Most Entertaining Girl Street drummers Compete! From 7 Countries ! Vote~

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Most Entertaining Girl Street drummers* Compete! S. Korea Vs Taiwan Vs China vs Indonesia Vs Chile Vs Japan Vs Malaysia! Check out some great deals on MANY ITEMS- Guitars & Drums & here! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


bellissima👏👏👏👏 bravissima👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏un👏👏 saluto da Torino Italia👏👏👏👏👏👏Alizee Lilly sei un fiore.👏👏👏👏👏
Ainul Syauqie
Malaysia is the best guys because she started playing since she was just 8 years old and she has even played with some of the great bands in and outside of malaysia
Amante Danjovi Bugarin
Wow little chinese girl performing electric drum very entertaining....
Ameer Abbas
Chinese little girl 😘
Andre De Scheemaecker
They're all very good, but my favourite is Amiar and her drum solo from In A Gada Da Vida
Ariq Hilman
i vote for malaysia
Arky Nelson
All of them are good...amira fr Malaysia is fun to watch... Indonesian girl is very talented.. But I like the way the Taiwan girl plays...just my opinion
Azi zil Aliim
Malaisia chili and indonesia
BAC soldier
Benowo 9095
*Kanade Sato* (Japan) Casiopea style...\n*Kalonica Nicx* (Indonesia) you rockkk!
Brian Jacobi
Japan my favourite, and also like the wee Chinese girl at the end. A big future for her.
Bruce Coco
The little malaysian girl wins this. Not the most impressive but certainly the most entertaining lol
Chacha Miemiey
Malaysia verry cool and great in age 11 years old
Considering her age, the little Chinese girl is the winner in my opinion, with the Taiwanese young lady a close second, with her Mona Lisa smile. \nThough its very hard to pick as all contestants were very good.\nFrom , New Zealand.
Dale Elliott
Amira was great, loved the rhythm.
David Webb
Malaysia... reminded me of old album my dad had when I was a kid... cats go wild...
Diamond Cooper
They are all so good, but I like Malaysia, Japan and the little girl from China at the end. Little body but powerful you all should be proud. Thank you for the contribution. I love drums.
Donnie Groff
Amira playing one of my all time favorites is pretty cool..... the drum solo from Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida.... she's got my vote! And the little girl from Chili was kickin butt too...
Douglas Cook
Kanade Sato.
EcCookOven GT
Oooooo ifeel the beat Malaysia ps im Japanese im not hating japan but the malaysia hit it!👌🏻
Eddy Ariffin
Amira's drumming is casually mesmerising, and her expressions jives with her tunes...bravo you got my vote for the best of the lot! Second Japan very good rthym and music, Indonesia, you rocks!!
Fabian Pacheco
I loved Amira, Javiera and Kalonica! =D They have their own style and feel the music, \ndon't look like robots xD\nAwesome!!
Fairlyn Cajote
that IittIe unknown chinese girI is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute . ..
Faisal bin asse
I m Indonesian but the lil girl from Malaysia,Amira is a perfect one! She rocks it!
Fina Tan
Kanade Sato just playing a soundtrack from movie : Detective Conan VS Lupin III and I love it 😍😍
Gusto Andi
Right tempo, with no mistake --\u003e\u003e Indonesia
Hafizz Hashim
Adik Amira from Malaysia the best
The Malaysian was so cool.and she was so into it.
They're all very good, but I like the last unknown Chinese girl the best. She looks like she's not even trying, she so good. Only Honorable mention??? Give her a few years and she would better (if she isn't already better ) then all the other girls.
Jazey Haze
I think if Chen had the Malaysian girls drum kit Chen would be winner. However I vote for the Malaysian lass!
Jeff Sim
I like the drummer from Malaysian cos she always smile while playing the drum. Saw some of her videos! Very well played! You have my vote!
Jerry Eads
The little unknown Chinese girl deserved a MUCH higher rating than just n honorable mention,,, she was as good if not better than most of the other girls !!!
John Flowers
Joni Dep
Amiar Syrhira Malaysia 🙌🙌🙋🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Jose Cortes
Karlo Peternel
Malaysia then Chile Japan
Sato from Japan , a prodigy. Baby Bones from Malaysia made the drums sing. The most outstanding both technically and artfully.
