Turboweekend - Trouble Is (Joker Remix)

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is trouble

Catnip Hydro
First time I discovered this song was in a porno..
Lord Zero
Holy shit did everyone watch that porn vid of the girl blowin her bf? Cause thats how i found this song xD
Marius Sandu
sighbro you not alone
Sean Merrilees
I think we can all agree that everyone here watches the same porn.
TexanBlaze 94
Heard this on the radio yesterday at work it's badass song
Thomas Larsen
Frigging amazing 🤠😎
Tyler Turton
That's how I found this song plus several, everytime I hear this I remember of that hot emo girl going down on him, oh my Lord; I thought I was the only one.
felix de Rond
@CheaCucumberChea first time i didnt care was now
great 5*
one of joker's best tracks by far