep up the good work✌🏽👍🏽
AyjAy 011
Barbarela Špehar
vi ste jako loši ja sam na kanalu renato špehar
Blue Wolf Nation
At 4:00 the bird got what he deserved, he stole my sandwich
I'm surprised you didn't rip Saints fans' hearts out in this one
I still remember the Frost to Wiggins to Davison play like it was yesterday. Back in the good old days where Nebraska losing a football game wasn't commonplace. The first season of Nebraska football I truly remember and ironically one of their last years being the cream of the crop in college football (I would say since the 62-36 loss to Colorado in 2001 Nebraska has never been the same).
Broken Is Cute
Golf is a hobby
Bubbas Gift
1:50 feels like some matrix type shit. thanks for putting these together you got a great eye for this stuff
Buffalo Bill
I never heard “goes up his rear end” in a play commentary before and probably never will again.
No clue how you found some of those, but this video is great!
Christian Schjött-Quist
Christopher Ordonez
That first one was painfully fake.
Clenel Romero
6:54 No Game No Life
Collin Telesz
6:36 it took me like 5 times rewatching to realize they were talking about the bat
First one was out of bounds no? I thought when it hits the top of the back board it was ruled out of bounds
David Erlbacher
Reminds me of Gerry Cooney when he played football before boxing, what a receiver!!
Ding Productions
This is amazing
1:47 it really does look fake though
Eric Smith
6:50 is my favorite one
I'll just watch till I see something really common\n\n\n\n\n\n12:05...
Fact Legend
dumbest play calls
Fortnite Only
6:30 that guy on the white team was celebrating early...
G Skub
That bat flip is nothing. Did you see the coin land on it's side 3 TIMES IN A ROW?!
Gabe Barouh
This is a great compilation thank you
8:40 is fake, it was an old Powerade commercial that someone claimed was real somewhat recently.
Hans Rubjerg
Saved the best for last I see...GO PACK!!!!!!!
Henry N.
You gotta be REALLY good at bowling to get a chick wet.
Hoten Hitonokoe
Jack Strand
Jacob Hansen
Jacques Le Coq-Grande
I wish the Ump after Randy Johnson's pitch rung the batter up. Even tho it was a spring training game 😂😂🍻
Jan Sanono
God damnit of course hansen's goal had to be in there, playing against my psv😒😂
Jeff Warren
That last play is the Vikings franchise summed up in one play
Jeffrey Cox
None of the catches in the NFL clips would be a catch in 2018 because no one, anywhere has any idea what a catch actually is.
Jeremy Russell
Interesting fact about 7:22: That was Franco Harris's only postseason receiving touchdown of his career, as well as his longest play (run or catch) in a playoff game.
Jordan Roman
Philly Special
Joseph Astier
8:12 Can you do that in tennis?
Joseph Natana
Cool. Thanks for the upload dude. Awesome :)
the Freeman catch is the greatest catch ever in my mind
Lacey Barkley
Same plays as your other video. Very lame. And those sports cases are a fraud too.
Lucas Schnock
Most OUTSTANDING video I've seen in a month watching YouTube everyday! Awesome job Savage Brick Sports \u003c3
Micah Watson
7:53 - this is more like 1 in a billion!
Mikey Doty
Mile High
Bowling isn’t a sport
Monika Fan
Oscar et sa guitare
That’s what we like about sports
Paul Goodier
just far too many repeats for my liking
Paul Moore
Goal from the keeper was superb
Pseudo Mortality
I remember my one in a million. I was 4 or 5. There was this kid in our neighborhood who would come over to play and always break or steal our toys. One day he was biking by and he had just been over the day before and caused trouble. I had a toy pan and threw it into his bike spokes on the front wheel. It was just like in a cartoon. It wedged in the spokes and hit the fork, he flipped over the front. Went home crying. Possibly the greatest thing ever.
chess candidates match smyslov-huebner 1983..They tied in classic time 5-5,then they tied in rapid games 7-7,then they tied the sudden death match,then Fide rules then said \
Russ G
That Big Unit pitch instantly plucked that bird clean! I'll venture that THAT never ever happens again.
My epic once in a million impossible sports moment:\nWhen i was a senior in highschool my football team played our rivals at their field. We were both undefeated. We were down by 21 at half. We came back and tied it. The game went into 2 OT. Then we kicked a sudden death last second field goal to win. Our crowd rushed their field. We only lost 1 game that season. In the 3rd game of the playoffs we played that same rival team again. We had to play at their field again. They only lost one game that season as well... to us. We were down by 21 at the half again. We came back to tie it again. The game went into 2 OT again. Then we kicked another last second sudden death feild goal to win... again. Our crowd rushed their field again. We made it to the the Iowa state championship game in the dome for the first time in our schools history.\n Then we lost.\n:( Sadly. \n Still totally epic though....
Smack 2
Not all that impressive.
Selling merch is for Republicans.
Sneaky Ben
I’ll tell you a “1 in a mill story.”\n\nBack in fifth grade my school did a 3v3 basketball tournament. My team was the second best team and we were the massive underdogs. It came down to the very end in the Championship game. We were ahead by 2 with three seconds left. It was an inbounds play and I was guarding the inbounded. He threw it in and got his man. Than the guy who caught the ball LITERALLY did a 360 an chucked it up in desperation and made the buzzer beater 3 to win the tournament.
Stefon Diggs?
Stefan C
The Andy Roddick one at 8:30 is from a commercial LMAOOO
Steven Skates
did home boy really just get a bmw for that lucky hole in one? wtf
golf isnt a sport, what a waste of land
Syn het
8:35 Roddick serve is *fake* it was a commercial just so you know!
The 21savage
Haven’t you already done two of these videos
Every play in golf is one in a million
I saw that Freeman catch live and couldn’t believe what my eyes saw. I thought it was incomplete in real time too.
8:39 is an advertisment, featuring andy roddick
Visfor Vegan
Great video.
We The People
i dont know why but i was so happy for the bowler LMFAO!
Willy P1
Here Seance 70K
Wise Disguise
8:53 this was actually a commercial for gatorade If I remember well
Zecuencia ☣ Games
christian keen
9:20 Back when Alabama was bad
the hole in one was nice but Randy johnson's \
fizzy hot flamer 69
Dang I'm never first
@9:39: Isn't the receiver down by contact? Knee is down.
hegemony cricket
I forgot all about randy Johnson vaporizing a bird! awesome
Do you think we will ever see a 🐦 strike from a baseball again?
manuel pellegrino
min 8:45 fake! Roddick's service is just a spot!, you can not put it together with the others.
mateo lefevre
crawl increase myth toe model deserve lady still ally plastic agree.
maxim striganov
Man, murican \
not Sauer
My boi even got the bowling in this one. Nice.
No David Tyree catch to win the superbowl for Giants over Pats. or Edlemans catch against the Falcons? 2 of the most impactful plays in sports history???
shrek wazowski
You know it's one in a million because it's one million years old.
Weak.\n\n\n\nI exploded 3 birds with 100 mph fastballs just yesterday.
Golf should be the worst sport in the history of worst sport
2:00 looked like a glitch in the matrix.
wouter van der bijl
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