Within Temptation - Iron - Unofficial Music Video

Music video to the song Iron by Within Temptation (fan-made). Scenes taken from the movie "Zhongkui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal". Enjoy!

Best Den Adel Female Fronted Lyrics Official Sharon Symphonic Metal Video

песня о том что любовь есть а вы дебилы !!!!!!!!!!!!
Adryan Almeida Batista
Aaaaaaaaaaaa gostei muito. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💋💋
Agnes Szabo E
Már régóta megvannak nekem ezek a számok...... Annyira imádom ezt! EZ AZTÁN AZ IGAZI ZENE! A MÁSIK NAGYON SZUPER AZ AZ ÉNEKESNŐ HANGJA! EGYSZERŰEN IMÁDOM!!!! Micsoda nagy zene!!!!!!
Ahmed DemirciOglu
dude its amazing
Ai Taoshi
Wait thats from movie?Tho its from some game xD
Amaranth Rose
Stunning video \u003c3
Anthony Martinez
Fantastic video and music with it , brilliant idea to workout and more . Great job .
Ardwen 008
Ce montage est une pure merveille! Bravo et merci!...
Beramtane Benamsili
J'adore c'est magnifique
Beujah OVNI
What the shit i did just watch ??!
Carol Nunes
Wow!! I want to watch this movie now!!!
Collin Hauer
That was an Incredible Video Awesomeness!!!!
Cristabell Fayola
fatastic...keren bingit...
Pantherapardus2012. you are unbelievable.
Dariusz Kepke
Wow how did I miss this one? Awesome!
Denis Nixon
бабы как обычно, он хотел вконце дать им всем пизды, а она помешала.. ну ебана! я конечно все понимаю, но когда тебе всадили 10 стрел между ребер и еще небойсь легкое пробили, а может еще чего зацепили, как тут не надавать по жопке этим проходимцам? я не понимаю логики неотомстить, нужно однозначно затолкать в жопы этим помойкам их стрелы которые они выпустили в ходячую зажигалку, затолкать и жопы зашить, ну как так-то а? \nзы: если что, сорт хороший.
Destry Murray
wow that was awesome
I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE. It looks epic as can be.
Dmitry Bolchakov
Девочка очень красивая
Музыка средняя,но солистка-шикарный голос и внешность,лет 5 слежу за творениями,нравится,блин.
Doctor BlackSheep
Dr. corazón
como se llama la pelicula que esta de fondo
Edi Hardian
Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal movie
omg they did good at this i cant stop watching
Freddy Iguana
Love iT 😉❗️😎👍
Actually watches the movie today. Was great!
Gasai Yuno
nekem. ez. a. klip. nagyon. tetszik. ildi
Is this Shiva vs Ifrit or something?
Isaiah Welch
The moral of this song? Quite simply, just because you have been truly wronged by another, never, EVER give up, never surrender -- every person, no matter age, race, creed -- has the ability to fight against that which tries to defeat you. Only you can make the decision to fight, to adapt and overcome -- including those monsters that you carry in your own head.\n\nEvery time I hear this, when I think about my life and the crap that I have to deal with, I remember the line: \
Alguien nombre de la pelicula
Jan Schöne
I LOVE this BAND and all Songs
Jeno Sarkozi
imádom ezt a zenét :)
Julia Nielsen
So beautiful dis video ar and cool i love it
Kyra Mistral
After watching this video I googled this movie and watched some of it. To be honest, I prefer this music video...This music video has all the best parts of the movie. Nicely done! Best song, and best clipping!
Lady Luna The Gamer Wolf
thanks so much for showing this movie to me it happens to be on netflix right now and i am enjoying it!! :D
M.B.G. Music Production
Brilliant work .........well done!!!!
Marcelo Manno
o nome do filme é zhong kui fu mo: xue yao mo ling, no original chines, nome em ingles zhong kui: snow girl and the dark crystal, china/hong kong/eua de 2015. Meu amigo Mauro Figueira que encontrou.
Marcus Smith
WHY did this make me shed a tear?? lol!
Maria Машка
офигенный видеоряд, аж до слез. все бы так могли любить.
Maxim Zaika
Pantherapardus2012 ты дебил или шо?
Micaela Pinzauti
beautiful band beautiful song beautiful video
Michael Priolo
Unofficial? True or not, it's a great story. Marvelous creative lyrics with that of fire heat making you strong.. ..don't walk away....could say more later.
Molly Akie
I've seen that video and music and it fits perfectly i cried when the movie ended and i still returning to this video clip it fits perfectly and i love it with all my heart! It fits perfectly.. the whole movie is everything xou should see that.. its so beatifull and then when u see that it will fit even more to this beatifull song! :3 love it! Amazing job!\n(ps. Sorry for my english i am czech :) )
Olli Franssila
Tosi hyvä biisi
Omg. This is amazing!! \nYou did an excellent job of pairing the music with the video....🎧🎵🎶💙\nEpic!!
The minute 4 to 5 is epic. Great final
Pluvia Aeterna
really nice music video,the first time I thought this was the official music video
Pomnenka Pomnenka
Great clip and music ....🌹👍
Rafał Pietruszka
z jakiego to jest filmu?
Rick Reczek
What a great voice and song
Ricky ferdiansyah
i like this song
Rob C. Ferwerda
Within Temptation is the BEST with the greatest singer of all ! Sharon den Adel, you are AWESOME !
Robyn Oldfield
Love the mv. I watched the movie because of this and it was soooooo good. :)
Romelo Halo
What is the name of this movie ???
Roney Carter
Sarah Touron
J'adore c'est super
Sebastian Wachowiak
Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
Sinézio Baptista.
Espetacular este vídeo...
so great 2 most impossible beautiful ppl...it happens.unsure who I find blah blah
Steven Birch
epic music video if i ever seen 1
Svetlana Mamaeva
good band
Tereza Cabral
The Night Esc
What's that epic movie? It passes really good with the song :)
Tomcio Paluch
Uwielbiam tę panią! Super! Pozdrawiam Polaków słuchających...
Beautiful the music and video!😊
alex dantalian
Epic video and music, at the end i was tearing 😂
asdasda asdadad
alot better than what hollywood is putting out now
Just watched the movie, because of this video! It was awesome, I have enjoyed it a lot! :)
geovanny gomez ruiz
What's the movie called the anime series?
hector felipe martinez correa
que filme e ese
ismail yılmaz
hi every body . i got it. Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal .. you can thanks to me :P
junk junkie
love it ! song & video
karen krizia
Onde consigo encontrar o filme em português?
kayman krokodil
klára városi
Fantasztikus jó klip
matilde orrego
E st es mi canción favorita de ella me encanta ✌😎❤❤❤❤❤
so amazing that video :-)
snowrun summer
szabo attila
A better suited video for this would be FIRE AND ICE .
wow!incredible!!please tell me whats the movie
Лёд и пламя!Красота!
Азат Салимов
что за фильм???
Анастасия Тро
Откуда кадры?
Владимир Головинов
отрывки из фильма Чжун Куй:снежная дева и тёмный кристалл(2015)
Даниил Юрьев
супер смотрю третий месяц и плачу как маленький... чистота чувств вдохновляет....
Евгений Кропочев
Евгений Шибанов
Кто дизлайк тот долбоеб,по аглицки хз как написать
Сашка Кемский
This is amazing!!!!!!!!A M A Z I N G!
Romantic story
клип канешна конча дикая
рустам ахмедов
Пронзительная вещь. Неистово плюсую
саша александров
мне понравилось