Ennio Morricone

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Ennio Morricone (Musical Artist)

Crazy composer !
Antoni Garcia
Ennio is really amazing composer
Antonio Fassone
mannco will kill them all or was it tuco
Arnaud Lourdez
musiques qui traversent les décennies ,et les voix féminines sont apaisantes,salute signore Morricone
Cavan Paul Mulvihill
Bless the Churches and the world with peace and stability O gracious Lord God our Father we pray and bring about justice, peace and mercy in all nations now and forevermore.
Ciro Zaccaria
Ennio Morricone:the Genius!
Cladio Paraboschi
Claudio Pastorini
Great Sergio Leone, great Clint Eastwood
Clujean Romania
Compozitor genial, a compus genericele muzicale ale multor filme de succes. Muzica d-lui Morricone a contribuit foarte mult la succesul acestora.\nStrălucitul actor Clint Eastwood n-a fost mai prejos. A fost foarte admirat de tineri.\nAsemenea filme nu au mai fost produse.
Damian Prada
ennio morricone genio!
A world without music would be a mistake
First Unearthly Loner Grey Existence Grey King
I post this musical miracle of a musical mastermind on my \
Giovanni Selvaggio
es meravilioso!
Giuseppe Papa
Belle foto bella musica
Hariharan Subramani
Great music, and many of the numbers are composed for movies in which Clint Eastwood Acted. I wish to see some more of Clint Eastwood movies, but he has turned out to be a very successful director of movies. He has done very well as a Director also. Some actors are immortal.
Hubert Tracz
Charles Bronson, Clint Estwood ,JOHN Wayne, do tego genialna muzyka Ennio Morricone . To ikony stylu filmów o dzikim zachodzie zawsze , byl ten dobry , i ten zły i rzadnych efektów specjalnych. Nie sadzę aby powstal tego typu jak kiedyś.Po prostu byli najlepsi w tym co robili. drugich takich nie będzie.
Ioan Radu
Ioan Radu-beutiful!
Ismo Hautamäki
Very beautiful.
J C Hill
just music bad
Jean Paul is the best and is under arrest... j'aime Ennio Morricone..JPG...JPEG.
excelente música, provocativa de imagenes y mas....
Is there a Tracklist to this Video?
Jeffrey Lebowski
I really think Clint should do ONE LAST WESTERN!
Jerzy Zakrzewski
Najlepszy twórca muzyki do westernów. Dziękuję :))
Jim Fee
Timeless music from the great ennio
Jimmy Brush
HD Film Tributes Oscar Hammrerstein should be thanked for his historical recordings, never to be replaced. Even though I have all 45, 36, 8mm, CDs Plastic classics.. They have become cumbersome. to protect from the thieves.So I bequeth upon Oscar Hammersteinmall of my music classics.
Keen Can
I like this music
...great Morricone. And great film director Sergio Leone, too.\n
Leevi häyhänen
ei toho voi muuta ku olla hiljaa..--ääööghfdyui
Lego Forestman
this is a mix of other ennio morricone hits not just a Fistfull of Dollars ... but i don't mind :) great music so ...
Leszek Sochacki
Thank you Ennio, happy weekend
Luca Focardi
Masterpieces from a genius of music, a poet.
Magazine Today Elizabeth
this time they made the vows, put down the cigarette. It is associated with this. It related to the present day.and the music is evergreen
Malgorzata Pasieka
Very, very beautiful.
Martha Nevares
Um dos maiores e melhores compositor e orquestrador !!!!
Maurice Boqué
Merci de pouvoir écouter à nouveau cette musique Extraordinaire de Ennio Morricone
Megan Todd
i love that movie the good the bad and the ugly now thats like a huge classic and i like this tune also , awesome.
Metin Taran
western filmlerinin taçsız kralı
Minervina Cardoso
Mishu Sirdea
le meilleur....sur 50 ans !
Muigel menes lopez
son un gran lujo los dos, las películas te transportan y la música te hace soñar. Gracias
Onder Hassan
The one thing I've always liked about Clint Eastwood's westerns is the narrative it portrays of what it means to be an independent and strong man going it alone in an arguably challenging and tough world. Its the reason why so many men identify with it strongly.\n\nMy dad in particular used to watch these movies on VHS tape while I was growing up. I never got into them ironically until I became an adult myself. I can see now why they're such timeless classics. They will never make movies like these again.
Pan Dzban
It was a time when movies used to be the art of entertainment. Today we live in a plastic world you can barely feel anything.
Paulo Roberto Jerônimo
Ennio Morricone é eterno. Não tem como não amar essas lindas melodias.
