School discipline

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A class of students getting 'disciplined' by their teacher because the kids left the classroom in a state of disarray, lol. So everyone needed to be disciplined lol ;) Very cool students and teacher. enjoy the excitement.

Africa (Continent) Benin (Country) School Discipline (Literature Subject)

Aftab Aleem
Please don't beat the kids. I request
Anand Pandey
They are very eager to get a smash. They're so happy to have it I think so😂😂😂😂
Anthony Adams
They like it really bad
OMG A ATUCK HURTS THEM?!? at first I thought this was a taser thing but this country is too poor
Devina Redillas
Africa maybe????
Ella Cas
Gitar Hobim
France you're right. they deserve it.
JDM Games
They'd move to Africa kids YAAAAY
Everyone wants it
They most like getting hit with that stick. I wonder if they was just tryna get it over with.
Laurie Alligue
the speak French #ivory coast
Lovely Christy
its not realu
Melissa Haroun
عجبوني الاطفال في افريقيا هم يحبون الضرب
Nada Salah
دول متمتعيين هههههه 😁😁
Pradeep Jha
It look like a public school of India
Purple Ash
Every kid is holding out their hand, they just wanted to get it over with.
Randy Smith
Why are they all looking forward to it?
Rose The Random 01
Shaye Jones
United Nations
Black schools vs white schools! *THERE IS NO RACIST CONTENT ABOUT THIS [email protected]*
amy rose gacha playz
Thats how they use to do in school in real life
juegos android de Jesús gamarra
Que maltrato le falta también al que kien le pega
p m
It's usually the last kid will get more strokes
tecknos africa
every country in the world has it own way of teaching and educating . Afrian children are too savage and need strong discipline . this is why european countries fail when trying to export their way of life in Africa , Asia and Arabic countries