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Name of the movie\nAnon
Angel Dark
I love Clive Owen. Thank you 😊
They've got this unbelievable advanced tech, and yet still drive cars manually and read paper books....? :-o
Antechynus B
it seem's 1984 is 2018,,,
Armon Mitchell
Arnie Haney
Good movie, thanks. Atmospheric. I'd like to see it done without the unnecessary male sexual fantasy stuff, and with a bad guy who isn't just a \
Bernie Zelvis
“Written, produced and directed by”... well this is a rare gem of a riveting story well told.\nGreat, thoughtful work.
Bubba Jones
It almost has a Noir feel to it. Future Noir.
Chris Gray
Cheers ! Good Movie I enjoyed that.
Christopher Ten Eyck
awesome movie good sound and quality . thanks
Cris Brackett
Excellent movie
Cristos Palabras
There is so much more on the way, of what we already have. It will never be what is in this movie, but, the strangest things have been happening since I got a new phone a month ago. Google searches just pop up based on what I have conversations about with others. YouTube videos recommendations and advertisements, the same, based on recent conversations. The only way to stop it is unhook completely, get away from computers, tablets and mobile phones. But how? We \
Dare Devil
Everyone's saying that this is a good movie so I clicked it but I found it boring,I'm used to action and horror hahaha! But the quality of this movie is great
David Jerome
Good movie! Thank you!
Davy P
Good movie,\nExcellent audio and video. \nWorth watching.
Dean Archuleta
Elon Musk said \
Dean Granowitz
Don’t confuse the AI integration as something cool and convenient we will lose freedom and it will be 1984 as a true story lol nobody cares it’s sad
Diggsbee *
Good good movie Very original writing and story
Don Sears
A perfect reason \
Douglas Chapman
Johnny Quela, 2 below, et al: The printing press flourished for 500 years without changing the appearance of anything other than the eventual almost ubiquitous presence of books. The Internet and cell phones, even the communication advancement which is the underpinning of this movie, are all extensions of the printing press--a way of disseminating knowledge universally. (That's how sea changes are measured in the development and flow of human history: finding the starting point.) Other examples: making fire, the clock.
Doz Altair
An Anonymist is exactly like a Synonomist except they're completely different.
To the NSA peeping toms.Stop spying on people.
Erg Budster
ciggy companies paid out big for this extended cig ad
Francis Wingate
Amazing! Thank you for uploading: kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
Friendly Youtuber
Garry Perrin
Is Owen’s accent the same in his other movies?
Have to rank this as one of the best. The last sentence is a clear statement about the right of privacy. Orwell warned us.
Guli Parpieva
and this will happen you know that right? after messiah Arrives Every Secrets of Secret Society will be uncovered and All these will happen! and will happen to quick! quicker than Computers Happend! its Already Happening but they are keeping it Secret! Lol
Hallands Menved
Slick propaganda for the panopticon, if you stop to think the plot over! \n\nThis plot has a huge flaw: Why would the implanted augmentations be inserted between the retinas and the visual cortex? It makes no sense. Yet that's necessary for the basic plot to hold up. \n\nIf the implants connecting everyone to the huge cloud of information containing every sight and sound of everyone 24/7/365 can override the actual visual perception, it must be inserted *between* the sensorium and the brain – and what would be the reason for such a dangerous choice? \n\nThis means that viewers are *suggested subliminally* to discard their legitimate concerns as hysterical and paranoid. The road is thus paved for the globalists to come forward with reassuring statement like \
Hawa F Jammeh
The movie is classic..wonderful and luving I really enjoy it👍👍
Nice hack.. IT'S COMING SOON
Ivan Rozin
Why do they smoke so much?
Jammer 65
Movie is called \
Jessica Read
awesome movie story Amanda and Clive xxx. no to phone taps no to activating telly cameras microphones laptops privacy is because I have nothing for you to see. Brilliant. Interpretation can be a damning affair Gets my vote.. I note his boss didn't believe him either. So much for mi6 and cia and all the other morons in the world. get lost or we will delete everything about you. cool xxJes aka Anon.
Joanne Wilton
Wonderful to see gender balance as usual in films. Will we ever evolve?
Joao de Boer
cabinet slice match link prefer faint no extend transportation essay human.
John Buick
Anon, seen it already on Netflix.
Johnny B
i really liked that movie , the thing is most of that is happening now , in the real world , on another note as they say , are we in the real world ??
Johny Quela
Well... it's a SciFi movie indeed.\nIt sports an age where there's a tech advancement where all you see are automatically recorded in real time. In which coms are done with our peripheral vision, summon those records at will, surveillance via others eyes, etc.; thus, effectively eliminating each and everything a smart mobile phone, notebooks and TV's can do. Hell, there's even no need for photographs and ATM machines anymore.\nIt's just that it's a let down if you are expecting something of a very futuristic environ, as did I. And the whole movie was of a 1 to 10 years setting from now.\nOn the whole, it's still a good movie though. The writer is about at par with some of Isaac Asimov's Sci-Fi books.
