How I Met Your Mother - The Cast’s “Pinch Me” Moments

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The cast of How I Met Your Mother at PaleyFest on 3/15/14. Alyson Hannigan, Cristin Milioti, Josh Radnor, and Cobie Smulders all give their first moment when they felt they were living the dream.

Alison Hannifin Barney Stinson Jason Segel Marshall and Lily Neil Patrick Harris Paley center Ted Mosby cobie smulders josh radnor robin scherbatsky

why did Lily say ted name as Jason \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nmust be tired
Abin Benny
She really does say \
Alexis V
Where is Jason and Neil?
still bitter about the finale
Alysson is the only girl that doesn't sit cross legged. Shes a good one..
Chloe Tomlinson
Emery Steinke
Where is Barney
For whom The bell tolls
0:32 budammmm
Frosty Games
Season 1 of HIMYM is the best season. It slowly went downhill when season 3 started
Grey Shrooms
cut the reverb in the audio on this
poor christin. she can't say anything
Isabel Fraga Sousa
you would think Cristin's would be finding out she was the goddamn mother
J F.
Johannes .Ryynänen
Ted has gone trough breakup again? Checking that beard
John Luu
0:32 everybody drink
Kaila Park
Cristin is such a beautiful human, i love her!
Kam Ratu
Tracy looks gorgeous
Kay Von Kent
That was sweet....and that's a bad ass dress on Cristin Milioti
Martin sørensen
And umm
Max Paul
cristin looks bored...
Mayank Maheshwari
Jason and neil??
Muskan Sharma
Cobie is gorgeous!!!! N lets go to the mall is epic😂!
Németh Patrick
2:02 Everybody Drink!
Razer MNS
It was on 2014
Seda ELA
02:54 what is Cristin saying?
Sharm A
Tracy that does not belong there.she stands out well
I just loooove these interviews I can spend hours watching ❤️❤️
Vlada Kaplunova
Josh is so enthusiastic, you can see his eyes glow
They sit Josh Radnor between Cobbie Smulders and Cristin Millioti.\n\nI see what you did there... lol
Mommy Miya ..... :)
gaby C.
i love u Robin
I hate Ted so much it even makes me dislike listening to Josh Radnor. Sorry, bro.
what pintch me means?
Where is Jason Segel?! :(