Penny Smith
I love all the Sergio Leone's westerns including the music by Ennio Moriccone which always added depth to the drama. As for westerns, Clint made a brilliant gritty western himself Unforgiven. xx
bom demais brasil rj
Ramon Gonzales
Simply the Best Themes Ever for best Western movies ever made .
Reda Lax Dax Tv
Je pourrais m'écouter cette Album en Boucle \nMaintenant je sais d’où viennent certaines mélodies\n que j'ai dans la tête en permanence ;)
Rene Andre
Few today can stand as tall or command a old west performance the way Clint Eastwood did. I will say - That Kirk Russell is a good old west actor. I loved Tombstone. I didn't like The Hateful Eight very much. I'm getting sick of Samuel Jacksons face in damned near every major motion picture today.
the best ever western movies and music !\nthese Western Spaghetti movies themes will remain the best for a long time !
Rosalina Aguilera
S i m o
Clint Eastwood best man
SOUL MAN Fan de Musique Soul & Funk .
Ennio Morricone le maitre incontesté des musique de films .
Sir Banastre Tarleton
0:00 - Per un pugno di dollari: Titoli\n2:59 - Gui La Testa\n7:32 - \n9:32 - Chi Mai\n12:58 - \n17:20 - Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu\n20:11 - \n26:13 - Metello:Tema Titoli\n28:53 - Moses Theme\n32:55 - \n35:30 - My name is Nobody\n38:38 - The Man with the Harmonica\n42:07 - C'Era Una Volta II West: Titoli Di Testa\n45:47 - \n50:57 - A Fistful of Dollars theme\n53:56 - Here's to you (John Baez)\n57:06 - Sacco and Vanzetti (John Baez)\n1:02:25 - L'avventuriero Parte 1 (Bruno Nicolai)
Superb Videos
love to here again n again
Talyanna Tal
This is good
Tony Ouwehand
All original .
Uba D Tmar
Majestic!!!! Will always Love Ennio Music
agusto endo
Este hombre se parece mucho a mi padre. Y no les miento todos en el barrio lo dicen.
ahmad toemah
(Italian: [ˈɛnnjo morriˈkoːne]; born 10 November 1928) is an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player. He composes a wide range of music including all Sergio Leone films since A Fistful of Dollars (including The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West), all Giuseppe Tornatore films (since Cinema Paradiso), The Battle of Algiers, Dario Argento's Animal Trilogy, Bernardo Bertolucci's 1900, Exorcist II, Days of Heaven, several major films in French cinema, in particular the comedy trilogy La Cage aux Folles I, II, III and Le Professionnel, John Carpenter's The Thing, The Mission, The Untouchables, Bugsy, In the Line of Fire, Disclosure, Bulworth, Mission to Mars, Ripley's Game and The Hateful Eight.[2]
alex fernando Huenten
baez idol.
astro uno
beqir selimi
best song
Song at 20:20? So soothing
caciulescu viorel
GHEORGHE ZAMFIR a colaborat cu GENIO ITALIANO , ENNIO ! ZAMFIR un alt GENIO , dar ROMAN ! Intalnirea dintre ei nu putea sa dea decat capodopere universale ! BRAVISSIMO !
carmen martinez
lo mejor de lo mejor
dominique jacob
j'e ne m'en lasse pas de ces belles musiques de western !
edward sheehy
I am a huge fan of Ennio Morricone's Music and always loved Clint Eastwood in his many movies.
gerry lazar
It took the Oscars until last year to recognize the genius of Ennio Morricone...too little too late
horacio pejuan
istván Nagy
iva m
VIVA ENNIO PARA SIEMPRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GENIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jasmin osmanovic
Bas super video svaka cast
jose acioly cavalcante
musicas maravilhosas
la pichi de esquiu
Hermosa musica de ENNIO , Hermoso rostro el de CLINT gracias
10:00 what's the song? it's not chi mai but same movie?
un señor compositor digno de un oscar
pablo olivera
GREAT music and movie a TRUE classic western.
я колдун Алекс-и могу вам сказать люди берегите и не обижайте людей-кто мог написать эту музыку-правильно -ЧЕЛОВЕК
ramoz firaso
Nice preview. Good job.
ricky bartels
roman pizzi
Excelente Música, me trae grandes recuerdos.
romeo pricopie
greatness picture !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ruben cendejas
ese soy yo
serge d occ
Morricone Leone Eastwood\nle trio magique
serge dore
j aime bien et G Bisous a tous le monde A+ DS
questa era la musica del cuore di mio papà ........
Ştefan Spanu
Алексей Плоскачев
Клинт молодчага. Лучшие вестерны с ним.
найден делчев
the best off