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I was really hoping that you put vikk's free kick and you did the exact one I was thinking 😂
5417 Eskay10
Ethan's 1st free kick killed me. calfreezy=karius
A Generic Slice of Pizza
Take a shot everytime Simon has a clip
A k 'S
where is w2s Roberto Carlos one
AJD 12
Simon is just a boss at freekicks!
Aaron Pareja
What about Harry’s Robert Carlos
Agnieszka Stanicka
Half of them didn't even go in
Aidan Anderson
On harrys Ronaldo t shirt it was spelt wrong it spelt rolando
Andrew Reeves
What is the outro song?
You missed mannys knuckle ball
Austin Patterson
None of w2s's was that good
Ayman Akbar
There is a question me and my friends are debating who created the sidemen Simon or josh can someone tell me who created it plz
BMX ninja642
6:33 Harry’s got a wall of 5 yr olds 😂
Ben Richardson
Harry kicks it wierd
What’s the song from the start called
Bro Bourchier
Manny's free kick with Simon and Tobi? That was the best one in that vid...
Busted Burn
Can you do the ones that actully goes in and put good free kicks don’t put free kicks that hits the ground idiot like if you agree
Casper Steć
Miniminter= Future CR7
Ciao Ciao
i was thinking of the vikk's freekicks at the beginning of the vid and u add them! xD
Ciaran McKenna
Great free kicks but tobi's one was brilliant 👍☺
This isn’t best ever cuz there’s so many vids you missed like football manager vids
Dr Koolaid123
I love harry’s own reaction to his goal😂😂
Dylan K
Why are half of these close misses and not goals
EXOTIC gamer
i love tobis free kick
Epic Gaming
Nice video
Francesco Romano
The song at the begin of video, please
FuZioN Vilocity
The first goal from tobi gave me goosebumps
give me full song details plzz
Gamer 010
What is the song at the beginning called
Giorgos Gamatos
Nice vid.Keep on the good work
Hampus Johansson
Tobi is a beast!
IcOnic GaMezZ
What video was tobis free kick in at the start ?
Why does Harry’s shirt say rolando
3:06 that was sickk😍😍
Jackson Morgan
Harry's shirt says Rolando!!
Jeff hardy Hardy
Jo Wishart
Miniminter is so good at football
Josip Vrbat
song 2:20 pls someone?
Judy Chen
Some are fails not good free kicks
Thanks for the heart I love your vids soooo much
Keegan Farrar
What is the difference between tobi and David Beckham nothing they've both got skills
MY21 R11 MG21
I like this because these are the best free kicks of The Sidemen
Great channel
Matt Landfried
The sidemen are nasty
Merrington All stars
Dimintri payet
MissedSnow 2007
Great vid I loved Tobi's free kick it was amazing 😜😜😝😝
Mlg Snoopy
Classic harry celebration at 5:17
just saying that like half of the shote were not free kicks but anyways great video
Mr Cookie
Intro song??!?!??!?!?!
Naomi Ware
I honestly think Tobi and Simon are the best at football in the sidemen
Niekon Azad
Why did Harry’s purple Real Madrid Jersey say Rolando and not Ronaldo
Outro song?
Niky Gamer 88
Simones Free kick were sick
Not in Use anymore
69th like, jokes 😀
Nutu Codrin
Yeah boy
Octopus Master
Tobi is the master of curling
Oluseyi Onadipe
You should make a video teaching is how to take freekicks like tobi\nWith the outside of our foot
Ozzer _10
Did anyone else realise Harry's real Madrid shirt said Rolando not Ronaldo
Paul Amangbo
Miniminter and Harry are the best by far
Peter Chen
mr tumble ethan’s freekick didn’t even have that much “power”
Why did the song at the begining made me feel sad
The title should probably be miniminter's best freekicks
Rebecca Antibe
Minimiter and harry😉😱😱 Good 😍
Richard Blower
4:35 the wall could've done better
Richard Zamora
tbh Simon and Tobi should actually become professional futbull players
Salamander 23
The intro was 👍
Salty Cookie
0:47- 0:50 Behzinga's reaction! 😂
Sam Naylor
8:33 Simon hit that with power
Samarth Tomar
Song at start? Pls
Shridhar Karle
Nice song
im suprised the didnt show manny's knuckleball in the freekick challenge with manny tobi and simon
Strahinja Marković
Loša kompilacija...
Can you see Rolando on his Real Madrid kit
The Murray Man
Is it sad that I can tell this guy is a w2s fan.
The future baller
Where is vicks
True_HA1 Izz
I miss the football challenges with all the sidemen in
VaNtEd more
3:13 wow simon that was some nemanja matic shit
Vũ Ngọc Duy
Harry’s freekicks are best
love this Sick Vid. Could we also see best charity match goals please. (And other matches that SDMN played in)
Josh had no free kicks in the video
Wyatt Schaap
Song list anyone?
Younes A habboub
i love you sidemen
casper holmström
ncs on&on 😂
john andres
Roberto carlos freekick
miko belo
Which a song was at the beginning
nik cools
Who is under 1K views
nomiki s.e.f.
oriTiz Ge
P.S Simon is a badass when it comes to freekicks
prometheus 1660
Where is the harry reborto Carlos tribute one
salsabila Jihan
THE vikk song IS most i LIKE ;)
therealone_ hero
What was the song for the intro
x_Crazy Kid
To be fair most of em were with Simon
xd mende gaming
Nice thumbnail
1:55 song please help i am trying to find this for so long😢
yagiz korkaya
Simon is Thé best freccikkers!