[HD] Best of TVXQ/DBSK/JYJ || Greatest Hits

Best of TVXQ, DBSK, and JYJ releases! Komplikated (Yunho) - NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

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best mix ever, thank you!!
Akauali Art
Thank you!
Anny Velásquez Cruz
I think you totally forgot the last album of JYJ Just us, which has amazing songs and they deserve to be here but i understand that there are a lot of incredible songs of TVXQ, DBSK and JYJ in these past 14 years and is hard to choose, besides that it's been a good recopilation of their songs more known. \nhoping that there will be a second part :3
TVXQ are the number one group to me ever, and I love pretty much all their songs, but personally I liked more of their Japanese songs better xD (Taxi, Bolero, Love In The Ice, Proud, Doushite, etc). I also approve of you including Viva, Athena, Off Road and Empty in particular, actually thanks for reminding me of these songs (I haven't been listening to Kpop much recently). To be fair they have too many good songs to fit in one video!
Bonni Roller
I've only discovered kpop a little over a year ago.I've watched & rewatched hundreds of videos.The 5 as teenagers..up to the break then..JYJ..then even they went their separate ways. Now I follow TVXQ-Yunho/Changmin. There are songs here that I haven't heard! Such a great selection! I also love how you just smoothly moved from one song to the next! I appreciate all the work you put in! Thank you from an international fan! 💕
Diem My Nguyen
Nice mix. DB5K forever~
Fanny Godoy
Rise as One (Changmin) - 5:28\nBack Seat (JYJ) - 8:19\nIncredible (XIA) - 17:29\nHumanoids (TVXQ) - 24:00\nPurple Line (DBSK) - 27:23\nSurvivor (DBSK) - 30:24\nOff Road (TVXQ) - 36:56\nEmpty (JYJ) - 43:39\nMaximum (DBSK) - 57:25 \u003c3\nChampagne (Yunho) - 1:07:57\nSuperstar (TVXQ) - 1:15:05\nDouble Trouble (TVXQ) - 1:18:42\nMission (JYJ) - 1:44:47\nYou Got The Wrong Number (DBSK( - 1:52:23\nAndroid (TVXQ) - 2:00:29\nTarantellegra (XIA) - 2:13:08\nSpellbound (TVXQ) - 2:17:09\nKeep Your Head Down (TVXQ) - 2:30:18\nO (DBSK) - 2:34:56\nSomething (TVXQ) - 2:39:31\nMirotic (DBSK) - 2:52:28
Hentai Senpai
:3 Amazing mixes again.
can you please make a second part with more songs. I love that you included Run Away in this playlist my fave song from his new album. Also I was wondery what did you use to make this playlist, very good transitions of songs.
listening to this, ironically, JYJ kept the sound TV5Q had before, and the TV2Q made a different sound
Júlia Cunha
Thank you guys for 1K subs!! I never thought i'd get that many since i originally started posting these for my own use! \nDBSK was the group who got me so into KPOP, so this mix is really special\u003c3 XOXO
Khánh Linh
Rita Monstvilaitė
Komplikated (Yunho) - 0:00\nRun Away (Jae Joong) - 2:46\nRise as One (Changmin) - 5:28\nBack Seat (JYJ) - 8:19\nViva (TVXQ) - 11:13\nLove You More (Jae Joong) - 14:21\nIncredible (XIA) - 17:29\nGet Me Some (DBSK) - 20:34\nHumanoids (TVXQ) - 24:00\nPurple Line (DBSK) - 27:23\nSurvivor (DBSK) - 30:24\nGrogeous (TVXQ) - 33:27\nOff Road (TVXQ) - 36:56\nFlower (XIA) - 40:17\nEmpty (JYJ) - 43:39\nGetaway (TVXQ) - 46:51\nAthena (DBSK) - 50:20\nUncommited (XIA) - 53:53\nMaximum (DBSK) - 57:25\nHeavens Day (TVXQ) - 1:00:51\nCrazy Love (DBSK) - 1:04:23\nChampagne (Yunho) - 1:07:57\nDarkness Eyes (DBSK) - 1:11:31\nSuperstar (TVXQ) - 1:15:05\nDouble Trouble (TVXQ) - 1:18:42\nAll That Glitters (Jae Joong) - 1:22:18\nIntoxicated (XIA) - 1:25:55\nApology (Changmin) - 1:29:40\nDangerous Mind (DBSK) - 1:33:27\nWalking With Her in the Spring (Yuchun) - 1:37:09\nWild Soul (Changmin) - 1:40:57\nMission (JYJ) - 1:44:47\nFree Your Mind (DBSK) - 1:48:40\nYou Got The Wrong Number (DBSK( - 1:52:23\nBreak Out (DBSK) - 1:56:33\nAndroid (TVXQ) - 2:00:29\nTrick (DBSK) - 2:04:42\nAyyy Girl (JYJ) - 2:08:52\nTarantellegra (XIA) - 2:13:08\nSpellbound (TVXQ) - 2:17:09\nHow Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet (Yuchun) - 2:21:36\nMaze (Jae Joong) - 2:25:53\nKeep Your Head Down (TVXQ) - 2:30:18\nO (DBSK) - 2:34:56\nSomething (TVXQ) - 2:39:31\nTriangle (DBSK) - 2:43:25\nDisvelocity (TVXQ) - 2:48:27\nMirotic (DBSK) - 2:52:28
Shammy Su
Most of my favorite songs are in this collection. Good choice
Surakar Moonshan
Thank you
Trick :3
i think more song can be in this mix like bolero, love in the ice (tvxq), Heaven (jyj) etc. it's your favorite list ?
Valentine Young
This compilation is awesome! Thank u ~
Vivian Salgado
Te amo por subirlo \u003c3 serán las dos mejores horas de mi vida :'D\n#Cassievieja
I always have to credit everybody who makes compilations of TVXQ/JYJ's songs bc there's so many (and they're all great) and just thinking about having to narrow down options gives me stress AHAH
jini gomez
It feels like theres more Homin songs in here than original DBSK songs
me irah
It seemed dancing songs compillation. But I like it... I listen it when I was finishing my work.
mos moon
xyk 2905