13 Jackets Ill Be Wearing This Autumn / Winter

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pretty self-explanatory i guessxoxo

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Accedeli 00
Horrible video. I felt so personally offended and honestly astonished by Magnus' behavior. I can't believe he would actually get on camera and participate in such an act. I mean really???? The total lack of respect is apparent. Bragging about his thicccness???? TO ALL OF US????? :(((( He has no sympathy for those of us not GIFTED with a DELICIOUS derriere.
Ahmed Elkharraz
show how big people can dress well
13 Jackets Why
Alvin Anis
Demna sign this guy up as your stylist!!!
Andrea R
Ben BJ
Do a styling your girlfriend and she styles you video
Ben Proctor
I don't know how but your videos have become more enjoyable to watch recently, digging it g
Benjamin Isac
Deffo a lesbian
Bike Bowens
Plan of the film:\n1. it's sick\n2. it fits sick with the... [ronning trousers]\n3. jokes made in the video editor
Billy Garnett
jacket boys
Buster Lykken
Im here once again Magnus
Candy Cane
anybody know any good alternatives for that paul smith check jacket
Charlie Lyttle
what's your belt??
Chip Robeson
7:47 more unreasonable standards for men
Christian Bahng
Anyone know where i can purchase the ronning chore denim jacket, not on the site
Cj Garcia
“The whatever flag”💀
Declan Morgan
Magnus why is your shirt so small?
Commentary 100%
Dopey Dopes
Looking like joey
hi magnus when will u be streaming x
Elijah Logan
$1100 on a bomber magnus?
Literally just started thinking about what kinds of jackets I need for the upcoming colder months lol
Fetus Christ
Nice jackets, quality video, and cute lesbian. Definitely unsubbing 👌
Gary Yee
Synd du bare har små str. Veldig Zara/Weekday i bukse str. Kunne hatt 38-40.
Henry Bennett
Ifeelsoawesome Singh
5:30 So no one peeped how he said “ these will be the jackets he’s wearing for autumn and fall ... “
for some weird reason your intro gets stuck in my head and i find myself saying it like you do and i hate myself
J Grimes
Only eats ice cream and still scrawny
LOL 9:17
Jackie _
2x speed recommended
Javier Pacheco
Don’t wear anything 😩😩😩🍑🍆💦💦💦
Jekabs Stirna
Can you make a video were you style those jackets?!!
Joel Bailey
joke guy
They like savage why you got a 13 jacket collection
What happened to the other cappuccino jacket? was really looking forward to see that one again
Julia Pierzga
wheres the brown shearling jacket :(
Jørgen Bundli Andresen
Plz buy urself the black supreme cdg box logo and the ending was magnificent!🔥🤪
Kai Hoffmann
Wheres the belt from
King Of Leone
The Two Shearling Jackets were absolutely posh. In my opinion shearling jackets are like the Rolls Royce of Jackets. Currently I have two, one oversized and I love them as well as the history story behind them. Also the orange bomber was fuego I have a grenadine bomber from only the blind it reminds me of so it was cool to see great minds think alike. The corduroy alpha industries Jacket was also super intriguing just because I had never seen it before and wanted to know how to get one the fat that it's rare adds to the value for me. I have one alpha industries bomber (the signature black nasa) and iI adore it year after year. Grrrrrrrrreat Video. I love jackets. As well as the firehook jacket was insane I love the lab experimental look. I have to get one soon.
Krzysztof Świeca
REMOVE that red shit from the alpha industries jacket!
Lord Nermal
I’m trying to buy an orange shadow plaid zip up flannel from stussy if anyone is selling lmk
Lucas Bayliss
i love it, i think its really sick
Magnus Ronning
just realised i forgot background music, oh well, sorry lads\nalso sorry for late upload \u003e:(
Maint Pewp
i cant wait till winter/fall until i can actually dress 😈😈😰😰
Marko R
soo I am not seeing the jw Anderson coat anywhere :/
Magnus is the boi and Ronning has some amazing pieces but the cut of that denim jacket is beyond terrible
Maximillian Dos Santos
you sound like if kermit the frog got punched in the throat and had to do a class presentation
Memo Pinzon
Michal Ondřa
oh, i have never seen this j.w. anderson jacket on this channel
a lot of stuff you wear lacks character somehow, ofc it's your style your choice but in my humble opinion all the stuff just looks so \
Nicki Aabank
I had this camo jacket I really liked, but a guy in a wheelchair stole it. To the guy - If you're reading this... you can hide, but you can’t run.
Not Michael Jackson
5:14 *i dont trust like that*
Pakistani Mario
Get some C.P Company stuff
Paul E.
the cappuccino is baaaaack
PolaroidFreak 600
were you whisteling Harry Potter in the beginning?
Ray Toshirou
maaan that black leather jacket ....😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rigo Mortis
Magnus has 6 letters, so 13-6=7. Lesbian has 7 letters, coincidence I think not.
Wow magnus I like that new jw anderson jacket. I've never seen that on this channel before. Looks great :)
Roman Spataro
the plaid paul smith jacket is so beautiful
Where is your belt from?
Sam Streom
Magnus the hutt
Sandra Eljura
Where is your cappuccino jacket from? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nice Video u should be more fame when you are now...
3:35 brand name?
Shannon Sharpe
Magnoose got that WAGON
Simon Damgaard Kjeldsen
Glæder mig satme til restock, satser på jeg ikke er fattig til den tid,\nDet kunne være fedt at se noget graphic med det nye restock, og evt nogle accessories.\n\nBTW du er mit fashion icon
Hey Magnus, can you plz do a face reveal plz?
Why did you delete the design video?
Where did you buy the animal skull ring?
William Hosking
sailor lookin ass
Wyatt Warren
i like how he said hes gonna wear a white tee shirt under like thats not how he wears everything
Zalfie Cutest Moments
13 jackets, 13 letters in XXXTENTACIONN !!😱😱😱 proof x is watching over hs
0:38 Oehhhhhh.
avocado pie
Definitly the burberry coat
big sad
where is the long cappuccino?:((
chris moniz
Honestly your best video. Editing, script, content, dare i say it, this video is better than beige pants
crip knuckles
*f u c k t h e s y s t e m*
daquele jeito
magnus please if this comment gets more than 1 like would you shave your head again?
deq jey
m8 you linked a purse instead of a leather jacket
Magnus, the only guy that actually has 13 jackets
djordje pe
7:17 this man just said \
Pedo magnus
flip stkl
Those jackets almost got you looking like dr. Eggman
fotis 1926
But you're not smart
who else doesn't own 13 jackets?
13 jackets\n0 hoods
Im gonna wear 1 jacket because i live in california and can't layer at all
Are you working on any statement pieces?
shoutout portugal