Luckstero Trece
That lil girl from MALAYSIA..... Thumbs up most definitely
Marek Šácha
1st Malaysia , 2nd Indonesia, 3rd Chile ,4th Taiwan
The last one girl its the best for me xD i like that bit
Music with Morals
The unknown Chinese girl
Nao Tomori
Unknown little Chinese girl+++
Night Wolf
Amira Syahira not Amiar Syrhira lol... Best Drummer👍👍👍
Nova Era
Unknown Chinese girl Adorable
Patrick LastName
Girl from Malaysia is so much into her music, fantastic. It kinda reminded me of Iron Butterfly, In a gadda da vida.\nJust imagine this girl in 10 years, she's going to kick some serious drumming.
Paul De Coco
That unknown china girl WOW!!!! Plays like no other can!
Pavel Jablonský
Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia .. great! :)
Peter Walton
Unknown child at the end was the best 👍
Japanese girl on that Lupin III theme. 🔥🔥🔥
Radu Draghicescu
Last girl of this clip, is amazing!
Awesome Warpath like Roll at 4:37minutes, Reminds me of Something Wicked This Way Comes Go Yamaha & C. crutchlow. True Assassin
Richard Nylander
Amira, although Chen from Taiwan deserves a close second.\n\nDo they win anything?
Rizky Kesumarahman
Amira smile ....
Roby Geroca
Last drummer from China so so cute, I could watch her all day!
The little girl at the end (O_o) shes too good. Scary good. Playing the beats and stylistic playing ha. Like shes got more sense than her pint sized self should have. I liked watching the young girls play they look like there seriously enjoying themselves. Girl #2 is CUTE! bruh...
They are all so beautiful and amazing...Chile...WOW..kiss ass fierce, and Malaysia too and how gorgeous is the girl in the thumbnail... I dig chic drummers!!!
Senthil Kumar
The last chinese unknown girl....
Serious Speed
nur amira= Malaysian girl.. amazing
Silent Echo
That thrilled me 2 the bone. What a gift.
Slee 96126
Amira is the best one.
Su Yun Uhm
Even though I'm from S. Korea, my fav drummer is the Malaysian drummer
Tashina Seiz
Girl from malaysia 👍👍i like her facial expression
TheScribe 711
The cute little unknown chinese girl appears to have the MOST fun! Bravo!!
what is the first song ?
Amira Malaysia
Xander Cage
Malaysian on indian beat
Yoga Gvt
Malaysia girl n chili girl , Indonesia girl enjoyed on their playing
Zepi ERZ
Amira So Cool And Korean So Cool Amira is So The Best He Have A Skills No Music HE Practiced Until He Mastered Hmim I Love YOu Amira
That girl from Indonesia was cool! It’s so fast lmao
aaah tex
alain murray
Malaysia definetely !!!
The girl from Malaysia plays the drums like Taiko. They're all very talented.
They are alle good, but Amira from Malaysia is awesome! Even if you scroll the movie of the screen and only listen, she is awesome.
dual standby
ep sayz
oh my baby from malaysia...
horia covaliu
You can do quite a number of tricks! Teach me some!
jimmy yomama
I voted for the last one unknown little Chinese girls
joeniel andaya
the little chinese girl got the moves but taiwan is more graceful . i would love to see them all uses same drum set playing the same music. we can see whose the best.
jumat Saad
opt for malaysian girl..due still young but play thru heart beat..without any musical sounds
Damn, that young kid from Malaysia is brutally skilled. I don't even have that coordination and I have lived for 44 years!
Wow, that tiny Malaysian girl was rockin' the hell outta those Toms... And, that little Chinese girl at the end was a hoot... Girl can whip some stick...
mil lim
malaysia saya repeat byk kali tgk.. best
mundhir abdirahman
the one from malaysia is humurous, she seems to be enjoying... I love those who enjoy what they are duin
Loved Malaysia's style, but Chile was fierce
obito uchiha
I like\nA yeon - korea\nCyndee - cina\nChen man Qing - Taiwan\n❤️😍👍
asian people are so orgnasied ...if those girls were playing in arab countries , poor things would be killed ..... love u asians
qin shenghui
the last one,the song Chinses girl played called Happy Life!用汉语说叫 好日子 .
raj'z gurung
all are too good and beautiful--but i vote for malaysian girl Nur Amira....
Love the track the Malaysian girl did. Has some cool tribal rhythm to it. That and she totally enjoyed playing the drums. :D
ron hat
They are all good but the last little lady wins the show.
ryan furnas
Malaysia FIRE
steve cummings
Malaysia - is having too much fun -great performer
tibet demirtas
zaid abdullah omar
Nur amira syahira from malaysia the best
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