See also: The Circle (2017)
Keamogetse Ndaba
tnx great one I love it
Now, that's how you kill the bad guy! Put a few more bullets in him? Hell yes! \
Kieron Seymour-Howell
The only problem with this, is everyone who saw the girl with \
LesleyAnn Goslett
Bravo - totally excellent movie/concept - thanks for posting
Linda Adams
Good movie....makes ya think :)
Livin The Life
Lord of Nothing
He go's undercover to catch her even though she has already possibly seen his face twice.
Maggie Jenkins
Weird but fascinating, \
Mati Viisileht
that s life with the neurolink as it most likely would be....
Mihika 16
I want this then I could cheat on tests 😂😂😂😂
Nasha Sooryaya
This is what you will get when the whole human race is chipped at birth and connected to\n\
Nick Holloway
I'm glad that a scene from In Time was in the thumbnail or I would have never clicked on this to watch this great movie
No Chill
Although the movie is nice and interesting, it is ever so pagan! In fact it's the most heathen movie I've ever seen.
Older Newer
bad azz movie😎
Patricia Masci
Good story line & great acting! I watched Anon being filmed in Toronto, but never saw the movie until now! Thx 4 posting!
Peter Cottingham
Finally a decent movie upload. Thanks
Pixeymis Jorolan
2018 watching🤣
Pravin Pawar
In hindi
Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS
Hmmm, nice cars, Olds Toronado, and Facel-Vega! looks like someone enjoys special cars! ;-)
Robert Rob C
Awesome, Awesome Flick!!!!!!!!!!
SOULY Charity
Thanks for reading my comment.
Sam Owenby
Very Good movie. Thanks for the upload. Well worth your time.
Sandra San Giorgio
Best ive seen in weeks T H A N K S
Wow, they really ripped off Black Mirror.....they had the exact same technology in a few episodes....
Speak Easy
Great flick!
Suciu Valentin
anomynity is the enamy\
01:13:03 \n\n\n\n\n\nYou're welcome. 👍
Take That
Crap.. however I had just seen few minutes of it but after reading comments I clearly observed that people are explaining what it meant in comments 😂😂..which makes clear it will not make any sense.. don't waste your time.. it's pathetic guaranteed 100%
Tom Wolf
very blackie movie. reality in 5 years from now.
Tommy Kegel
Nice thanks
Uma Maheswari
I enjoyed this movie. Thanks for the upload
Weird Videos
This is old technology I remember google glasses. If all starts using it movie can become reality
Yawn ?!
ajay singh
Please upload London has fallen movie
alan johnston
that was brilliant or is it that some one whats me to think that that was brilliant Wow my life is now FUBB
In a world without printers criminals can't be identified
Great movie. Worth the time. Enjoy it very much. Thanks for uploading ...more same kind of this movie.
An outstanding film. Well worth watching.
frank brown
It started with CCTV on every street corner, moved on to \
georgio jansen
that bracelet though so unprofessionel that a******
greg heard
If you liked this movie ( which you should ) watch her other film starring Justin Timberlake called \
this is the highest quality movie i have ever seen on youtube. its a real copy.
This movie is why I love Sci Fi. It expands the possibilities in your minds eye. I may not wanna live in this world but is great seeing the possibilities in it!
lawrence waite
That was most enjoyable thank you
lord raghuvansi
In trying to solve a series of unsolved murders, SAL FRIELAND (Owen) stumbles onto a young woman (Seyfried) who appears to have subverted the system and disappeared. She has no identity, no history and no record. Sal realizes it may not be the end of crime but the beginning. Known only as THE GIRL, she must be found before Sal becomes the next victim ...
martin chabolla
Thank You, good movie, makes on question many things of possible future governmental control in our lives...… scary!
By posting a comment here, I am no longer Anon...what was I thinking?
ANON - Major Gattaca feeling again. The director is stuck staging cities in which no one seems to live there, the same semi-film noir costumes for the men, modern but retro looking cars, etc. Fun movie...not especially deep.
raymond mendoza
yay for chip implants...
Anon says, “You invade my privacy, it’s nothing; I try to get it back, it’s a crime . . . It’s not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see.”\nLifelog was a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) effort to build a database tracking a person's entire existence in a single place. Lifelog was a database that included just about everything a person did, including phone calls and emails made and received, TV shows watched, magazines read, and plane tickets bought. It also tagged others who people interacted so interested onlookers could know who, where and at what times they did so. Lifelog was an all-encompassing diary, a perfect digital memory of everything people did, where, when and with whom they did it. The Pentagon referred to the project as a new frontier in the world of virtual intelligence. \nAccording to Zbigniew Brezinski, Lifelog would make it possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen, an instantaneous aggregation of millions of uncoordinated citizens to manipulate and control their reason. \nThe program received considerably negative press and public opinion about its invasion of privacy. As a result, the Defense Department canceled the program on February 4, 2004.\nCoincidentally, on the same day, Mark Zuckerberg, funded by CIA front agencies, launched a social media tool that mimicked DARPA’s Lifelog. In this platform, people self-reported many, if not most interactions they had with everyone else, everywhere. Zuckerberg called it “Facebook.”
Remember cash.this is mark of the beast
Nice Movie