Russ - Nobody Knows (Official Audio)

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Just In Case...LYRICS : produced mixed mastered engineered written by Russ

First comment from Saudi 🇸🇦 luv u russ
805 Playa
Nobody Knows.
Sounds like the old him. Love it
Abraham Herrera
Thank you for staying strong and putting out real life
Adfi Vibes
First comment from Indonesia, we love you russ!!
Alonso Alcantar
Why is this not famous?
April Marquez
I've been waiting for a new sonngg.. Its ammaaziinng!!
Aylin Vidal
Pura canción buena sacas ❤️
Belen Martinez
Thank you for letting us know. I love you so much. 💕 Praying for you. Everyone has their struggles and need help getting out of it. The dark places come and go but that’s the way we get to elevate to the next level. \nNot saying he’s in a hard place right now, this song could have been from a time ago but I love his honesty.
Br1an Dav1d
Brianna Adams
Carlos Argüello
First ily Russ
Chris E
Notification squad! I don’t think Russ can ever release a bad song 🔥🔥🔥
CookieMonster _LQ
“Keep it together let it fall apart in music, \nI can’t let them see the pain,\nWhen I’m the one that gets them through it.” Dammmnnn
I feel this in my soul
Daga One
David S Duenas
This is the feels Russ, thank you again for your gifts!
DeGoyette DeGoyette
I really needed this. This song personifies how I don't talk about how I feel like I'm dying inside. Everything is so bad. I'm NOT a victim. I just don't know how to fix how bad it is. I can't do this myself, by myself. And I don't know who I can trust....
Destiny Chavez
Devin Root
Ernesto Ramos
Bro keep grinding keep doing you man this bumping this also very lit
Eve Diaz
I hope you're doing okay russ.... I feel bad cus i feel like both ur new songs speaks to me & i need to get my mind right.. Ily hope positivity floating your way with a bright prayer
Fatality _31
The goat, period.
Felipe Gonzalez
Too damn real my brotha!
Fortnite Drifts
That guitar is real smooth, loving this vibe! \n\nRUSSpect.
Gustavo Sifuentes
Nobody knows the pain I’m goin thru, not even me.\n\n\n\nDon’t worry y’all I’m fine tho
HiDro BrokeHouse
Been on since Carleone! Right under you man. Stay hustling.
Hunter Adams
Stay strong guy. We are all right here.
Ido B.
Please write down the lyrics ... Nice one russ
Isaac Rader
We love you Russ, we’re with you man. We’re only human, and I know you wont see this but have a great day man, sending you my good vibes.
Izzy Revivo
This is sampled from Haley Reinhart's \
JJ Siah
Who likes before listening?
Jayden Saw
Damn :/, this song :, (
Why he gotta release this during christmas week? 😢
Joe Lemus
So great
I was listening to voicemail on my way home tonight and thought “can’t wait till Russ releases another song.”\n\nSure enough.
Kai Meese
tRUSSt ❤
Karam Alshami
I'm really worried about russ. These 3 new songs sounds a hell like a cry for help. EVENTHOUGH they were amazing like anything else Russ does. Dope great songs. But i wanna do something real here. i wanna show him that we really care about him. that we really love him and support him with everything he does. I WANT US TO BE SEEN BY HIM. \r\n\r\nRUSS, WE LOVE YOU MAN
Keely Marie
DIEMON all dayy. In Russ we trust✊🏽
Kid Rawk
Aweome vibes...Thanks Russ...🤙
Kolo EU
Thought its nobody safe when i saw nobody but still great song
Krystal Satyagraha
La Chechy
This is the best song I have heard in a while 😌
Linda Lopez
I love you Russ. 😫
Marcus Iosua
Some good ole Russ, flavorful and sill poppin
Marcus Riley
Russ where did you go man?! Everyone is worried about you, you are one of my favs, I just a wrote a guitar solo to this song, I want to play with you one day man. Hope you see this and hope all is well man!
I love you and your music. fire 🔥💯🙏🏽🤧 I missed your concert in Oklahoma but when you come back I’ll be there and I want to meet you one day and that’s my biggest dream and you can’t sleep on your dreams you got to wake up and chase them. 🙏🏽💯. Fr can’t wakt till the studios done ✅🙏🏽💯🔥
Melvin Mota
Russ I swear u are the greatest to me man..... take the crown ....\nIts russ, lionel messi & vybz kartel from another planet.... love from Trinidad 🇹🇹
Mery lf
Am I the only one seeing that russ last songs are some sort of a help cry and that he's depressed???????
Morelia gutierrez
Gives me vibes from his older songs 💙
Dope stuff. Watching from our Nairobi, KENYA studios. If you have a minute, check us out. we make dope African music
You know you’re a Russ fan when you hit shuffle play and 92% chance you gonna hear a Russ song
Neto 272
Pavlos Dim
your a legend for making this bro, he human like the rest of rUSS
Real Rap
Nobody Knows what it takes to be a Rapper and still overcome everything against you.
Renajda Fajic
What a lyrical genius. Never disappoints.
Roque De Hoyos
1st view
Russ From Mars
Oh yeah another album hehehe
Ryan T.A
It's that song I'll be listening to every week-end just to keep myself going!
Board another plane pop another bottle red carpet awlready layed my thoughts are well played out I guess I'm a goat now yeaah
Samantha Martinez
Early and liked both songs before listening:)))
Sangaye Saeparn
Mask up my pain, hold back my tears, I'm going in insane, nobody knows
Scrapy 1
I saw you live in San Francisco live at the railing in the front in Nov!!!! I love ya man!
Sean Mariani
True artist 💯💯
Skyla Murphy
Everytime I think I have a new favorite song of Russ and then he drops another one ❤️😍
Stephen Fuller
Russ is the best product of our generation. Wise beyond years man
This guy is AMAZING !!! Keep it up RUSS
TaNekia B-W
This just shows how all famous people are human & we all get low but many of us learned to push through. Money doesn't mean anything especially when it's not enough to make those around you Happy including your self. 😃
Taija Sandoval
Truly a treasure..✨
Taylor Cole
Beautiful song
Tekena Whyte
I know what it feels like to hurt. God is the fix that u need. Take the time to see how he loves u Russ. \n\nJust a genuine fan. Love ur music and what you do for us. I pray that you find the happiness and peace you’re entitled to. ❤️✌🏽
The boi Lag
Russ with another fire song🔥
Traxxx Music
needed this just now One Love #REALONE
Nobody knows how Russ can’t make a single bad song. Keep grindin brother 🤙🏻
Vanessa Reyes
In Russ we trust💛
Vishal Samaniya
Big fan of russ.....luv 4m india...
Vitani Harrison
Hi to everyone that believes that they are first
Here at 400 views! Still here at millions.
alforat 8027
axel lorenz
benjy hernandez01
was waiting for russ to begin dropping singles again 🙏
christian stiefvater
Like the old days
daniela movie
This song is sooo good
fahima _k
“Heaven’s what you get when you fight thru hell” Best line 🥺
hevdvfhf hdhdbdbdb
lei lei
philly4real 215
🔥🔥🔥🔥 philly4real215
Hey, did you ask Haley Reinhart and Anders Grahn for permission? This is a complete ripoff of “Last Kiss Goodbye.”
i feel you on this one russ.